Mikhail Gavrilov: handsome, actor, husband and dad

Only a lazy viewer does not know this handsome young man with the appearance of an eighteenth-century Russian nobleman. He appears so often on the screens in recent years that it is simply impossible not to notice him. In addition, in the fall of 2016, he participated in the show "Ice Age". And, although he did not get a victory, the guy managed to impress the judges. So, get acquainted, the actor Michael Gavrilov.


On July 7, 1985, a pretty boy was born in the family of hereditary military men who was given the name Michael at birth. The family spent their first years in Togliatti, and in 1990 they moved to the Perm Territory in a small Transural town of Chusovoy. True, for some time little Mikhail Gavrilov lived with his grandmother in Naberezhnye Chelny, where he was recorded in a theater studio.

Mikhail Gavrilov

As a little boy, he did not think that he would one day become an actor. He had no time to think about it: he studied at the music school (bayan class), played football, was engaged in free-style wrestling and boxing. The movie interested Misha exclusively as a spectator.

Whether medicine, or art ...

His first profession has nothing to do with creativity. After graduating from the 9th grade, Mikhail Gavrilov (actor afterwards) becomes a student at the medical college, and later - at the Perm Polytechnic University. But, having studied there for a bit, he left everything and went to serve in the army, where he was delayed for three years. Moreover, according to the law, he spent the usual military service time with such enthusiasm that he signed a contract and served in the professional army for the second year and a half.

Mikhail Gavrilov actor

After three years of service, Mikhail got the idea to study at a military university. But the desire to change everything in his life outweighed. Therefore, Mikhail Gavrilovgoes to Moscow in order to try their hand at admission to the theater institute. But he always remembered the army with warmth. For him, it was a serious school of life. And for him, as for the son of the military, the discipline that the army and sport could impart was especially important.

The hidden treasure trove

So, after demobilization, Mikhail Gavrilov, whose photo after the release of his first films literally flooded the pages of print media, having an engineering degree in his hands, completely unexpectedly for his acquaintances leaves for the capital in order to enter the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute.Within the walls of this educational institution, he comprehended the basics of acting skills in Valentina Nikolayenko (viewers know her thanks to the role she played in the comedy about the Malinovskaya wedding). She, being a very talented teacher, was able to discover in the young man a wealth of talent, thanks to which Gavrilov in a very short time became a famous actor.

First steps on stage

His film debut took place back in 2009, when a novice actor appeared in a short episode in the series “Take me with you 2”. A little later - a small role in the "Code of Honor." This was his first work experience in front of a movie camera. Michael tried to fulfill all the requirements of the director, because he understood that he still did not know how much. But the directors with some predilection evaluated his work. They liked such a textured artist, and they absolutely did not worry that he was just starting his way in the film industry.

Mikhail Gavrilov photo

And in 2010, Mikhail Gavrilov, whose filmography began to grow with interesting roles, received an invitation to work in the thriller “Someone is here” and its continuation. These shots have provided significant assistance in the development of an actor’s career.

"I'm an actor!"

The most important (according to Gavrilov) and interesting proposals began to arrive to the young actor after receiving his university diploma (after 2012; this year was very important for him). Now he played in melodramas and television films, domestic stories and detectives ...

In 2012, Gavrilov was invited to take on one of the main roles - Grisha in the TV series “Inheritance of Crime”. In the eight series was shown not only a detective story. There was love, betrayal, and an attempt to restore justice after many years.

Anya comes to the village at the request of her grandfather, an academician, to prove that grandfather is innocent of the death of two of his friends, which happened many years ago. Already on the spot, remaining in the old house, Anya meets two local guys: one of them is the son of one of the killed friends of his grandfather, and the second is the grandson of a colleague of his grandfather and part-time is also a grandson of his grandfather academic. It was this grandson, Gregory, that Mikhail Gavrilov played.

Mikhail Gavrilov wife

A little later, there happened in his biography of the series “Molodezhka”, after which even those who watched him catch a glimpse of the actor began to recognize the actor. Now he played the central striker of the Bears team - Yevgeny Tsarev.There was no real prototype for this character, so Mikhail gave him many of his features. Eugene is one of the best athletes in the team, actively pursuing his goal. All this is pretty close to the actor, because he also loves sports.

He joined the shooting process when the other guys were already skating pretty well (they already had two seasons of work behind them). Gavrilov first hit this pace of work: he got up on skates at nine in the morning and left the ice arena at nine in the evening. But it only gave him self-confidence and brought tangible results.

Personal life of an actor

Still on the set of the TV series “Someone Is Here”, Mikhail Gavrilov met his second half. His wife, Anna Nosatova, is also an actress. Then they played a loving couple, but their feelings broke out only while working on the second part of the TV project.

After the end of the shooting process, the couple went to rest in the Dominican Republic. It was there that, plunging into love more and more, they decided to marry. And in September 2012, the young couple had a son, who was named Andrey. Now the family lives in a cottage near Moscow.

Mikhail Gavrilov Filmography

Mikhail Gavrilov is proud of his family.He realized that a man really matures only when he becomes a father. Mikhail decided for himself that he would offer his successor all possible ways and options, and Andryushka himself would make his choice. But in hockey dad will give his son when he grows up, if only for the boy to learn the discipline.

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