MAZ 4370 - best in its class

MAZ 4370 is considered one of the most successful"Creations" of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Its release took place in 1999, but in four years the car was noticed and noted on the Russian market. The car is a medium-tonnage truck for transportation in the city, as well as in the suburbs.

The prototype for MAZ 4370 was Germantruck MAN series L200, from which the Belarusian car has a higher load capacity. More precisely, it surpasses the German equivalent in half. Some similarities are noted in appearance. The release of this series at the Minsk plant began with the installation of a Belarusian body and a cabin on a German base. Then, a low-tonnage chassis equipped with a standard cab was developed.маз 4370

MAZ 4370 has the optimum dimensions formovement in urban traffic jams, its base is 3.7 meters, the platform volume is thirty cubic meters. The platform is onboard, which allows you to create a wide variety of modifications for this vehicle. Today it is based on the production of mini dump trucks, cranes with a manipulator, technical transport, carriers of gas equipment and cylinders.

For owners MAZ 4370 "zuberok" (this is hisaffectionate nickname) has become a reliable assistant, thanks to a good frame design - it is low and convenient for loading operations, appropriate transmission, excellent running characteristics. The truck can be bought at a price of one to one and a half million rubles, depending on the configuration. Machines aged 5 years and over can be found for 0.5 million rubles. Maintenance cost about 14 thousand rubles, spare parts and workers of appropriate qualifications are present everywhere, which allows you to adjust the car quickly and inexpensively.маз 4370 a dentition

Those who use the MAZ 4370, reviews of the cargive, as a rule, good. There is a comfortable cab, the presence of a stove and the possibility of installing a sleeping shelf, the softness of the suspension, the efficiency of the gearbox. The areas to be worked on include: the need for fuel economy - today the machine spends up to 22 liters per 100 kilometers, the need to replace headlights, if the kit contains Chinese samples. Also note that the truck has a weak tightening of the knots, characteristic of all cars of this class, as well as quickly "wears off" the Belarusian tires, which immediately recommend changing at least on the front wheels. Marking tires for the truck - 8.25 R20 or 235 \ 75 R17.маз 4370 reviews

On the market there are models MAZ 4370 with differentengines, including the Deutz brand (five-speed transmission ZF S5-42 series), as well as MMZ (or D) - 245.30. Under the hood of the truck 155 hp, which allow you to develop a top speed of 85 km / h and carry up to 4.3 tons of cargo and 2-3 passengers in the cabin. The fuel tank holds 130 liters of fuel, which at a flow of 14 liters per 100 km (speed 60 kilometers per hour) makes it possible to make long enough trips. The car can be equipped with a trailer and has already passed tests for durability on the roads of Russia and the CIS, where it has established itself as a remarkable vehicle.

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