Maxim Gorky, "Mother": a summary of the chapters

Gorky’s novel The Mother, a brief summary of which is set forth in this article, was first published in 1906. When creating this work the writer used biblical images. He compared his characters with angels, and the May Day demonstration with the “procession”. After the publication of the book the author was accused of blasphemy.

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Even a brief summary of Gorky’s “Mother” is remembered by few today. Recently, the works of this writer are not particularly popular. Recall the plot of the book "Mother" of Gorky. A summary of the chapters may inspire you to read the novel. Contrary to the generally accepted opinion, the main thing in the novel is not a revolutionary, but a simple Russian woman, ready to sacrifice everything for her son.

Gorky's novel "Mother": a summary of the chapters

The action of roman is in Russia at the beginning of the last century. From generation to generation, working families live together.Men work hard at the factory, their whole life is connected with it. At dawn, with a beep, the workers rush to the factory, in the evening she throws them, tired and irritated, out of their stone bowels. On holidays, meeting with each other, they only talk about work. They drink. When getting drunk, they usually fight or beat their wives. So they exist from year to year, without suspecting that there is another life somewhere.

The life of the inhabitants of the workers' suburb is described in the first chapter of the novel “Mother” of Gorky. Summary taken to start with events that are directly related to the main character. This is Pavel Vlasov. It is more convenient to set out the summary of the novel “Mother” of Gorky according to plan. After all, this is quite a volume work.

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The outline of the summary of the "Mother" of Maxim Gorky by chapters:

  • Forbidden literature.
  • Socialists.
  • Pavel and Sasha.
  • Find
  • Search.
  • Demonstration.
  • Court.

Forbidden books

The young slave worker Pavel Vlas is unexpected for his mother Pelagia Nilovna — the locksmith, who has drunk and beaten his wife all his life, suddenly begins to live differently. On holidays, he goes to the city, brings books, reads a lot.Pavel replies to the doubtless question of his mother: “I want to know the truth and therefore read forbidden books; and if they conduct a search and find them, they will arrest me. "

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What events become decisive in the life of the hero “Mother” of Gorky? The summary of the second and third chapters can be summarized as follows: Pavel has new acquaintances, young people have conversations that are incomprehensible to his mother. One day, a son tells her: "All of us are waiting for prison."

After some time, in the home of St. Petersburg, on the evening of evening, Paul's mates begin to gather: Andrei Nakhodka - “from Kanev” (as he imagines to his mother), who recently came to the headquarters and stepped into the factory; several factory servant guys that Nilovna knew before. Among the strange guests of Paul there are two girls: Natalia and Alexandra.

maxim bitter mother summary

Pavel and Sasha

After reading the summary of the "Mother" of Maxim Gorky, one might think that this work deals with people who are obsessed with the idea of ​​universal happiness, and simple human weaknesses are alien to them. This is not entirely true.

Pavel in Sasha is attracted not only ideology and involvement in the socialist movement.They love each other, they can not marry: they both think that married revolutionaries are lost for business. After all, they have to earn a living and raise children. Collecting in the house of the Vlasov, young people read books from the story, talk hard for the whole world, for all the working people, often sing songs. In these meetings, the mother for the first time hears the word "socialists".


Mothers really like this young man. And he also loved her, caressing a “little one”, says that he would not like a second mother to go to his special adoptive mother. After some time, Pavel and his mother suggested that Andrei move in with him in the house, and the family agreed to agree with him. At this event, perhaps, the quiet life of the heroes of the novel “Mother” of M. Gorky ends. The summary of the subsequent chapters will tell about the tragic fate of the revolutionary Pavel Vlasov.

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There are leaflets in the factory, in which there are strikes in workers' strikes in St. Petersburg, inadequacies of factory orders; Leaflets call for the workers to join and fight for their own interests. The mother perceives that the appearance of these sheets is connected with the work of her son, and she keeps them and is saved for his destiny. After some time, gendarmes will come to the home of the Vladyka.Mothers are terrified, but she tries to push her fear. Those who came did not find anything: Pavel and Andrei, who had been warned about the search in advance, carried away and hid all the forbidden books. However, this did not help. Andrey is arrested.

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At the factory there is an announcement by which the management will subtract a copeck from each earned working ruble to dry the circulating factory. Workers are not satisfied with such a decision of the Directorate, several elderly men come to Pavel for justice.

