Mehano railway - for children and adults

The Mehano railway is produced by the company of the same name from Slovenia. The company was founded in 1952 and was originally called "Mehanotehnika": since then it has been developing a wide range of toys and collector models. Under its current name, the company became known in 1990, and although in 2008 it filed for bankruptcy, to this day it continues to be active. Among her children's products is a large selection of traditional and electronic toys, many of which are designed to help develop the child's mental abilities. The range of the company also has high-precision models of trains, surprising with their capabilities and quality of performance.Railroad Mehano - for children and adults

Railways from Mehano

At the moment, the company offers three quality lines, each of which belongs to a certain price category. They are called "Prestige", "Hobby" and "Trains". The latter is the most modest children's railway Mehano, and the first is the most advanced, premium, with sophisticated control and audio speakers. Competing companies are Fleischmann, Märklin, Roco and others, but as no other company produces models of modern high-speed trains, the brand continues to occupy a strong position in the market.

Premium Railway Mehano

This line was a rather late inclusion in the company's products. To its distinctive features can be attributed at times an unusual choice of prototypes, such as the American steam locomotive Camelback or high-speed train Thalys. Every year the company introduces new models, many of which are related to the modern railway industry. So, for example, in 2007 the light was seen by the excellent version of the German Intercity-Express, which is also supplied to Russia. The Mehano collection railway is famous for the world's largest assortment of high-speed train models, among which you can find TGV Duplex and many others. The European line offers products with advanced features such as DCC (sophisticated digital control), audio speakers with a large set of sounds, LED light sources. In general, these models are distinguished by excellent build quality, well-coordinated work and excellent detailing.

Mehano children's line

The railway with the landscape is one of the most popular starting kits, which includes a locomotive, several types of cars and 3-5 meters of rails (depending on the equipment). On the manufacturer's website there are about 12 similar positions in the line with some minor differences in the composition. In the Russian market you can buy these and other sets, as well as purchase additional items: cars, rail elements, landscape accessories (bridges, barriers, etc.). The children's line is distinguished by a good combination of price and quality, offering the possibility of expanding the basic kit due to the many details available. The initial set already contains a large number of elements, including houses, trees, tunnels and much more. This is a huge field for fantasy, where a child can create his unique railway route and change the landscape at his own discretion. Power is provided from the mains, you can control the movement from the console attached to the structure.

Mehano for all ages

In the assortment of the company you can find both toys for children's fun, and serious collector models, which can be considered one of the best in their category. The Mehano railway stands out thanks to the company's rich experience and a huge number of variations in each of the three proposed lines. Premium models of locomotives and modern high-speed trains can rightly be considered the pride of the company and an excellent gift for collectors.

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Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults Mehano railway - for children and adults