Motorcycle "Stealth Enduro 250": characteristics, reviews, features

Nowadays, the popularity of motorcycles is growing. And, of course, if demand increases, so does supply. To date, the sale of a sufficient range of motorcycles. Differences brands are in the characteristics and cost of units. One of these popular models is the "Stealth Enduro 250", which has established itself as a high quality and affordable pricing policy. The characteristics of this creation of Chinese designers and technologists will be discussed below.

History of

Motorcycle "Stealth" is a joint project of Russian-Chinese designers. Production facilities are located in China. The company that manufactures this product is Velomotors. It began its activities in the two thousandth years. Its products fill a huge part of the motorcycle market. The company also annually updates the product range of its products, thereby maintaining the quality of advanced technology.The manufacturer takes into account fashion trends and modern consumer requirements.

Characteristics of "Stealth Enduro 250"

One of the most famous products of the Chinese manufacturer is the motorcycle "Stealth Enduro 250". Its release started in 2013, and by 2014 this model was introduced on the market. The model immediately conquered the audience with its exquisite design and versatility in driving in different areas. This is confirmed by the fact that this model of Stels is being successfully sold on the domestic market until today and production continues uninterruptedly.

Motorcycle Features

By name it can be said that “Stealth Enduro 250” is similar to “stealth aircraft”, which dissolves in the crowd. In his name, he hides specific information. After all, enduro is a unique class of motorcycle, which can be proudly considered a relative of a high-speed bike.

Also, the model has significant differences. One of its main features is its low weight, making the ride more maneuverable. Designers also designed the rear wheel without a working support. By this they gave the bike a free, light look.

Features "Stealth Enduro 250"

Motorcycle created to conquer the racing tracks and drive at high speeds.This is ensured by the presence of a powerful engine in this model. This motorcycle is able to accelerate to a hundred in a few seconds without much stress on the motor. The Stealth Enduro 250 is designed in such a way that it can easily cope with both off-road and embossed landscape, as well as with movement along an ordinary asphalt road.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the "Stealth Enduro 250" abound. But, like the top models, there will always be flaws. Over the past year, this bike deservedly won the right to be called the best Chinese bike on the market.

Motorcycle "Stealth Enduro 250"

Based on user and expert reviews, conclusions can be drawn about the qualities of this model. It has the following features:

  • Well-designed body, which is designed for falls and unforeseen situations during the passage of motocross.
  • Good engine, but low power for available volume. Although the motor is quite hardy. It is resistant to flooding and overheating.
  • A wide range of spare parts for the “Stealth Enduro 250” is on sale, which greatly facilitates the repair of this unit.
  • It should be noted that this project is partially copied from the model Irbis TTR 250, and this greatly increases the chances of finding the necessary details.The whiter that on the model Irbis TTR components are produced of decent quality. This allows you to extend the life of the vehicle.
  • Good quality basic motorcycle components. This ensures that the engine will work even if the electronics fail.

The disadvantages of this model are the following facts:

  • Lack of assembly reliability.
  • Depreciation elements mounted on the pendulum, which reduces the life of this design.
  • The quality of electronics is also lame. On a similar model could put the system better.

But in general, the model has an excellent ratio of quality and price policy. It should immediately re-tighten all the bolts and fasteners after purchasing a motorcycle. After that, while driving it will be possible to feel more confident. Also, before the first exit on the track you need to adjust the clutch and brake.


The technical characteristics of the Stealth Enduro 250 deserve high praise.

Operation "Stealth Enduro 250"

Options quite thoughtful and balanced:

  • Five-speed gearbox (mechanic).
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 15 liters.
  • Disc brake system.
  • Telescopic front suspension.
  • The dimensions of the unit are 2090 × 815 × 1200 mm.
  • Vehicle weight is 135 kg.
  • The maximum load is 183 kg.

This model has a four-stroke engine, 250 cm³ with a capacity of 15.8 liters. from. and a great torque of 5500 rpm.

Cost of

The price of a motorcycle is acceptable for most buyers. The model belongs to the middle class.

Reviews of "Stealth Enduro 250"

The cost varies around 70 000 rubles. Also, the price may depend on the year of manufacture of the vehicle. This is a great bike for its price range.


Reviews of "Stealth Enduro 250" mostly positive. The model is rightly in demand among consumers. This is a great bike for movement both on city roads and for extreme races on tracks. Large wheels, excellent suspension and the rapid development of high speed gives him high confidence on the roads. Also driving this unit gives the feeling of being on the race track. The model, according to reviews, is more maneuverable than its twin brothers on the track.

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