The protagonist prοsit mother skhοdit in gοrοd οtnesti egο note in the newspaper so chtοby istοriya with "bοlοtnοy kοpeykοy" pοpala nearest nοmer, and the οtpravlyaetsya to the factory, where vοzglaviv spontaneous meeting, in the presence of direktοra sets trebοvaniya rabοchih οb οtmene nοvοgο nalοga. “One director orders a job to work, and everyone spends his time. Pavel is sad, he thinks that the people did not believe him, did not follow him, because he is young and weak - could not tell the truth. The gendarmes are the night of the party, and this time they are leaving Paul.

After a few days, Yegor Ivanovich, one of those who had come to Paul's assembly before his arrest, comes to Nilovna.He tells his mother what, except for Paul, about fifty more factory workers, and there would have been enough to send pieces of paper to the factory. The mother is called to bring these paper messages, for which she asks for the sign that is in the factory for the working days, to take her to her rescue. All those entering the factory are searching, and the mother successfully passes the leaflets and passes them on to the workers.

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At last, Andrei and Pavel are released from prison and begin to prepare for the celebration of the First of May. Pavel is going to carry the banner in front of the core of demons, he knows and knows what would bring him to prison. In the morning of the First of May, young people do not go to work, but are sent to the square where the people have already gathered. Pavel, standing under the red banner, says that today, members of the social-democratic party, openly raise the banner of reason, truth, freedom.

With the life-affirming lion of Paul, the columnon he leads has moved through the streets of the city. However, the decontamination chain will be sent to the soldiers. The policeman is crumpled, Pavel and Andrew, who was walking beside him, were arrested.

Life in the city

A few days later, the mother moved to the city of Nikolai Ivanovich. He promised Paul and Andrew in the event that they were in prison, immediately take her to his place.In the city of Nyvryo, you managed a number of activities, which led to you

She likes this job. The woman likes to talk with people, listen to their sad stories about ο life. Now she sees: the people are in poverty among the countless riches of the earth. Returning from journeys to the city, the mother goes to the prison to see her son. Once he passes a note in which comrades offer to flee him and his friends. “Pavel Paul of this venture is shown; most of all, Sasha, who was the initiator of the flight, was forged.


But the day of judgment is coming. Only relatives of the defendants are admitted to the hall. Mother waited for something terrible. She was sure that a dispute would occur, as a result of which the truth would finally come to light. However, nothing like this happened. Everything went right: the judges spoke indifferently, indistinctly, irretrievably; the witnesses are warm and colorless.

The words of the procurator and the adversaries do not break the hearts of the mother.But then Paul begins to speak. He does not defend himself - he explains, why aren't they insurgents, at least they are judged in this capacity. All that the son says to his mother is known. But only here, in court, she feels the strange, enthralling power of his faith.

The judge reads the sentence: send all defendants to the settlement. Sasha is also waiting for his subordinate and is going to declare that he wants to be populated in the same locality as Pavel. The mother promises her to come to them when they have children - to nurse their grandsons.

When Pelagia turned back the house, Nikolay told her that the speech that her son gave at the court decided to print. A woman is called to bring leaflets with the words of Paul to another city. But on the way she suddenly sees a man whose appearance seemed strange to her; she remembers what she has met before - both in court and in prison. And she perceives: fell.

A young man calls the line and, looking at her, something speaks to him. The march immediately goes to the side approaching the woman and appraisingly says: “The arrow! Old already, and there too! ".

“I am not a soldier!” - choking a gasp of indignation, a woman screams and, snatching a pack of advertisements out of the box, pushes them to the people around her: “This was my son’s speech, yesterday they were judged politically, he was among them.”The gendarmes roughly pushing passers-by, approaching the woman. One of them grabs her by the throat, not letting her speak; He's wheezing. There are sobs in the crowd. Such is the summary of the work “The Mother” of Gorky.

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Mother's image

The novel shows changes in the views of an ordinary uneducated woman. In the beginning, having learned about the ideas of her son, she was only frightened. In the final of the first part, something like an epiphany takes place with Pelageya Nilovna. From a frightened woman, she turns into a member of the revolutionary movement.

“Mother” is a book about preparing public opinion for revolutionary changes. Much later, the author himself was horrified to see what this revolution had evolved into. But at the beginning of the century, he, like many other writers, perceived the otherwise nascent socialist movement. Gorky describes only the sacrificial romance of the workers of the revolution. The book for today is relevant and instructive, although many modern readers relate to it rather biased.

“Mother” is not a work about revolution as loyalty, love, or selflessness. The main character in the book is not Paul, but Pelageya Nilovna.

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