Mountain complex "Deciduous Mountain": address, reviews, photos

One of the most interesting holiday destinations of Yekaterinburg and guests of the city is considered to be the ski resort "Deciduous Mountain". Wonderful relaxation in the lap of beautiful nature, a wide range of entertainment, the pleasure of exciting skiing on the mountain slopes - all this annually attracts lovers of resort rest here.

It won't be boring in winter

"Deciduous Mountain" offers a rich tourist infrastructure for professionals and lovers of alpine skiing. The work of the complex throughout the year allows guests from April to November to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, skating, providing four high-quality tracks. To the mountain slopes can be reached by ski lifts.

For the organization of summer recreation there are sports grounds, entertainment programs, bicycles and buggies are provided for hire.

deciduous mountain

Training Center

Mountain-skiing complex "Deciduous Mountain" is an excellent training center.Individual and group programs provide training not only for skiers and snowboarders, but also for children. In this work, professional coaches and instructors are involved, who in an accessible way present all the wisdom of skiing and snowboarding. The riding technique is easily mastered by those who want it, because the training is based on the use of international techniques and technologies.

At the school of instructors of the complex, stepped training programs for beginners and training courses for lovers of alpine skiing have been developed. To improve the technique of skating leading experts conduct a variety of master classes.

The complex has sections for schoolchildren and preschoolers in several areas, including training:

  • alpine skiing;
  • snowboarding;
  • on the new school system;
  • under the snowboarding freestyle program.

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At a certain stage of training, different tracks are used:

  • "Facade" - suitable for training beginner skiers and snowboarders. The site provided here, provided with a safe rollout, allows instructors to organize the initial phase of training.
  • SnowPark - complicated track.There are a lot of springboards and rails. This is a 150-meter track with a drop height of 70.5 meters. The track is suitable for skiing professionals.
  • "Club" number 2 - length of 540 meters, drops height of 70.5 meters. On this route trainings with children are held, different disciplines of slalom are mastered.
  • Tubing track - length 200 meters, equipped with a cable car. Designed for those who choose skating on the "cheesecakes".

Bright summer ... Villa by the mirror pool

What is attractive in the summer complex "Deciduous Mountain" (Yekaterinburg). Photos on various sites provided by tourists who have spent their holidays here, cause readers great delight and desire to visit this picturesque place.

mountain complex mountain deciduous

Cycling for children and adults, playing paintball, basketball, volleyball, football, providing inflatable boats and other equipment for active summer holidays, make staying at the base an unforgettable pleasure and give a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

In order to take a tour of the picturesque mountain paths, enjoy the amazing beauty of the Ural nature, you can rent mountain bikes for adults, teenagers or children and go on a 5- or 8-kilometer route.If you want to actively relax on the territory of the complex, you can rent videos, darts, skateboards. Horse riding enthusiasts can go horse riding.

"Deciduous Mountain" is famous for the baths provided for both a single visit and a corporate holiday. Cozy gazebos - a quiet place for unhurried friendly conversations and get-togethers. For special guests there are guest villas with all amenities. The clear water of the pool, the swing-bench near the barbecue, the lush greenery of the bushes and trees - everything disposes to a quiet, pleasant rest.

Full rest without tasty and healthy food is impossible. Therefore, "Deciduous Mountain" has provided for the guests a cafe with a capacity of up to 45 people, which is comfortably located on the mountain peak. After an exciting ride that requires considerable physical expense, a long stay in the fresh air, any vacationer wants to refresh himself. The cafe will offer a menu for every taste.

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Holiday programs for guests

Going to rest in the complex "Deciduous Mountain", you will not be bored. There are various programs for any holiday: anniversaries, graduations, weddings, corporate events.The programs are designed with the participation of professional artists and presenters who will take care of the festive decoration of the hall, the choice of music, special effects, will think about which decorations and attractions are most in tune with the theme of the holiday.

We are going, going to the resort

Where is the mountain mountain complex located? How to get there

The distance to Chelyabinsk from the ski resort is 195 kilometers. You can reach the complex via the Berezovsky road by using the bypass road around Yekaterinburg. Having passed 25 kilometers of a highway, at the refueling point "Lukoil" it is necessary to turn to the right. Further along the road you will see the sign "Mountain Deciduous". From here to the complex you need to drive another six kilometers.

From Yekaterinburg, the complex can be reached by traveling 15 kilometers along the Uralmash microdistrict in the direction of Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Driving up Cosmonauts Avenue, you can get to the bridge. From here, turn right and follow the bypass road to the village of Sadovy. From the village - eight kilometers straight to the turn between the 25th and 26th kilometers.

mountain deciduous how to get

Guest reviews

The best ski resort of the Middle Urals "Deciduous Mountain" (Yekaterinburg), surrounded by miraculous deciduous and coniferous forests, is looking forward to its guests.Reviews of numerous tourists indicate that the resort promises a lot of pleasure from visiting the ski slopes, skating rink, snow park, picnic areas and various other types of entertainment and recreation.

Visitors enjoy the vast territory and rich resort infrastructure, the provision of various types of entertainment for a moderate fee, the opportunity to relax with children and, finally, fresh healthy air, rich in needles, and the picturesque beauty of the Ural nature.

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