Milled dried cherry: healing properties

Very often unremarkable in appearance plants have truly healing properties. Such a plant is the dried marsh (marsh), which prefers a cold and temperate climate, heavy soils with increased moisture. You can meet her in wet forests, swamps and ponds.

Swamp cudgel


The grass svechenitsa bogwood belongs to the family of the Compositae, is an annual plant. The stem of the plant has a bushy branched form, slightly pubescent, its height is about 25 cm. The leaves are small, lanceolate, with blunt ends, tapering at the base. The flowers are light yellow shades, grow in the form of baskets. The fruits of the plant are achenes of oblong greenish-gray color with a tuft. Flowering occurs in June, seed ripening - in August.


Marsh dried cherry is rich in tannins, flavonoids, carotene, essential oil, vitamins, macronutrients. Due to its composition, the herb has hemostatic, antispasmodic, sedative, hypotensive, vasodilating properties.

Milled dried cherry, healing properties

Swamp oil is used internally and externally, in official medicine and in veterinary medicine. Its medicinal properties are popular among traditional healers.


Harvested grass during flowering, from July to August. When harvesting dried cakes, it should be pulled out from the root, then dried in the open air or in a special dryer. To mature seeds showered, the plant should be wrapped in a newspaper. Dried raw materials should be crushed and stored in cartons for no more than three years.

Medicinal forms of using herbs

The main therapeutic form in which the plant is used is a decoction. To prepare it, you need a tablespoon of dried plants pour boiling water (one glass) and infuse for 30 minutes. According to the instructions, a tablespoon of broth is taken before meals up to four to five times a day. Means, prepared according to the same recipe, wash the wounds, make compresses in the presence of skin problems, douche.

Properties of dried marsh

The infusion of the herb is used for inflammation, to improve immunity. For its preparation, 20 grams of chopped grass is poured with boiling water (two glasses), kept in a water bath for five minutes.Then the tool must be insisted another two hours. Take half a glass no more than three times a day.

For the preparation of alcohol tinctures use fresh, finely chopped herb (1 part), which must be insisted in alcohol (10 parts) for seven days. Used to treat the initial stages of hypertension. Take half a teaspoon to 4 times a day.

The extract of this herb has a different name - "Antiulcerin". During World War II among the doctors, the grass dried marsh grass was popular; its medicinal properties were used for gangrene. To prepare the extract, fresh grass is cut into large pieces, moistened with alcohol (40% m) and allowed to stand for twelve hours. Then the grass is placed in a dish with vegetable oil and kept for a day in a water bath. Then it is squeezed under the press.

Marsh creep: application and recipes

Sushenitsa is an excellent tool for the treatment of pathologies of the cardiovascular system. With the treatment of hypertension, the maximum effect can be achieved if the disease is seized in the initial stage. The treatment is carried out in courses of 30-40 days.

Herb-based preparations are a good tool for the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, oily solutions are used externally in the treatment of trophic ulcers,cervical erosion, purulent ulcers, burns.

Grass cogweed

Official medicine uses the plant for the treatment of peptic ulcer. Patients report a reduction in pain, foci of inflammation are reduced, the wound heals faster.

In folk medicine, the plant is used as a sedative in the treatment of neuroses, insomnia, migraines, and nerve shocks. The properties of the cilia of the bogwood allow it to be used as an adjuvant in diabetes, hemorrhoids, and various bleeding.

The herb is used in the form of douching in case of coleitis, vaginitis, cervical erosions, infusions with throat in case of sore throat, dental problems.

Collection for inflammation of the airways

For its preparation it is necessary to take one teaspoon of swamp loin, plantain leaves (1 tsp.), Pine buds and violet grass, 2 tsp. Each. All ingredients are mixed. A teaspoon of the mixture is poured boiling water (1 cup). Insist half an hour, filter. Take four times a day for half a cup.

Medication for the treatment of angina, headaches, hot flashes, insomnia, fears

The crushed dried sage loin (2 tbsp. L.) Is poured with a glass of boiling water.Means stand for half an hour in a water bath, insist for ten minutes, squeeze and filter. Take half a cup three times a day before meals (30 minutes). The course of treatment is three weeks.

Cherry blossom

Baths for varicose veins

100 grams of dry raw materials should be poured with three liters of boiling water and steamed for 20 minutes. The tool must be insisted at least ten hours. The broth is added to the bath. Procedures are carried out for 25-30 minutes daily.

Oil from burns and wounds

20 grams of dried herbs must be poured with warm vegetable oil (1 cup) and insisted for 12 hours. Before use, the product must be heated with a water bath. The oil is applied to the affected areas several times a day until the wound is fully tightened.

Remedy for heartburn, pain in the intestines and stomach

They are taken in equal parts swamp loaf, St. John's wort and centaury. Then a teaspoon of the resulting collection is poured with three glasses of boiling water. The tool must be kept for an hour in a thermos or wrapped in a towel. Take several times a day for three teaspoons.

With gastritis and gastric ulcer

It is necessary to take dried bread and plantain (4 tsp.), 1 tsp. knotweed, centaury, yarrow, calamus root, mint leaves, caraway fruit (two teaspoons) and mix.Herbal tea in the amount of one teaspoon is poured with boiling water (250 ml) and insisted in a thermos for 6-7 hours. Strain and drink after eating half a glass.

Swamp leaf, contraindications

Anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive

Two tablespoons of dried raw material should be poured into an enamel pan, pour 250 ml of water, cook over a minimum heat under a tightly closed lid for ten minutes. The drug must be cooled and filtered. The raw material that is left must be pressed. The infusion is diluted with boiled water to a volume of 250 ml. Take two tablespoons after meals. Store in a cool place. The same tool is also used externally to treat various wounds and irritations in the form of dressings.

Treatment of wounds and burns

A portion of dried herbs in powder form, four parts of butter and honey are mixed. The resulting ointment should be applied to the affected skin several times a day.


From ulcers and erosion of the cervix helps such a remedy: one tablespoon of crushed dried eggs is poured with boiling water (1.5 cups), cooked on low heat for twenty minutes, infused in a thermos or dish wrapped with a towel, half an hour, filtered. Syringe received by means twice a day.

Here is the diverse use of dried bog. There are also contraindications to this medicinal herb, although there are not so many of them. Do not use the plant for people with thrombophlebitis, hypotension, bradycardia, arterial hypotension, as well as with individual intolerance.

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