Mental arithmetic: reviews of parents and specialists

Mental arithmetic, reviews of which are mostly positive, has become very relevant today. So says the Eurasian Association of mental arithmetic, which anyone can join. According to experts, classes with abacus help to achieve success and self-realization.

Mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic, reviews of which are sometimes categorically contradictory, is a new fashion trend, with which, according to members of associations, the development of creative abilities, harmony of both hemispheres of a child’s brain, its early adaptation and technological independence is possible. The ancient technique, once used in China and Japan for calculations in commerce, geometry and astronomy, was again in demand and began to solve complex problems of harmonic development using an extremely simple device.

At what age is recommended

Mental arithmetic, reviews of which are admired, or indignant, is a calculation on an ancient calculator using both hands. The first step is passed by the child on a real abacus, on the second - the child imagines a simple device as an image and considers it already in his imagination.

You can teach a child who has reached the age of four, but by the age of 12, the happy property of virtual images becomes beyond his control. Some schools, especially not puzzled by age restrictions, are recruiting students under 16 years of age.mental arithmetic reviews

Mental arithmetic - techniques and devices

The basis of the training is based on the stone abacus of ancient China, called the “abacus” (“abacus”). Later, the Japanese have attended to their use, and today any adult uses a modern counterpart in the form of a calculator. But soroban, currently relevant in Japan and Thailand, unlike traditional Russian accounts, has a pit vertically and does not represent a single figure in two ways. Such a device, according to the adepts of the method, not only develops creative thinking, mathematical abilities, virtual imagination, but also eliminates any confusion in the calculation.

Using an abacus can quickly teach a child to count in his mind, to master four arithmetic operations.mental arithmetic parents reviews

Mental arithmetic reviews for children range from the most enthusiastic to the most negative, and some people complain that after it the child is not able to solve equations.

A means for brain development

According to adherents who are in love with the magic of propagandists and those who teach the complex science of counting on an ancient device, this is a universal, indispensable tool for the development of two hemispheres of the brain at the same time. Additional preferences received from the Menar (mental arithmetic), for the creation of which the Turk Shen improved the device by the age of 5000 years, have the following benefits for the child:

  • initiative;
  • independence;
  • wonderful memory;
  • ability to concentrate attention;
  • rich virtual imagination;
  • observation;
  • the ability to perceive information by ear;
  • speed and accuracy of thought processes.

Bonus to this wide list of invaluable opportunities promised endless success in music and English.

Positive points

Mental arithmetic, reviews of which sometimes include the concepts of “innovative”, “modern” and “irreplaceable”, judging by the above-mentioned preferences, is indeed a very useful thing.

This science implies the development of children's intellectual abilities, which will further help them achieve success in various areas of activity, especially those that require the ability to quickly navigate numerical information. At the same time attention concentration reaches maximum performance; increases the rate of reactions, observation. This leads to the rapid absorption of school material and an increase in academic performance.

According to the teachers of the technique, its application develops the hemisphere, which is responsible for logic as well as responsible for the images. You can safely grab the hand of your baby and run to sign up in the age group. The main thing is not to be late, because the group, which has already started classes, will not take the child and will have to wait until the new one is suitable, suitable for age.mental arithmetic expert reviews

Innovative method - the opinion of parents

If you do not side with the number of supporters or opponents of the technique with the use of an abacus, you can see interesting trends.When studying arithmetic actions, mental arithmetic does not cause negative feedback from parents. Although some still treat her with a sense of rejection and skepticism.

For the successful assimilation of the material requires a healthy interest of the child and certain inclinations. If a child is given hard lessons (and this happens when he is not interested in numbers or mathematics), any mental arithmetic is useless. Reviews of parents who sincerely believed in the new and progressive in pedagogical thought, become frustrated and skeptical.

