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For the manufacture of modern mattresses using different fillers. Each of them has its own properties, advantages and disadvantages. According to reviews, the mattress "Kholkon" is one of the universal. It is one of the nonwoven types, it has polyester fibers. This material is also used for filling toys and upholstered furniture. Details of the filler are presented in the article.

Special features

According to reviews, the mattress "Kholkon" is considered a quality product made of innovative material, which today has no worthy analogues. Thanks to a special technology based on vertical stacking of threads, high performance properties of the filler are ensured. Using this method allows you to improve this quality, as the recoverability of the volume of the mattress. These properties are only in Holkona. According to customer reviews, these mattresses are strong and durable.

mattress holcon reviews

The fibers used as filler are synthetic.During production, polyester yarns are thermally treated, during which the elements take the form of a spiral. Then the fibers are interconnected without the use of chemical components. The material perfectly retains heat, which is considered another feature. According to customers, the mattress of this filler is very comfortable.


According to reviews, the mattress "Kholkon" is in demand among buyers because of its properties. The filler is considered a unique material, which has many advantages:

  1. Used environmentally friendly raw materials.
  2. No toxic components.
  3. Does not absorb moisture and odors.

Due to the porous structure, the products weigh very little. According to reviews, the mattress "Kholkon" fits on uneven surfaces. Products are comfortable to use and do not cause discomfort during sleep. Compared with conventional foam, which is used for the manufacture of mattresses, "Holcon" is durable. Even with prolonged use, the material retains its shape.

holcon mattress filler reviews

It should be borne in mind that there are synthetic fibers in Holcon. The mattress is suitable for people with allergies. The important point is that the filler, as opposed to natural,easy to clean. The advantage is protection against burning. The density of the material is less than that of foam rubber. But this does not affect the performance properties.

Such mattresses are in demand among buyers. Every year there are more people who prefer these particular products. As you can see from the reviews, the Kholkon mattress filler can last for a long time with proper care.


What properties does the material have? The filler is antistatic, which makes it more popular among other options. Many experts believe that the material is more durable compared to other types.

ivanovo textile mattress holcon reviews

The filler is inert to infection by bacteria. In the mattress does not start up harmful microorganisms, which is often observed in other fillers. "Holcon" has an attractive appearance. Products with strutoplast (another name) are provided in a large assortment, so each customer will be able to find a suitable option. Products with such fillers have excellent orthopedic properties.

Products may differ by purpose. In this case, manufacturers add to the filler and other fibers.Often used bamboo, cotton, wool. These components improve the resistance of the base to the appearance of bacteria. Thanks to additional fibers, the occurrence of static voltage is eliminated. According to reviews, the mattress "Kholkon" from "Ivanovo textiles" is one of the best products for quality sleep.


Mattresses with "Holkonom" differ in density and thickness. According to the second indicator, they can be within 6-12 cm. Demanded products are 8-10 cm thick. They allow you to smooth out the unevenness of the bed. In addition, they are easy to take on the road.

Ivanovo textile mattress holcon or strutoplast reviews

Products have a high density, so they are suitable for people with different weights. Optimum density is 1500 g / m2. And since there are combinations of filler, the density and thickness may vary. There are also mattress covers with "Holkonom", which are perfect for those who long tossed on an uncomfortable bed. Their advantage is the affordable price and the thickness of 2-4 cm, besides, they are erased in a standard automatic machine.


Although the product has many advantages, it must be chosen responsibly. First you need to determine the size.Standard parameters are considered to be indicators from 70 to 200 cm in width with a length of 190-200 cm. Options with a width of 70-100 cm are suitable for 1 person. Manufacturers produce goods with non-standard sizes, for example, 145x195 cm.

It is important to have a material that should be pleasant, sustainable, safe. When choosing it, you need to take into account the problems that appear during a night rest. For example, many are worried about back and neck pain. If you suffer such problems, you should consult with the orthopedist.

holkon sibtex mattresses reviews

According to reviews, the mattress "Kholkon" or "Strutoplast" from "Ivanovo textiles" have orthopedic properties. Products can be used by children and adults. When buying it is important to test the product. To do this, it is necessary to lie down. According to reviews, such products are affordable.


The Russian market includes many products with "Holkonom". Mattresses are produced by the following manufacturers:

  1. AlViTek. The company presents a wide range of products for every taste. The main focus of its activities is the manufacture of bedding.
  2. SHED4TAILOR. The company pleases buyers with a large assortment of goods.
  3. SN-Textile.Russian wholesale supplier of bedding. In the range there are mattresses with this synthetic filler.
  4. "Ivanovo" textile. Products of this company are in demand because of the convenience, comfort, affordable price.
  5. Sibtex. According to reviews, Kholkon mattresses of this manufacturer are valued for their practicality and reasonable prices.

These products have their admirers. Buyers note the convenience of such products, which is especially important during sleep.


These mattresses, like any other, need regular care. Therefore, you should read the operating instructions from the manufacturer, if any. Usually there are indicated important points for the care of the thing. If there is no such information, then you need to use general rules.

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Many experts advise to periodically turn the product. During the first month of operation of the product, this should be done 2 times a week. Then do it every 14 days, and then 1 time in 3-4 months. This will extend the life of the item.

Products need airing, especially if the slats in the bed there. For this manipulation, you should remove the mattress once a year, set it vertically and leave it for 3-4 hours. Do not leave the mattress in direct sunlight.Experts advise to air the product and before operation. When the packaging is removed, “Holcon” should be left for a while in a room with an open window.

Cleaning is an important part of care. Particular attention is paid to this point in the presence of additives in the filler. Usually used for cleaning steam treatment. For its implementation, you must select a special tool. Manufacturers usually offer special formulations designed specifically to remove dirt from mattresses. They are not aggressive and caustic substances.

The result

The product with this filler is perfect for people of any age. According to reviews, "Holkon" in the children's mattress will allow you to make a child's rest quality. And the constant care of the product can prolong its service life.

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