Male-Rat - Female-Rat: compatibility, relationships

When two people meet, you can never accurately predict the plot of the development of their relationship. Pierced by Cupid’s arrows, lovers tend to think of each other’s shortcomings as cute features and exaggerate their merits. Astrology will help to warn about the possible difficulties that await a couple, and to protect against errors.

Brief description born in the year of the Rat

She is a stylishly dressed beauty, walking through life with a light, graceful gait. Loves to chat with girlfriends and gossip. Pragmatic and always soberly assesses the situation. She strives for comfort, reliability, calmness and dreams of finding a man who will provide all this to her. Meet the female Rat (according to the eastern horoscope, of course).

He - the object of the sexual dreams of many young girls and women held. Read, diversified. Communication with him is a great pleasure. In his mind are strangely intertwined realism and a tendency towards mysticism. Emotional, quick-tempered, sometimes aggressive.He is looking for a woman who can calm him down and return him from the world of fantasy to the sinful earth. Allow me to introduce: male Rat.

What should we expect from a relationship to two people born in the year of the gray rodent, if their life paths intersect?

Couple in love

Amorous affairs

The male rat and female rat are able to make a happy and very interesting couple. Possessing almost perfect sexual compatibility, they are endowed with the ability to understand a partner without words.

The ability to support each other in everyday life gives both a sense of stability and security. They are interesting and easy together. Rare, but bright showdowns arising from the inability to control oneself, only add spice to their connection.

If both learn to find a compromise in controversial situations, the couple has every chance that their relationship will be strong and will present many pleasant unforgettable moments.

Bride and groom

Marriage bond

But the prospects for a marriage union concluded by a male Rat with a female Rat are not so bright. Although both dream of creating a family, problems in a couple can arise from the desire to lead. The husband tries to take a dominant position not only at work, but also in close relationships. Lady is annoying. It seems to a woman that her freedom is being tried to be limited.It is better for them to immediately agree on the distribution of roles in the family.

The love of money and the sometimes growing mania of hoarding inherent in both spouses contribute to strengthening the financial situation of the family. The main thing in the assault of shopaholism is not to get rid of all the deferred money at some sale.

The similarity of characters, which so attracted lovers before, in family life can lead to boredom. Hobbies will help to solve this problem. Passion will not allow marriage to become a routine.

Child care

The issue of procreation of the male-rat and female-rat are taken very seriously. They make excellent parents. The father will be happy to tinker with the baby or check lessons with an older child. If the spouse has children from a previous marriage, he will treat them as relatives. But the Rat man will not fully take care of the younger generation. For example, he can easily sleep through the night, while his wife, without closing his eyes, will swing a crying child.

Photo of a happy family

The Rat Woman is a wonderful mother. She surrounds her children with affection and care, is able to feel their mood and anticipate desires.Teenagers will be too much custody on her part. But this problem is familiar to all parents.

Business community

Both the Rat woman and the Rat man are endowed not only with intelligence, but also with cunning, which is reflected in the professional sphere. Working in an office, these "indispensable" employees can masterfully simulate a stormy work activity, and then use the results of the labor of others for personal purposes. But this happens only if there is a responsible colleague nearby who is ready to work for two.

Financial interest in the development of their own business leads Rats to plow without feeling tired, with no days off or vacations. However, many of them prefer to engage exclusively in mental activity. To perform physical work, as a rule, do not agree.

The joint professional activity of the male Rat and the female Rat is very successful. The ability to think outside the box and developed intuition can lead their business to prosperity.

Business partnership

Good compatibility options

With almost any representative of the eastern horoscope Rat will be able to build a strong family.Astrology distinguishes the following types or types of marital relations, characterized by high or medium compatibility:

  • Romantic marriage. The union between the emotional male Rat and the female Dog will allow the spouse to become stronger and more confident, and his half tender and affectionate. By allowing each other to reveal the best qualities, the couple will get every chance to live to a golden wedding. The marriage of a man-rat with a woman-tiger is very peculiar. Despite the external differences, they make up a beautiful and harmonious couple. Time and distance not only do not interfere with their feelings, but also help to support the fire of passion.
  • Equal. Available with the Cat, Goat, Boar. Despite the disagreements that arise, it promises career success and financial well-being.
  • Patriarchal. Suitable for independent, held people. The male rat and the female dragon need to be aware of the need for a clear distribution of family responsibilities. Most of the time the spouses will take care of the children.
  • Spiritual. At the meeting of the male Rat with the female Bull, two solid and rather rigid signs will converge, but this will not prevent them from finding a way to joint happiness.The marriage of the Rat and the Rooster will unite two open people who like to have fun. The main thing is that the love of entertainment does not interfere with the interests of the family. The union of temperament similar to the male Rat and the female Snake promotes excellent mutual understanding. In a spiritual marriage, the spouse will abandon the mystical ideas generated by his lush fantasy, will become more realistic and adequate to look at life.
Coffee for two

Relationship with a risk

It is very difficult to predict how events will develop in the so-called vector marriage with Monkey or Horse. The spouses will spend almost all their energy on smoothing out sharp corners in constantly arising disputes and misunderstandings. As a result, there is practically no power left for self-realization.

Build harmonious and productive relationships in a vector marriage only by Libra and Sagittarius, born in the year of the Rat. The rest of the signs to keep this union will be very problematic.


Whatever predictions astrologers make, fascinated by the chosen one, the Rat is unlikely to listen to them. Fully surrendering to feelings, she will trust only her heart and intuition, hoping for the best. But so do all lovers.The horoscope cannot change anything here.

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