Negative points

A child learns to count on an abacus, easily performs simple arithmetic operations in his mind, but he hangs where logic is required and has great difficulty in solving of mental arithmetic for children

Now it is worth going back a little and reading what the children promise when learning the system of counting called “mental arithmetic”. Negative feedback from parents deceived in their expectations requires an explanation of why the promised development of the second hemisphere, which is responsible for logic, did not happen. And calm, confident and methodical teachers patiently explain that the reason for such failures lies in the individuality of each child and the features of the methodology.
Mental arithmetic, expert reviews about which cause enthusiastic and approving emotions, fails at once by several parameters:

  • does not suit at an early age (4-year-olds are often not interested), or at a late age (from the age of 12 it is almost impossible to learn if there are no certain abilities);
  • It does not help where logic and abstract thinking are required (although it teaches fast mechanical counting in the mind);
  • not suitable for any child who has no inclination for mathematics;
  • not universal, but an electoral technique.

The promised bonuses in learning English and music turn out to be unclaimed, if the child does not study music additionally and does not have language skills. And the ability to language is often a happy property of the humanities, who, with all their desire, can not bring themselves to love math. The mechanical system of counting with the help of knuckles or beads, arranged vertically or horizontally, is more capable of those who go to the accountants than those who prefer elegant literature.

World fame and personal preferences

The decision to occupy their child with something extraordinary visits their parents at the moment when they discover that everyone around leads their children to dance, swimming, to sports sections, to foreign languages. The lack of a child's special inclinations or talents is a factor prompting him to find a way to develop his average level. Persistent advertising, in which one can hear about China, Japan, Thailand, the States and Turkey, who were concerned with studying the prototype of a modern calculator in the age of electronics and found in this indisputable benefit and high degree of child development, has a magical effect on such parents.

Sometimes a child goes to such classes (as to any other, by the way), suffering and suffering, but obeying the iron will of the mother or father. Nobody wants a bad one for their baby. Any sections and methods are applied solely out of good intentions.

No coercion

Imposing any activities on a child, even if such innovative and modern as mental arithmetic, will never hurt to hear negative feedback from specialists. Experts are sure that a child to whom this is not interesting will not be able and will not want to learn such classes in full.And if forced and led to force, it can affect the process of learning in school. In the classroom, simple arithmetic, which even a child with humanitarian inclinations doesn’t like, simple mathematical operations will remind you of hateful hours with bills and methods called “mental arithmetic”.

Reviews of psychologists suggest that instead of developing abilities in all directions, a child who is not prone to mathematical calculations runs the risk of getting an extra set. And the development of the complex is easily stimulated by the baby when looking at those who easily master such a system of counting.

Mental arithmetic: teachers reviews

Teachers of mental arithmetic speak about her extremely positively and are confident that she is subject to almost any kid. They pay attention to everyone, patiently and affordably trying to convey their knowledge to young students.

On the Internet, countless videos and educational programs are being used, with which parents, who do not have free cash, try to train their children at home.The fee for the study of mental arithmetic is so high that even the promised free equipment in the form of an abacus, a wallboard and free notebooks can not force parents to give this amount every month.mental arithmetic teachers reviews

If the child did not succeed in studying progressive methods adopted in the States, Turkey and Thailand under the name “Menar”, parents are quite kindly recommended to give the baby to where he will be engaged with pleasure. For example, in a chess club, a sports section or a foreign language. In evaluating the counting system with the help of beads, teachers' reviews are determined by their commitment or the rejection of the fashion trend in teaching.mental arithmetic reviews of doctors

Advantages and disadvantages

The ability to quickly count in mind is not the most important thing in the modern world, although there are lovers who complain that children do everything using a computer or an electronic calculator. A good example of this is the little ones, who multiply and add numbers with ease in their mind, but who are unable to solve an equation with one unknown.mental arithmetic negative expert reviews

Fashionable and new is not always the most necessary, and reviews about it can be contradictory.Therefore, with all the mental strength trying to help your child reach heights, the most important thing - do no harm. To help, support, push, stimulate, but not force it, causing a persistent disgust.

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