Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions

One of the most hospitable and democratic places on the planet is the island of Mallorca. It is no coincidence that tourists arrive here throughout the year. Here you can relax from the boring working days, and recharge yourself with positive emotions while watching popular sights. For holidays with small children, Mallorca is perfect. Reviews show that children easily adapt to new climatic conditions. And the amount of interesting entertainment will delight any kid!

Location and climatic conditions

Mallorca belongs to the Balearic Islands and is one of the most popular Spanish resorts. The influx of tourists is increasing every year. Every year more than 10 million people from various countries of the world visit a mysterious island.The most popular resort among the Swiss, Germans and French. Our tourists also go there with a great hunt.

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Differs in favorable climatic conditions throughout the year the island of Mallorca. Guest reviews show that even in winter you can have a good rest here. The island is most frequently visited by tourists from April to October. And the summer months are considered the velvet season. For lovers of a relaxing holiday more suitable end of August. At this time, the beaches are not oversaturated with tourists, and the weather conditions are still favorable for a good holiday.

Those who want to explore the underwater world, most suitable in September for a holiday in Majorca. Reviews show that at this time the marine life is flourishing. Diving enthusiasts will be able to discover many new things. On the coast you can rent everything you need to explore the underwater world. For beginners, instructor assistance is available. The specialist will tell you how to properly dive under the water and breathe with scuba diving. But such entertainment, unfortunately, is not available to everyone. There are restrictions on health.People with problems of the cardiovascular system from traveling under water is better to refuse.

Classic holidays in Mallorca

Those who prefer to just spend time on the beach should go to Playa de Palma. This is the most popular resort that can discover the beauty of the local nature. White beaches, the sea, a lot of entertainment - this is just a small list of what will meet the tourists of Mallorca. Photos, reviews about the rest - all this can be read and seen on numerous forums dedicated to tourism. But it is better to feel everything from experience. Playa De Palma has everything for a comfortable stay. These are the best hotels, developed infrastructure, medical facilities and expensive restaurants.

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Magaluf resort is very popular among Russian tourists. Here you will be able to meet fellow countryman. This is especially true for those who go on vacation alone. You can not only have a great rest, but also make new acquaintances. Suitable for any age categories rest in Mallorca. Guest reviews show that in Magaluf you can meet both older married couples and noisy youth groups.Tourists are offered clean beaches, bars with reasonable prices, hotels in various price categories, shops with souvenirs, as well as beauty salons.

Young couples will love the resort of Can Pastilla. Hotels here offer great rooms for honeymooners. In the summer, a lot of couples come here just for honeymoon. Romantic atmosphere has to communicate spouses. And tourists who come to relax alone, happily start a holiday romance. In some cases, the relationship that started here lasts for many years.

Rest on the big foot

Offers many opportunities for lovers of luxury holiday Mallorca. Reviews show that uncomfortable tourists prefer the Kalap Mayor resort. This is a place with many fashionable hotels, expensive restaurants and jewelry stores. But here you definitely should not plan a vacation in Mallorca with children. Reviews show that the resort is not designed to stay with the baby. There are no entertainment complexes. In addition, many expensive hotels prohibit settling into a room with a small child.The rooms use high-quality expensive materials. A child can spoil them. Parents do not always seek to pay damages.

holiday majorca reviewsKalap Mayor Resort is a place for rich tourists. In close proximity is the family of the Spanish king Juan Carlos I. This is the resort where the Marivent Palace is located. This is a royal summer residence. Often the suite lives here not only in the warm season, but also in winter.

Another luxury resort is Illetas. This place is more suitable for wealthy tourists who prefer quiet measured rest. A significant drawback is the coast, which is completely lined with concrete slabs. However, rich people do not always come to sunbathe on the beach. Each hotel has a nice saltwater pool. And the coast is more used for evening walks. The resort offers fine sandy municipal beach to fascinating travelers. But here you can often meet locals.

The world’s stars are popular resort of Puerto Polansa. Here you can meet not only politicians, but also the stars of show business.And this bohemian resort is fond of natural attractions. This is the beach of Formentor, as well as the bay of San Vicens. Holidays in Puerto Polansa is not for everyone. Only expensive hotels and restaurants are located here. Tourists with little financial resources should better find another place.

