Meat restaurant "Skotina", Krasnodar: address, menu, reviews

Restaurant in Krasnodar "Skotina" - an institution quite popular among residents and visitors alike. Here, according to regular visitors, the best and most original meat dishes are prepared, the flavor bouquet of which is able to conquer the hearts of even the most demanding gourmets.meat restaurant

Restaurant features

Meat restaurant "Skotina" specializes in the preparation of dishes from fresh and high-quality meat, which is grown in the Kuban. In the kitchen of the restaurant, it is brought not in a cut form, but in whole carcasses. That is why the menu includes meat from different parts of animals. The establishment has been cooperating for a long time only with proven suppliers.

The restaurant has its own meat shop, in which the cutting of carcasses and processing of meat takes place, after which it is sent to the kitchen.


Inside the restaurant "Skotina" in Krasnodar is made simply, but with taste.The combination of light gray and brown colors prevails in the interior of this place, which provides a certain restraint in its overall picture. The windows in the institution are large, panoramic - one of them offers a beautiful view of the busy city street.cattle restaurant krasnodar reviews

From the materials of finishing a lot of wood and leather. On the ceilings, visitors can watch beautiful expensive chandeliers decorated with crystal. Restaurant guests prefer to sit on comfortable soft sofas in gray or brown, at tables made of light wood.

In the hall of the institution there are many illustrative display cases, which demonstrate the correctness of cutting the carcasses of different animals. The walls of the restaurant are hung with artificial green plants that give freshness to the interior.

On both sides of the hall there are TVs on which guests can watch sports events.cattle restaurant Krasnodar address


The menu of the restaurant "Skotina" in Krasnodar offers visitors to taste European-style meat dishes, some of which are prepared according to the author's ideas of the restaurant chef.cattle restaurant how to get there

The dishes presented in the menu are divided not by their category, but by the type of meat from which they are prepared.For example, beef can be cooked here: ribs in a barbecue sauce, tongue in a creamy sauce, drumstick, melted in herbs and bone marrow, steak, boiled meat and bull eggs with baked beetroot and smoked sheep cheese. Lamb here can offer meat on the edge, spatula, saddle on the grill, dumplings with lamb and onion, as well as homemade sausages. Pork is used to prepare a wide variety of steaks (Mignon, Ribay, Striploin, Kuban, Chateaubriand) and entrecote on the bone.cattle restaurant Krasnodar

Facility's menu has several types of burgers: with beef and homemade mayonnaise; "Kubburger" with lamb and sweet and sour sauce; with nutria. The assortment of meat restaurant "Skotina" has several snacks: a set of homemade sausages, carpaccio of marbled beef, Kovbyk, calf liver pate with marmalade onions, Tartar of beef, dried meat, pork ribs XXL. Also here are several options for soups cooked on the basis of beef broth: oxtail, Kuban borsch, okroshka with pickled egg, chicken noodles with wings, lamb shurpa. Garnish offers fresh potatoes, grilled vegetables, fried cauliflower with Scormore cheese, "Couscous" with vegetable salsa.cattle restaurant Krasnodar

The menu of the restaurant "Skotina" (Krasnodar) has a choice of several types of desserts. For example, guests visiting this establishment can taste lemon “Posset” with kiwi, aerial dessert with ricotta and seasonal fruits, “Capretto”, “Latteria”, “Black Cow”, “Goat in white”, and brand ice cream with fruit.


In the bar chart of the restaurant "Skotina" in Krasnodar there is a decent selection of alcoholic beverages. In particular, branded liqueurs (raspberry, zherdelovaya, limoncello, cherry) and beer are very popular among the guests. In addition, strong alcohol includes vodka, whiskey, cognac, tequila, rum, and in a separate wine list there is a wide variety of this drink, copies of which are delivered to a restaurant from different parts of the world.

From the soft options there is a good selection of tea and coffee. In addition, they serve juice, juice, soft drinks and soda.cattle restaurant bar


The restaurant "Skotina" (Krasnodar) has a completely democratic pricing policy with sums somewhat overestimated by some menu items, which provides some flexibility. Here you can eat very tasty, paying very little.Here is the cost of some dishes presented in the menu:

  • beef ribs in barbecue sauce - 550 rubles;
  • bull eggs with baked beets and smoked sheep cheese - 300 rubles;
  • Marbled beef carpaccio with parmesan and mustard sauce - 400 rub .;
  • Steak "Chateaubriand" - 1500 rubles;
  • grilled lamb saddle - 450 rubles;
  • salad with beef and green beans - 430 rub .;
  • Okroshka with pickled egg - 300 rub.

The average bill per person in the restaurant "Skotina" in Krasnodar is about 1000-1500 rubles, which is relatively little.


The described institution is quite popular in Krasnodar. Reviews of the restaurant "Skotina" can be found on the official website, on social networks, as well as on various forums. Guests visiting this establishment are often praised for the services that the staff working here can provide. Restaurant waiters are always courteous and quick, they can always answer questions on the menu, as well as help with the choice of dishes based on the individual taste preferences of the client.cattle restaurant Krasnodar menu

Some visitors like the interior of the restaurant. According to those who visit it, the furniture, made in the old style, the atmosphere in the spirit of the 50-60-ies look very impressive and unusual.

A separate series of positive comments get in your address the taste of dishes that are prepared here. According to the visitors of the establishment, real culinary professionals work in the kitchen, who are able to surprise even the most demanding gourmets with their talent of cooking meat dishes.

Additional Information

Guests of the institution can use the services of a guarded parking lot, which is located near the restaurant. Also, all visitors have free access to the Internet - there is Wi-Fi in Skotin.

Before visiting the establishment, you must book a table in advance. This can be done in one of two ways. First, you can contact the administrator of the institution by the phone number listed on the official website "cattle". Secondly, it can be done online on the same main site, in a special section.

Facility's address and mode of operation

The restaurant is open daily from noon to midnight. Every Friday and Saturday, his work time is extended to one in the morning.

The address of the restaurant "Skotina": Krasnodar, Suvorov Street, 64. It is located on the second floor of the "Crossroads" supermarket, in the place of a successful traffic interchange,so you can get to the place by public transport: bus 102 and 111 routes, tram number 4, 5, 8, 11, 15. Go to the supermarket and route taxis with numbers: 37, 44, 53, 56.

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