Mini Cooper Countryman: photos, review, specifications, equipment and reviews of owners

Today we will review the Mini Cooper Countryman - a car that differs in many ways from all vehicles produced with low fuel consumption. This model combines a compact crossover in the back of a hatchback. Let's take a closer look at it in order to understand what this “British” really is.

Model history

The appearance is timed to a significant event - the nationalization of the Suez Canal, which was made by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1956. After that, in connection with the war in the Middle East, oil sales to England decreased significantly. This was the impetus for the production of small vehicles in large automotive plants.

As a result of the increased popularity, the president of British Motor Corporation Leonard Lord decided to seize the moment and began developing a car with a small engine size.

Cars "Mini" produced in a variety of variations of the body and trim. The company produced vans, pickups and even SUVs for military purposes. On some models installed protruding trunk and reinforced bumpers.

Mini 1965

Since 1965, some models were produced by the famous Italian concern Innocenti (having acquired a production license). Also an important fact is that the car was produced on another continent, in Chile and Uruguay.

After the 40-year period, when the Mini Cooper was produced, the company decided to radically change the design of the model. Nevertheless, the developers have left features recognizable appearance of a compact car. This model is completely new and different from the old versions. As a result, the society of motorists received a supercompact vehicle with minimal fuel consumption.

Mini lineup

Today, the company produces six different car models. The first is the usual three-door Mini Cooper. He has a standard compact set.

The next version of the car - the five-door model of the car, which differs from the previous longer base and the presence of a full rear row of seats.

For trips in the hot season, the company produces the Mini Cooper Cabrio. A miniature folding-top machine allows you to enjoy the flow of wind in hot weather.

Clubman - model in the back of a station wagon. Cars from each other differ little in design, this version has at its disposal a solid luggage compartment. By folding the second row of seats, the space is doubled.

The amazing John Cooper Works model differs from its brothers in the presence of individual elements of lightweight and durable materials. The engine is slightly more powerful than the other Coopers. It will allow you to stand out in a crowd of cars with excellent dynamics. But this is not the main advantages of the car. Exclusive interior design truly captivates everyone who was lucky enough to be inside a super-small SUV.

Another model we reviewed in this article is the Mini Cooper Countryman. The machine is the pride of the company.

New car class

The developers managed to combine compactness in the body of the crossover. At the same time, the permeability and roominess indicators are not very different from those of competitors in this class. By the way, there are no competitors for “Countryman”.No automaker has yet created a similar car, so the company Mini can be considered the progenitor of the mini-crossover class.

Swift SUV

The most interesting thing is that the popularity of these machines is increasing every day. In today's crisis world, the issue of saving money has risen very sharply. People try to save their money, hurting themselves in desires and needs. Fuel for their vehicles was no exception. Let's take a closer look at a British car.

Exterior crossover

Let's start the review of the car with the appearance that will not allow the owner to go unnoticed in the stream of gray cars. The car is masked with the help of corporate identity in order to remain unnoticed on the road.

Simple body lines provide their individual appearance. Head optics endowed with adaptive LED elements and has a rounded, slightly elongated shape. Rather high, if you can say so about a compact car, the hood smoothly goes into a chrome grille with large longitudinal shelves.

Head optics

Wide swollen wheel arches place the original 14-inch wheels, a bit like off-road.Branded alloy wheels with wide-spokes complement the image of the crossover, hinting at a predisposition to off-road.

The straight line of the roof creates the effect of squat and flatness, a feature of which is its color, which differs from the main color of the car. This design solution allowed to visually divide the car into two parts and give vent to the imagination for tuning Mini Cooper Countryman.

Mini Cooper Countryman

Stylish rear lights do not have any intricate shapes. These are classic drop-shaped headlights with a chrome bezel. Bottom skirts slightly inflated and create a unique appearance Mini Cooper Countryman.

Interior design

The pride of the model is a multitude of variations in the interior color, which allows combining the elements of the interior in different colors. Despite the small dimensions of the British Mini car, there is enough space inside the car for comfortable trips not only along city streets, but also over long distances.

