Minsk, hotel "Yubileinaya": description, photos and reviews

Our article will interest those people who are planning a trip to Minsk. Hotel "Jubilee" - is a classic hotel, which since 1968 is considered one of the most remarkable institutions of the capital.

A little about the hotel ...

If you are in search of a complex for a future trip to Minsk, the Yubileinaya Hotel can claim one of the options you are considering. Its undoubted advantage is a convenient location. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, and it is incredibly convenient for any visitor, no matter what the purpose of his trip. Firstly, the hotel is not hard to find, and secondly, all the most interesting places are located nearby. For example, such attractions as the Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena, the Dynamo Stadium, and the Minsk-Arena are located very close by. A five minute walk from the hotel is the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, the Palace of Sports and the Island of Tears.Minsk Jubilee Hotel

For guests of the city, who, naturally, absolutely do not know the capital, living in such a complex is incredibly convenient. Nearby there is a cafe and a grocery store, which means there will be no problems with food. In addition, the availability within walking distance of different types of public transport allows for those who come on a business trip to get to different parts of the city. In an unfamiliar city, the road takes much more time, and a convenient location reduces all temporary losses to a minimum. No less important is the location for ordinary tourists who visit the capital to familiarize themselves with it. Nearby is the old part of the city and the most interesting places that guests like to visit.

Hotel "Yubileinaya" (Minsk): how to get there

As we already mentioned, the hotel has a very advantageous location. The road by car from the National Airport Minsk takes about 35 minutes.

Where is the hotel "Yubileinaya" (Minsk)? Address of the complex: Republic of Belarus, 220004, Minsk, Pobediteley Avenue, 19.

If you plan to get to the hotel from the train station, the following options are possible:

  1. By bus No. 1 and No. 69 you can get from the Leningradskaya stop to the Yubileinaya Hotel stop.
  2. By metro from Ploshchad Lenina station, get to Oktyabrskaya station or from Kupalovskaya to Nemiga.

From the Eastern Bus Station to the stops “Independence Square”, “Leningradskaya” and “Kirov” you can get by buses No. 192 and No. 127, as well as by trolley buses No. 36, 30, 23, 20.Anniversary Hotel Minsk

From the airport Minsk-2 to the bus stations "Vostochny" and "Moskovsky", as well as to the train station, there is an hourly bus service. In addition, since 2014, there is a railway connection between the airport and the railway station, express trains depart five times a day in both directions.

Number of rooms

The Yubileinaya Hotel (Minsk) offers its guests 245 rooms of the following categories:

  1. The standard has an area of ​​12 square meters. It has a double bed, air conditioning, work desk, dressing room, bathroom, wireless internet, toiletries, carpeted floors, satellite and cable TV, a telephone, a kitchenette, a radio, a telephone, a mini bar and a refrigerator.
  2. Twin has the same area and equipment as the standard.
  3. Improved number.
  4. The suite has an area of ​​22 square meters. m. It has a seating area and a living room.
  5. Superior Suite.
  6. Luxurious room.

Services provided by the hotel

Hotel "Yubileinaya" (Belarus, Minsk) offers its guests to use free wireless Internet in public places. The hotel has a paid parking, on-duty reception takes guests around the clock. For a fee, you can order a transfer. The hotel has rooms for non-smokers and for people with disabilities. For special occasions, the hotel also offers luxury bridal suites.Anniversary Hotel Minsk Address

The hotel has a currency exchange, a kiosk with newspapers, luggage storage, a safe, an elevator, souvenir and clothing stores, dry cleaning, self-service laundry, a beauty salon and a hairdresser. The hotel is strictly prohibited to stay with the animals. The complex is under the clock security. If desired, the reception staff will help book excursions to local attractions.

Dining at the hotel

The hotel, on the first floor, has two bars. In the morning, one of them serves a buffet breakfast.

In addition, there is a restaurant located on the second floor. It is possible not only to eat in it, but also to celebrate a celebration or to order a banquet.anniversary hotel minsk vacancies

Regarding the food, hotel guests express the most controversial reviews. Breakfast buffet includes a standard set of eggs, scrambled eggs, cold cuts, cereal, coffee or tea. Some visitors still believe that the menu is rather meager, and the cost of breakfast is significantly overpriced (about ten dollars). Others, by contrast, are very pleased. But if you wish, you can not use the catering services at the hotel and go to eat at any nearest restaurant, which is incredibly many nearby.

