"Night Sisters": actors and features of the film

Let's talk about the movie "Night Sisters". Actors and roles will be given below. This is a comedy film by Alexei Muradov, which was released in 2007.


What is the plot of the film "Night Sisters"? The actors of this picture have long been familiar to the viewer. The film shows how a Mercedes crashes near Moscow in a provincial boarding house. Cyril Schneck, the injured, handsome and young assistant to the presidential adviser, is delivered to this institution. Such a position is in his certificate.

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Night shift takes the victim. It includes doctor Larisa, nurses Lyubasha, Marina and Vera. Immediately they begin to think about the chance that fell to the lot of one of them - beautiful and at the same time unsettled girls. The patient behaved in a businesslike manner: familiarly to rudeness, self-confident to impudence. He offered his “services” to each. It is very difficult for young girls to resist temptation. The life of all the heroines will change, and one of them will turn over.

Main participants

Kirill Ivanovich Schneck and Tatarin - the main characters of the film "Night Sisters". Actors Alexey Makarov and Yevgeny Stychkin embodied these images. Then we will discuss them.

Alexey Makarov was born in Omsk. Comes from the family of Valery Makarov, the entertainer. His mother - the famous Love Polishchuk. Parents divorced when the boy was 4 years old. Alexey Makarov has played in such films: “Voroshilovsky Rifleman”, “Check”, “My Prechistenka”, “Angelica”, “Lecturer”, “Ulanskaya Ballad”, “Three Musketeers”, “Stronger Fate”, “Time to Collect”, “ Widow, Particle of the Universe, Cuba.

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Yevgeny Stychkin was born in Moscow, was trained in the special school number 30, received his education at VGIK on the course of A.L. Filozov and A. B. Dzhigarkhanyan. He played in such films: “Bee”, “Hagi-Tragger”, “Retro threesome”, “Day of the full moon”, “Impostors”, “Nude nature”, “April”, “Bachelors”, “Copper grandmother”, “Greek holidays , Random Look, Demons, Day of Money, Golden Calf, Flash.ka, King Lear, Love Carrot, Leningrad, Night Sisters, Election Day "," Mysterious Island "," Kitty "," Random Record "," Clairvoyant "," Happy Together ",“White Guard”, “Suiciders”, “Fights”, “Gloria’s Gold”, “Eighties”, “Nightingale-Robber”, “Dialogues”, “Locusts”, “Parallel Worlds”, “Peter-Moscow”, “Farts” , “Betrayal”, “Maximum blow”, “Friday”, “Sleepers”, “Game. Revenge ”,“ Gogol. Beginning "," Trotsky "," Beyond the Boundary ".

Other heroes

Nurses in the sanatorium Vera Brusnichkina and Marina are the main female images in the film “Night Sisters”. The actors very successfully transferred the characters to the screen. These characters were played by O. Lomonosov and E. Podkaminskaya.

Olga Lomonosova was born in Donetsk. Together with her family, the future actress went to Kiev, where her father was transferred.

Elena Podkaminskaya comes from a family of musicians. Ilya Podkaminsky, the father of the actress, founded a Rainbow art studio in Shcherbinka.

Dentist and Misha also feature in the plot of the film “Night Sisters.” The actors D. Spivakovsky and M. Konovalov, who performed these roles, are also familiar to the audience. They deserve a separate discussion.

Daniil Spivakovsky is the Honored Artist of Russia, the head of the theater department workshop at the Ostankino Moscow Television Institute.night sisters actors and rolesMaxim Konovalov spent most of his childhood in the Volgograd region, in the city of Frolovo. His grandmother lives there, his mother was born in the same village.

The actors of the film “Night Sisters” V. Grishechkin and D. Sagalov appeared on the screen as the chief physician Grachev and a nurse.

Vyacheslav Grishechkin was born in Sochi. At the age of 13, he met with Valery Belyakovich and spent two years studying with him at the Theater of Young Muscovites. Even in school, he participated in his statement entitled "The Nightingale."

Daria Sagalova - actress, choreographer. She studied at the gymnasium and received a silver medal. Speaks German and English.

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