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Who would have thought that the Russian beauty, a charming blonde with shining eyes, would have to rebuild her personal life after breaking up with her husband, with whom she had been married for 14 years? Like a sand castle, her union with actor Denis Matrosov crumbled. What was the reason - some irreconcilable differences or rumors about office romances with Andrey Chernyshov and Maxim Averin? So, the heroine of the article is the actress Maria Kulikova, whose filmography serves as powerful evidence that a beautiful woman may well be smart and talented.

Beginning of life's journey

Little Masha was born in Moscow, August 4, 1977. The girl had the opportunity to grow up in an intelligent family. Her dad was a professional singer who worked at the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Service for many years, and then he sang in the church choir. Grandmother was the dean of Gnesinka (vocal department).Mom's profession was in no way connected with music, Natalya Ivanovna was an engineer. The whole family could not imagine their life without music. But Maria has not yet mastered the musical instrument. And regrets it.

The first spectator success. From Law Faculty to Pike

When the girl was ten years old, she was recorded in the drama school. Her first role was the role of the little Baba Yaga. Knowing how pretty this actress is now, it’s almost impossible to imagine her in this image. But it happened as it happened. This role has become a kind of promise for the future choice of profession.

Maria Kulikova filmography

After graduation, Maria Kulikova, whose filmography includes many interesting pictures and serials, decided to enter only the law faculty (at that time the legal profession was quite prestigious and popular). She even had to leave the theater, on the stage of which she went into her free time. Maria enrolls in MSU courses and begins to prepare for admission. Her efforts were not in vain. Exam assignments were defeated, and the girl becomes a student. But after some time, Kulikova realizes that she made a mistake and the profession chosen by her does not in any way meet her spiritual aspirations. Therefore, she submits documents for deductions.But she is not going to sit back, so secretly from her parents, who could not approve this step, Maria enters the Shchukin School. She just realized in this way her long-standing dream - to become an actress.

Scene and film set

Maria Kulikova, whose filmography is striking in its diversity, graduated from high school in 1998. After she settles in the Academic Theater of Satire. Her acting talent and hard work were immediately noticed and appreciated by local directors. In addition, the girl had excellent external data. Very soon she was nominated for leading roles in comedies.

filmography of Maria Kulikova starring

In the same period, she began her many years of friendship with cinema. The first role was small - in the series "Turn the key." She still remembers the whole horror and thrill of the actress Kulikova Maria Grigorievna before going to the film set. Her filmography from this day is increasingly replenished. But at that moment she was very afraid, and not only for herself. The girl did not want to let down her partners and director. But everything turned out better than expected, because almost all the scenes with her participation were shot from the first take.

In the same 1998, she starred in Yegor Konchalovsky, which she also considers extraordinary luck. But in his film "The Recluse" she had a small role. Until 2002, the actress was offered episodic roles.

"Two Fates" in the life of Mary

Each person can have their own finest hour. And here is not important age, social status or the presence of bills in the wallet. Luck plays a role here. The heroine of this article once was very lucky, and the filmography of Maria Kulikova increased for another good job. In the main role (or rather, one of the main) it was she who starred. And she played so vividly, understandably and sincerely that she attracted the attention of a huge number of fans. The role of Nadia Rozanova was precisely that heat-bird, which Maria managed not only to catch, but also to hold in her hands. She was completely immersed in the workflow, and the result was not long in coming. In addition, she provided invaluable assistance to the director. And it happened very simply.

filmography of actress maria kulikova

For filming it was required to recreate the atmosphere of the seventies of the last century. It seems to be simple and simple, but the funds allocated for all this were not enough.The film crew was rescued by Maria Kulikova, whose filmography in that period of her creative life had already replenished with several films. She offered to rent her parents in the apartment. They lived poorly, having worked all his life in state-owned enterprises. And for the entourage of their furniture fits perfectly. A little later, they recalled how they had to make their way between the left lighting devices and cameras in the evenings, after the end of filming.

Beautiful love

This multi-episode picture brought a lot of changes not only in the career of a young actress, but also in her personal life. It was during these long shootings that the fateful meeting of a spectacular blonde and a blue-eyed handsome man occurred. Two destinies intertwined at this moment in one for a long fourteen years. Although at first both of them were in deep sadness: Maria had her own failures on the love front, Denis was depressed because his ex-girlfriend prevented him from meeting with the children. Adults already people, having endured disappointments, became one family. And it happened soon after their first meeting. But in the registry office they were in no hurry, just enjoying each other.They sealed their union after Maria Kulikova, filmography and personal lifewhich has been under the gun for the curious eyes of the spectators for many years, kneeling jokingly, told her lover: “I am tired of waiting! Marry me, Sailors! ”Being at that moment in love, Denis agreed.

Painful separation and new life

For several years, this couple was considered one of the strongest in the movie horizon. And indeed, they spent almost all their free time together. Maria always dreamed of family, of her husband, of children ... But she was always immersed in work. She could not make a choice between her dreams. Denis wanted his wife to be an ordinary economic woman, so that she would take care of the house and create comfort in it. After their wedding, they began to build a luxurious cottage. Denis even laid bricks himself. Maria, on the one hand, agreed with her husband, but on the other - would be quite happy in a modest apartment. Denis earned money and was engaged in construction, and Masha really wanted to just enjoy the family.

Kulikova Mariya Grigorievna Filmography

It is impossible to have time to cover everything at once: to play the main roles in TV shows and on the theatrical stage, to devote a lot of time to my beloved husband and to do housework. And here in the personal life of the beautiful blonde began the problem.In addition, the star couple are constantly playing love with partners in the pictures. On the screen, everything looked very beautiful and natural, and at home they arranged each other scenes of jealousy. It was rumored that the Sailors, being firmly married, spun the affair with another actress, who was also unfree, Irina Kalinina.

But after ten years of marriage, a long-awaited son was born to a star couple. Little Vanechka incredibly brought Maria and Denis together. They again spent a lot of time together. Since the baby suffered from periodic separation from her parents, Maria began to take him with her to the shooting. Scarce instantly won the love of the entire film crew.

That's why, watching all this idyll, the cinema world was amazed when this couple broke up. But it all happened that way. In January 2015, they were divorced.

Kulikova Maria filmography and personal life

The filmography of the actress Maria Kulikova since the time after the divorce, does not cease to replenish with new pictures and interesting characters. The actress continues to be removed. She does not speak about the reasons that led to the break with Matrosov, but does not forbid him to see his son. Recently, new films with her participation have appeared on the screens: “Two plus two”, “The theory of improbability” and others.

She is still alone.And her ex-husband in this short time has already managed to create a new family and have another child.

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