Men's diet is the choice of a real man!

It's no secret that male and femaleorganisms are built quite differently. From this and a different rate of metabolism. It is important to understand that what a woman is losing weight can lead to completely different consequences for a man and vice versa.

Unlike women, men get used to it from childhoodto various physical loads. Such loads, respectively, require an additional number of calories. That is why in the process of losing weight, men are not at all suited to the way women use very often - starvation. Diets that last too long are also not welcomed by the male population.

Force mens diet for men: basic provisions

Today, for men, based on their physiologicalspecial men's diets are created. One of such diets is the so-called foresight diet. It lasts only four days. But at the same time it leads to excellent results (minus five kilograms per course). The diet does not require any preliminary preparation of the body. In order to achieve the desired result from a force majeure diet, it is very important not to change its menu. That is, in this case, it is important to clearly observe all requirements. The drinking regime is of particular importance. For each day it is necessary to consume at least two liters of pure still water.

  1. Food on the first day of the diet consists of a chicken (2 kg), baked in the oven. It is better to divide the chicken into three equal parts. Accordingly, each part will go as a separate meal.
  2. The second day is also meat. On this day, you need to cook half a kilogram of veal. It is desirable to put it out in a frying pan. The resulting portion is recommended to be divided into three equal parts. Each part is consumed by a separate meal during the day.
  3. One of the most difficult, but at the same time maximallyeffective, are the third day of the diet. In these days you can drink only coffee (4-5 cups) and water. Coffee should be exceptionally natural and sugar-free! In case of deterioration of the condition, one meal is allowed for food.
  4. The next day is recommended to eat vegetables. According to the menu, on this day, the force masculine diet allows itself to eat cauliflower (500 g). Again, the serving should be divided into three equal parts.

The fat-diet diet is stressful fororganism. However, lost pounds cost such stress. Despite this, this diet can be repeated no more than once a year (in the extreme case of two).

The diet of Don Juan - a week course on weight loss

A more gentle option for men,wishing to lose those extra pounds, is the male diet of Don Juan. This diet lasts about seven days (depending on the amount of excess weight), while you can "reset" to five kilograms. The menu is exactly the same for each day of the diet.

For breakfast it is better to give preference to differentdried fruits and fruits. In the break between lunch and breakfast it is recommended to eat porridge cooked on the water. Yogurt with a lower fat content is also allowed. For lunch, it is better to eat low-fat fish in combination with vegetable salads. Snack should consist of a small amount of fruit. For dinner, you need to drink a glass of yogurt. As in the previous version of nutrition, it is also important to follow the drinking regime.

Adriatic diet for men

Today among men is also popularAdriatic male diet. Its duration is on average from a week to ten days. However, many "sit" on it for months. This male diet is easily tolerated by the body and is not accompanied by a sharp decrease in weight.

One of the main principles of this diet isrefusal of a supper. The last meal should be no later than five in the evening. For breakfast, the men's diet recommends eating fruits combined with cereals. For lunch, it is better to prefer seafood in combination with vegetables, and for dinner (until 17-00) a vegetable salad with butter.

A Little Bit

The most effective diet and at the same timethe most safe from the point of view of health is the protein-carbohydrate alternation (BUD). With this nutrition it is very important to go in for sports. The power supply system in this case is as follows:

  • on the first day, the amount of fats and proteins is 0.5 grams per kilogram of weight losing weight, carbohydrates - 4;
  • further it is necessary to gradually increase the proportion of protein to 2.5 grams per kilogram of human weight;
  • four days later, the proportion of protein again gradually decreases.

It is remarkable that BEECH can become a lifelong nutrition system and an effective way to maintain weight.

Of course, regardless of the type of food chosen,Weight will decrease only if there is the right physical activity. Physical stress will also prevent the processes of "sagging" the skin with rapid weight loss, which, as a rule, are accompanied by all express diets.

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Mens diet is the choice of a real man Mens diet is the choice of a real man Mens diet is the choice of a real man Mens diet is the choice of a real man Mens diet is the choice of a real man Mens diet is the choice of a real man