The seats have several adjustments in different directions and keep the driver and passenger in tight corners. The quality of the material, despite the cost of the car, is at a very high level.Leather and plastic are pleasant to the touch and do not cause discomfort.

British Salon

The front panel has a unique look. The round dashboard is a proprietary attribute of the concern’s machines. Nice lighting does not burden the eyes and allows you to feel comfortable driver.

The rear row of seats does not have as much space as we would like, but it can easily accommodate two adults. The trunk of the Mini Cooper Countryman does not have a large volume, but when the back seat is folded, the space increases by several times.

Car engine

The technical characteristics of the Mini Cooper Countryman will impress anyone, even despite the appearance, this car can surprise. The main power plants, which are located under the hood of the "British", are two petrol and two diesel units.

Handsome motor

Versions on gasoline:

  • "Countryman" with a three-cylinder engine of 1.5 liters. This boy produces a maximum of 136 horsepower at 220 Nm of torque. This car is produced with both front-wheel drive and full. Acceleration to hundreds of too large - 9.8 seconds, but it is worth remembering that this is a crossover.
  • "Cooper S" with a two-liter engine capacity of 192 "horses" is gaining 100 km / h in 7.2 seconds.

Diesel versions

  • Mini Cooper Countryman SD with a two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine allows you to produce a maximum 150 horsepower and a torque of 330 Nm.
  • The SD version with the same design characteristics, but with improved performance indicators - 190 "horses" and 400 Nm.

It should be noted that the company has a hybrid version of the Mini Cooper Countryman S E, which has two power plants at its disposal: a petrol-powered 1.5-liter with 136 horsepower, an 88-horsepower electric motor. In total, this hybrid produces 224 horsepower at 385 Nm of torque. In this case, fuel consumption, as stated by the manufacturer, is only 2 liters.

All models are available in different variations of the drive, both with front and rear.

Technical equipment

The company "Mini" was able to develop engines that their performance can be attributed to this car to the class of sports jeeps. Mini Cooper Countryman on test drives proved to be exclusively from the good side.

The positive points include the following:

  • modest fuel consumption;
  • excellent automatic transmission;
  • stable power over the entire engine speed range;
  • stiffer suspension indicates the sporting mood of the machine;
  • excellent handling;
  • good ergonomics of the internal space.

All these advantages of the British car Mini Cooper Countryman will add the desire to purchase this machine, despite the fact that previously you were skeptical about the capabilities of this baby.

Machine safety

If you take into account the dimensions of the vehicle company "Mini", safety performance - at the highest level. The most modern materials are used in the design of the case, and the electronic features only complement the confidence behind the wheel.

In the standard version of the Mini Cooper Countryman has the function of braking in automatic mode. Of course, the developers were worried about the presence of front and side airbags, and curtain-aerbegs complement the protection of passengers.

For a modest surcharge, you can get cruise control and an option with automatic detection of pedestrians and other moving objects. Cherry on the cake is a modern parking sensor, which displays information from the rear camera and front view on the display, the picture is very high quality.

Opinion motorists

One consensus, if we analyze the reviews of the Mini Cooper Countryman, does not exist. Every car owner loves his car for different characteristics. Unusual body design attracts creative people who appreciate elegance and rigor. Good dynamic indicators are noted by young car enthusiasts who like to drive on the roads of the city. The ground clearance of the Mini Cooper Countryman makes the car feel great on a dirt surface.

Tuning Cooper

But in general, to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this small crossover, it is necessary to find a competitor in such a unique class. To date, these machines no one produces, except for the British concern.

Price policy in Russia

In the current market offers this unique car can be found for 1 million rubles in the basic configuration. For more powerful versions, you should pay two hundred thousand more. The company also offers the possibility of an individual version of the painting of the body and the color of the interior, but this function will result in a pretty penny to the buyer.

According to the reviews of the owners, the Mini Cooper Countryman has found its niche in the automotive industry.There are a lot of connoisseurs and real fans of this model. Soon, if we consider the increase in fuel prices, such cars will gain incredible popularity, and everyone should pay attention to the Mini company cars. Only once faced with this little miracle of engineering, you can not forget it, and perhaps it will become the subject of your desires.

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