As for the restaurant, it serves good and tasty Belarusian and European dishes.

Complex infrastructure

The hotel has a good infrastructure. It has everything that guests may need, in addition, the complex offers guests to visit the casino, beauty salon, fitness center, sauna and bowling alley. The Yubileinaya Hotel (Minsk) also has a conference room that can accommodate up to 200 people. It is suitable for business events and conferences.There is also a meeting room for 20 people. The hotel can order food during the seminars.

Nearest sights

At the hotel’s reception, city guests can be assisted with organizing excursions to local attractions. However, the excellent location of the complex allows you to independently get to interesting places in the center of Minsk, all of them are located nearby. For example, tourists can visit the National Art Museum, the Church of St. Simeon, "Minsk-Arena", the Republican Opera and Ballet Theater, "BedExpo", the Yanka Kupala Theater, the State Circus, Victory Square. Even without moving away from the hotel, you can see a lot of interesting things, because the old town is located nearby.

Hotel "Yubileinaya" (Minsk): reviews

Speaking about the hotel, I want to refer to reviews of guests of the city who managed to visit it. According to tourists, the hotel has an amazingly convenient location. It can be quickly reached from both the railway station and the bus station. Nearby are a public transport stop and metro station. This is very convenient because you can get to any part of the city. In walking distance there are many sights of such a wonderful city like Minsk.bowling hotel anniversary Minsk

Hotel "Jubilee" has very controversial reviews, despite the excellent location. Oddly enough, but one really like this hotel, others did not like it at all. Apparently, the fact that all apartments of the hotel have a different interior affects. The hotel offers a variety of rooms, which offer stunning views of the city. The furniture in the rooms is not new, but the beds are nice and comfortable. The unpleasant moment is the absence of any sound insulation. From the neighboring rooms can hear absolutely all noises. This is inconvenient, especially if you want to sleep, and the neighbors at this time arrange a meeting with friends.

Standards are very modest in size, but the rooms are clean enough, cleaning is done daily. Apartments of other categories are more spacious. In the rooms leave an ample amount of towels.

Absolutely all the tourists say that the hotel is very poorly heated. In the cold season the rooms are very fresh. Heaters are not available at the request of guests, citing fire safety.anniversary hotel Minsk how to get

The hotel has everything you need.The hotel has a bowling alley and a casino. Near the complex there is a large shopping center where you can buy products. In the hotel itself, unfortunately, smoking is allowed. The hall already smells of smoke coming from the bar on the first floor. For people who are prone to allergies, this can be a nuisance. But in the rooms do not feel odors.

The hotel can book sightseeing tours for those tourists who intend to see the city of Minsk. Hotel "Yubileinaya" offers its visitors to use free Internet in public areas, but it is not very stable. Although in general, it is quite possible to maintain contact with his relatives with his help. The hotel is a great place for people coming to Minsk on a business trip. More convenient location is difficult to find.

Service level

The hotel staff is very polite and attentive. The settlement takes place without a hitch, even if you arrive earlier than 12.00, as a rule, the administration does not force you to pay extra for additional hours. Maids service rooms daily, without reminders about the need for cleaning.Very pleased with quality linen bedding and good towels. In general, the complex makes a very pleasant impression (with the exception of minor shortcomings), especially pleased with the service. It can be seen that the hotel workers really value their places, and therefore they are trying to do their job efficiently.anniversary hotel minsk reviews

Many potential applicants are interested in the vacancies that the Yubileinaya Hotel (Minsk) can offer. Vacancies are currently missing. Decent hotel is popular not only as a place of residence, but also as an employer with a good reputation.

Instead of an afterword

Hotel "Yubileinaya" - a three-star budget hotel with a good location and quality service, which can be an excellent choice for guests of Minsk. Of course, there are some drawbacks in the complex, but they should not be paid attention to, since the advantages of this establishment are much greater, and therefore it can be safely recommended to travelers.

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