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Mexico is a culturally amazing country. It is united and got along so different traditions that it is in itself comparable to a miracle. Of course, such a synthesis was reflected, among other things, on the names that local people choose for their children. That's about them, and will be discussed below.

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Names in Mexico

At once it must be said that modern Mexico is a country where Spanish is the main language of the population. The colonial policies of European states and the mass migration of Europeans significantly influenced the cultural background of Mexico. Therefore, modern Mexican names for the most part are of Spanish, and not of local - Indian, origin. This is due to the fact that the naming is a religious ceremony. And since most of the population belongs to the Catholic Church, then the names are taken by those indicated in its calendar. Local, original names have lost their relevance with the decline of the original, pagan beliefs.Therefore, Mexican names are actually derivatives of overseas prototypes and direct borrowing.

Feature names

The names that the Spaniards brought to these lands, as already mentioned, are Christian. Accordingly, many of them, although they have passed the Spanish inculturation, are rooted in Greek, Hebrew or Latin. And the part also goes back to the ancient German roots. Still it is necessary to say that the Mexican form of the Spanish language is somewhat different in sound from the European prototype. Therefore, you should not just identify all the Spanish and Mexican names, because some Mexican versions may differ significantly in sound from their purely Spanish counterparts.

Mexican male names


Of course, like all nations, Mexicans tend to believe that the name somehow affects the fate and nature of its carrier. This makes choosing a name a particularly important procedure. Most often in the course of going options, in any way based on religious tradition. Thus, children are often called in honor of especially revered saints or more abstract religious concepts. Sometimes Mexican names are chosen according to the personality traits that parents want to develop in their child.

Popular names

Below we give some of the most common names. I must say that Mexicans do not like to invent and be original, and they mostly use what is in trend. So, the most common Mexican names for men.

  • Alejandro. Derived from Alexander, which means "defender".
  • Diego Very popular name in Mexico, the meaning of which is "scientist."
  • Leonardo. An old noble name. In Russian means "brave as a lion"
  • Manuel Derived form of the Hebrew Emmanuel, that is, "God is with us."
  • Mateo. Name, which in Mexico is one of the main. It literally translates as "the gift of God."
  • Nestor This is a Greek name. It can be translated into Russian by the word "returning home", or more broadly - "a wise wanderer."
  • Osvaldo. This option is translated as "the power of God."
  • Pedro. Famous and popular name among Hispanic. It comes from the Greek and means "stone".
  • Sebastian. What is known in Russia as Sevastian. The Greek name of the origin means "highly read."
  • Jesus The name that no one will ever name a child in Orthodoxy. In Catholicism, this is acceptable.Jesús is an Hispanic form of the name Jesus. From the Hebrew language is translated as "salvation from God."

Mexican female names

Now we list the most top Mexican names for women.

  • Bonita In Russian means "beautiful."
  • Dorothea. Very beautiful name, usually translated as "God-given."
  • Isabel. Derived from the Hebrew Jezebel. Means "dedicated to God."
  • Camila. This name can be translated by the expression "the best."
  • Consuelo. Translated into Russian, this name means "consolation."
  • Pauline. It conveys the concept of modesty and insignificance.
  • Pilar Usually, this name is translated as "column", that is, the basis of something.
  • Regina.

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