Mallorca for children

The eastern coast of the island is best suited for families with children. Popular is the city of Cala D’Or. A great advantage is the presence of coves with fine sandy beaches. There are many playgrounds, and the coast is quite shallow. The beaches are completely safe for kids. But to leave children unattended in any case is impossible! The bays in Cala d’Or are protected by a wooded forest. There is almost never winds and scorching sun. You can relax on the beach with a baby at any time of the day.

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It has other places to stay with children Mallorca. Reviews show that having a great time with the whole family is possible in Alcudia. This resort has small beaches and warm sea. The city has many entertainment complexes for young tourists. Hotels are not afraid to take guests with kids.There are also children's rooms. Here parents can bring their children for a few hours and go about their business. Professional tutors deal with children. The child will not even notice the absence of mother!

You will definitely remember Mallorca! With children (reviews emphasize this) Alcudia offers everything for comfort and convenience. Going on a trip, taking a stroller is not necessary. It can be rented. Alcudia has many interesting sights. It is better to use the services of a professional guide.

The San Ponsa resort is another great place for family holidays. The great advantage here is calm at night. There are practically no night clubs in the resort. Therefore, young people prefer to relax in other places.

Rest for extreme sports

Popular with Mallorca water sports enthusiasts. Reviews show that professional surfers prefer to relax here. For the real extreme, the same Alcudia will do. On the coast you can rent scuba, surfboard, swimwear and much more. Whole diving schools work. With an instructor, even a child over 10 years old can be submerged.

holidays in majorca with childrenThe most popular diving club is located in the resort of Santa Ponsa. This place is itself a landmark of Majorca. Here you can meet many Russian-speaking tourists who come to learn the underwater world. And for those who are afraid to dive, special excursions are offered. This is a trip on a boat with a transparent bottom. Once in the open sea, tourists can watch the extraordinary beauty of the Mediterranean inhabitants.

Especially interesting is Mallorca in September. Reviews show that this particular month is significant for the indigenous people of the resort of Santa Ponsa. At the beginning of the 13th century, the troops of King Heime arrived on the island and liberated the local people from Muslim rule. On September 9, a solemn procession can be observed on the island, as well as many theatrical performances retelling the history of Mallorca. People eat, drink and have fun. Tourists can fully experience the hospitality of the local population.

Youth Mallorca

The most popular among young tourists is the resort Arenal. This is where you can find the cheapest hotels in Mallorca.Guest reviews show that it is difficult to find a four or five star hotel in the resort. Arenal is most often visited by students from Holland, Germany and France. Russian girls and guys are trying to relax closer to their homeland.

Arenal resort is full of bars and small cafes. The staff here are always happy to noisy companies. Pleased reasonable prices. For a similar vacation in other cities of Mallorca will have to pay much more. Those who want to save significantly, should arrive on vacation in the late fall. Enjoys low popularity among tourists Mallorca in October. Reviews show that many hotels and public institutions at the end of the holiday season significantly reduce the cost of their services. The cost of living in a double room will vary from 100 euros.

Holidays in Majorca

Arenal is also famous for its large number of night clubs. Here you can have fun from the heart in a large company. Work most clubs start at 22:00, and closed only in the morning. It should be prepared that the entrance to the club is not free. Have to pay from 10 to 25 euros. It all depends on the entertainment program, which is offered on a particular day.Not only tourists from other countries, but also young local people are happy to rest in clubs. Girls and boys can make an interesting acquaintance and spend a bright evening.

A quiet holiday for older tourists

For tourists of retirement age, who prefer a quiet holiday on the white coast, Mallorca is also perfect. Reviews show that in this case the most optimal resort will be Palma Nova. This place is popular because of its three gorgeous beaches with white sand and shallow coast. Families with young children also visit this resort very often. But the noisy companies here to meet almost unreal.

Puguere is another popular resort located in the South of Mallorca. The mysterious local nature can fascinate even the most fastidious tourist. Holidays here do not require large financial costs. Five-day stay in a three-star hotel will cost 500 euros.

