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Natalya Pavlischeva is a writer who, in her works, refers to little-studied plots of world history, individuals who are unfairly forgotten. In the books of Natalia, readers can find answers to various questions about different people.

Natalia Pavlischeva


Natalya Pavlovna Pavlishcheva was born in Turkmenistan in 1955, her father was a military man. After graduating from school at home, she moved to Leningrad, where she entered the Faculty of Chemistry. During her studies, it turned out that Natalia had the strongest allergies, and therefore she had to change her place of study. As a result, the girl received a diploma of sewing production.

Natalya Pavlishcheva approached her career choice responsibly - she tried herself in various fields. She was a teacher, a realtor, and even a seller of newspapers! Perhaps this diversity was influenced by the fact that Natalia's spouse is an officer, so the family had to move a lot.Now Natalia lives in the suburb of the cultural capital of Russia.

Natalya Pavlischeva books

Creative way

Today, Natalia Pavlovna is known as a prose writer, author of love prose. The main genre in which Pavlishchev creates is an alternative story. Natalia is interested in plots that have not been studied well enough, which means that they allow us to include fantasy and imagination. The writer reflects on what impact her first love could have on Catherine the Great's character, how the fate of Emperor Suleiman’s beloved spouse Roksolana could have happened. We offer you the most interesting books by Natalia Pavlischeva!

“Lucrezia Borgia. Lolita Renaissance

The woman who was called the Lolita of the Renaissance - the first beauty of Europe, fascinating and driving men crazy. On the love affairs of Lucretia composed legends, and her fans were considered to be suicidal.

Pavlishcheva Natalya Pavlovna

Natalia Pavlischeva in her book “Lucrezia Borgia. Lolita of the Renaissance reflects on how true the claims that Lucretia is the most dangerous woman of that era is trying to understand how fair the image of the poisoner and the “dummy” is.The writer does not agree with this characteristic: she cites as arguments that the father entrusted the administration of the Vatican to Lucretia (albeit temporary), and the residents of Ferrara organized lavish festivals in honor of this woman every year, remembering her as a righteous woman. How did Lucretia succeed in combining holiness and sinfulness, being a fatal beauty and a real monster? Answers to these questions can be found in the book by Natalia Pavlischeva.

“Natalia Goncharova. Life with and without Pushkin "

The first beauty of the era, the woman who caused the death of the greatest poet, wife and muse. Who was really Natalia Goncharova, how did she live for six years in marriage with the luminaries of Russian poetry and how did she live after the death of Alexander Pushkin? About this Natalya Pavlishcheva tells readers in the book “Natalya Goncharova. Life with Pushkin and without.

After the death of Alexander Sergeevich, dirty rumors spread: Natalia was accused of levity and betrayal. They also talked about the fact that the woman simply destroyed the poet. With this cargo, Natalya Nikolaevna lived for a quarter of a century, trying to prove that she was a faithful and worthy wife.

This work is a touching novel about a great, but short happiness, about widowed mourning, remarriage and memory carried through all his life.

"Roksolana and Sultan"

To admirers of the incredible love affair “The Magnificent Century”, Natalya Pavlishcheva presented the book “Roksolana and the Sultan”. Roksolana was captured, her amazing beauty became both her salvation and her punishment. She graduated from the school of concubines, where she was taught poetry and languages, love art and dancing. After that, Roxolan was literally presented to the Sultan Suleiman, who had been conquered by her from the first minutes.

Natalia Pavlischeva magnificent century

In this book, Natalya Pavlishcheva talks about the fact that she had to move her beloved woman: she survived more than one attempt, she was repeatedly tried to poison. Natalya Pavlovna answers the questions that worry women so much: can Roksolana be able to give the Sultan an heir, to become a lawful spouse and adviser?

"Virgin of War"

What keeps the Russian land? Natalya Pavlischeva in The Virgin of War says: not the mythical Atlantes hold the earth, but the fragile shoulders of Russian women. According to the plot, our contemporaries find themselves in the hell of 1237, in the very winter when the invasion of Batu occurred.The girl has a choice - you can run back, in due time, and you can stand shoulder to shoulder with your ancestors and protect your native land.

In this book, Natalya Pavlishcheva talks about a woman who can correct the past, rid the country of the Mongol yoke and not collapse under an incredibly heavy load of blood and grief.Natalya Pavlishcheva, the maiden of war

"Duchess Olga"

The legendary woman who became the first ruler in Russia, became the heroine of the book "Princess Olga." After marrying Kiev Prince Igor, she not only did not turn into a silent household slave, but managed to rise to the same level as her great spouse. In addition, after the death of her husband, Olga managed to take revenge on the prince's murderers. The blood that was then spilled became the first and the last Olga. Yes, for a quarter of a century, that the princess ruled, Russia did not know internal unrest and external conflicts. Throughout her life, the princess took care of the prosperity of her native lands, completely ignoring her own interests. So why was Olga unhappy? The answer to this question and tried to find Natalya Pavlishcheva.

“Princess Olga” is a bright and touching story about the most dramatic female fate in Russia, a tribute to the memory of an amazing woman who was not spoiled by either power, or money, or universal recognition.

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