Matteo Darmian: biography, career

In the summer of 2015, Manchester United paid almost £ 13 million for the Italian defender Torino, which for the modest Serie A midget is almost half the club budget. However, the British clearly did not lose, because Matteo Darmian joined the new team without swinging. And today he has grown up at all in one of the best right wing of the Premier League.matteo darmian

Matteo Darmian: biography, interesting facts

Matteo is a native of Legnano (a suburb of Milan), he was born on 12/02/1989. Living in a city in which the two strongest teams are based and host home games not only in Italy, but throughout Europe, the young man became seriously interested in football, and from the age of 12 he started working with the youth team “Nerazzurri”.

The guy's dream came true - he entered the field in a red and black T-shirt of the main team, but he did it only four times. And Matteo became famous thanks to performances for the modest "Torino", whence the defender was subsequently invited to Manchester United.

The world of football is full of emotions and struggle, but there is a place in it and curiosity. One of them happened just with the Italian defender in 2015. The fact is that for a certain period of time on the FIFA official website it appeared that Matteo Darmian was an Armenian. However, it was not long to wait for the comment of the player himself, who gave an unequivocal answer about his Italian origin to the question of his citizenship.

Darmian is hardly a public person, so little is known about the personal life of the Manchester defender. Matteo is not married, but the football player has a girlfriend - Francesca. The girl has Italian roots, and she works in the modeling business.matteo darmian biography

Football player career

In the t-shirt of “Milan” the pupil of the team played four matches - exactly one per season. Naturally, for one of the promising players of this line it was not to continue to “warm up” the bench, and the defender agreed to rent to the Padova club from series B. A year later, Matteo Darmian returned to the elite division. His contract bought out “Palermo”, and after another season, the player became a player in “Torino”.

As part of the "bulls" Darmian could not win any trophy, but got into the symbolic team of Serie A, and also played an important role in the fact that the "maroon" reached 1/8 of the Europa League.For the "Torino" defender spent 133 matches in which three times differed in the gates of rivals.

Since 2015, Matteo Darmian has been the football player of Manchester United. His debut in the Premier League fell on the match with Tottenham, and in the spring of 2016 in a fight against Crystal Palace, the defender for the first time was marked by a goal.

At first, Darmian was not a player of the basis of the Red Devils, in connection with which there were rumors in the press about the return of a football player to Italy. However, the coach of “Manchester” José Mourinho expressed support for the player and denied all the rumors.matteo darmian armenian

In the national team of Italy

Matteo Darmian went through all the age teams of Italy, and since 2014 he has been playing for the main team of the country.

At the 2014 World Championships, he played all three matches of the group stage as part of Azzurra Squadra against England, Costa Rica and Uruguay, but Italy did not make it to the playoffs.

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