Tours in Mallorca

It has many mysterious and colorful places on the island of Mallorca. Guest reviews show that any tour is a huge influx of positive emotions. Therefore, going on vacation,it is imperative to schedule several days to visit the sights It is advisable to use the services of professionals. The tour desk can offer a huge range of both walking and bus walks. In one day, the entire island of Majorca cannot be surveyed. Attractions reviews have a wide variety. Opinions seasoned tourists better to study in advance. This will determine the places that should be visited in the first place.

majorca sights reviewsSightseeing tour is better to start from the capital of Majorca. The city of Palma de Mallorca was founded during the time of the Roman Empire. Old quarters intersect with modern buildings. This is a real city of contrasts, characterized by extraordinary beauty. Interest in tourists is the Fortress Bellver, which is located in the heart of the capital. Be sure to remember excursions in Mallorca. Reviews show that you can not ignore the Gothic cathedral, located near the fortress. The building is fascinating for its mystery.

The medieval city of Alcudia is also definitely worth visiting for those who go to Majorca. It is located near the resort of the same name.This is a valuable historical monument that keeps the memory of the events of the 13th century. Not far from the ruins is another interesting attraction - the Cathedral of San Jaume. Interest in tourists is also unusual beauty of Albufera. Here we found shelter for several hundred species of birds. Some of them are listed in the Red Book.

Other natural sights such as the Galaco Park, Cabrera Nature Reserve and the mysterious Del Drac Cave are also worth visiting. Can't do without a visit to the charming olive and almond groves of a holiday in Majorca. Reviews show that these natural attractions are of the greatest interest to children. In the picturesque Cape Formentor also definitely need to visit. The most beautiful pictures from a holiday in Mallorca can be done here.

Winter holidays in Mallorca

Not too popular from November to March holidays in Mallorca. Reviews of tourists show that at this time there may be enough rainfall. At the same time, it is precisely this period that is distinguished by the low cost of hotel accommodation and the services of a tour desk. Soak up the warm sunshine on the beach, of course, will not succeed.But it should be borne in mind that almost every hotel has its own swimming pool with sea water, which is heated to a comfortable temperature.

In winter, daytime temperatures range from +10 to +15 degrees Celsius. At night, the air can be cooled to +7 degrees. In any case, it is better than the harsh Russian frosts. The air is quite comfortable for visiting interesting places and relaxing on the territory of street restaurants and cafes. It is worth noting that in the highlands snow can be observed. But he does not stay long. After all, even in winter Mallorca has a pleasant sunny weather. Normal here is torrential rain, which is replaced by a clear sky.

The beaches of Majorca are not empty in winter either. Reviews show that tourists and locals prefer to spend time here even in the cold. Often you can meet young couples who are cute cooing 5 meters from the shore. Beaches are very popular in winter with fishermen.

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On the eve of the New Year holidays prices for hotel accommodation may increase slightly. Many go on a winter vacation at the end of December. Popular are not only hotel rooms, but also cozy wooden houses of the family type. The rental price can reach 1000 Euros per day.Such houses are most often rented by large companies to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Let's sum up

Mallorca is a wonderful resort island that can satisfy the needs of any tourists. The elderly, young people, and families with children will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. Before you purchase a ticket, you should study as much information as possible about the resort to be visited. On the websites of travel companies you can read reviews of living people. It is worth noting that the negative statements about Mallorca to meet almost unreal.

Those who want to soak up the warm sunshine and feel all the benefits of a beach holiday, it is better to go on vacation from May to September. But for lovers of interesting excursions, Majorca is more suitable in winter. At this time, the cost of hotel accommodation will be several times lower. Hotel reviews of Majorca are also worth exploring in advance. This is especially important for tourists who plan to go on vacation with young children. The problem is that many hotels do not accept vacationers with children under the age of 5 years.

Holidays in Mallorca will give a lot of positive impressions, if you think about all the nuances in advance. When leaving for a foreign country, it is necessary to arrange insurance in a proven company. This procedure will require financial costs. Along with this, the tourist will feel completely safe.

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Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 94

Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 41

Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 84

Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 78

Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 6

Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 41

Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 29

Mallorca: reviews of tourists about the rest. Hotels and beaches of Mallorca, attractions, excursions 40