New cocktails with "Baileys"

Drink history

The place of production of the wonderful drink called “Beilis” has been Ireland for almost forty years. The liquor factory is located near Dublin, in the midst of green hills on which about 40,000 cows graze. The fact is that for the production of "Beilis" need high-quality fresh milk and Irish whiskey. These components are mixed, complemented by various flavors and presented to the international market in the form of an unusually pleasant, very popular drink.

cocktails with baileysLiquor loved all over the world

Bailey, which produced the first bottle of drink in 1974, was a pioneer in the field of cream liqueurs. The popularity of this type of alcohol is so great that today its production volume reaches 50 million bottles per year. Interesting is that open “Beilis” with proper storage does not lose its taste over a long period of time. Therefore, cocktails with “Baileys” can be made as needed for several months without opening a new bottle.

Icy pleasure

The easiest way to use this liquor is in combination with ice. A pair of large ice cubes is taken, mixed with 50 milliliters of alcohol in a blender with the function of crushing ice and served in tall glasses. Cocktails based on Beilis and coffee are not particularly difficult. For their preparation, you need to pour 0.05 liters of liquor, 0.02 liters of coffee into a coffee mug, dilute it with warm milk until it reaches full volume and decorate with grated chocolate.

Beilis-based cocktails

Cream, cream and cream again

In addition to simple recipes, there are copyright cocktails with liqueur "Beyliz". These include “Pul-House” consisting of liquor and cream of 11% fat (0.05 liters each), caramel syrup and Red Label whiskey (0.02 liters each). These ingredients are mixed, placed in a glass "Margarita", decorated with whipped cream (10 ml).

Little patriotism

In order to make cocktails with “Beilis”, resembling the Russian flag, you need to take 0.03 liters of thick red syrup (suitable “Grenadine”) and “Curaçao Blue”, as well as 0.015 good vodka and “Beilis”. Red syrup is poured into a pile, then blue "Curacao", followed by a mixture of vodka and creamy drink.All actions are performed with a bar spoon and very carefully.

cocktails with baize

Smoothie lovers

Unusually delicious cocktails with "Beilis", if they competently combine fruit and other ingredients. To make a cocktail according to the following recipe, you need to take 3 medium bananas of normal maturity, 0.05 liters of cream, coffee liqueur and Lawyer liqueur, 100 ml of Beilis. All components are mixed in a blender with ice. Serve the drink should be in tall glasses with a straw.

No special frills, but tasty

Cocktails with "Baileys" can be prepared in hot weather, when you want to cheer up. They may include cold coffee with ice cream (100 g each) mixed with 30 g of liquor. The creamy drink is not only tasty, but also nutritious - 100 grams of the product has a caloric value of more than 200 kcal, so it is especially pleasant to use it in its pure form during the cold season.

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