The series "Moon": actors, roles, plot

The series "Luna" is one of the film projects of the channel "CTC". It tells about the mystical events that take place in a small town where, according to the local population, werewolves live. The series consists of one season, which includes 30 episodes of 45 minutes each. The main actors of the series "Moon": Makar Zaporozhsky, Daria Novoseltseva, Anatoly Kot, Lydia Velezheva.

Annotation to the film

The action takes place in a small town called Starokamensk. This city is located among the forest thicket. There are not many locals here, and there are almost no visitors. Police Major Nikolai Panin is sent to Starokamensk for work. Together with him his family moved to this town: wife Ekaterina and daughter Nastya.

Immediately after the first day of service in the new place, Nikolay Panin disappears without a trace. After a few days of unsuccessful searches, the body of the murdered Nicholas was discovered. Catherine wants to get to the truth herself and begins her own investigation into the death of her husband.Something mysterious and incomprehensible is happening in the whole city, besides, the locals claim that werewolves live here.

The series "Moon": actors and roles

Nastya and Igor

One of the main characters of the television series "Luna" was performed by Russian actress Lydia Velezheva. She got the role of a heroine named Ekaterina Panina. At Catherine, not everything went smoothly in relations with her husband. In order to save her family, she abandoned her successful career and, together with her daughter and husband, moved to a small town cut off from the whole world. However, almost immediately, Catherine's husband dies. The heroine is ready to go to any lengths to find the killer.

The actor of the series "The Moon" Anatoly Kot played the role of Catherine's wife - Nikolai Panin. Nikolay worked as a police major and devoted almost all his free time to service. Because of this, there were quarrels between the spouses. Having moved to another city, the hero hoped to improve family relations, but was killed on the first day of service.

The heroine of the series Nastya - the daughter of Catherine and Nicholas. Her role was played by Russian actress Daria Novoseltseva. Anastasia Panina is a smart and charming girl with a kind heart. After the death of her father, she is very worried, but Igor appears in her life.

Actor Makar Zaporozhsky played the role of Igor Demidov in the film. Igor suffers from a disease that practically does not occur in humans. Because of this, his father transported him to the wilderness to isolate from people. The hero is very unsociable and closed, he practically does not communicate with his peers. Thanks to treatment, Igor's disease rarely manifests itself until the hero meets Nastya. Young people fall in love with each other, and the life of the hero turns upside down. Photos of the actors of the series "Moon" can be seen in this article.

Lydia Velezheva

series "Moon"

Russian actress Lydia Velezheva was born and raised in the city of Kiev. The actress has a twin sister who is older than her for a few minutes. The girls grew up only with their mother, who worked day and night to feed the family. In order not to stay with the children on the street, Lydia's mother was forced to send her daughters to boarding school, however, as soon as her financial situation became stable, she immediately took them from there. During her stay at the boarding school, Lydia performed in a theater studio and dreamed of becoming an actress.

In 1981, the actress first appeared on television in the movie "Waiting", where she played a major role.Then Lydia Velezhevoy was 13 years old, but the producer of the picture immediately noticed the girl’s talent. Lydia graduated from the Theatrical Institute in Moscow, and since 2010 she began teaching there. In 2015, the actress starred in the movie "The Moon" in the role of Catherine Panina. Her partner for the first season of the series “Luna” is actor Anatoly Kot.

Daria Novoseltseva

Daria Novoseltseva

A young theater and film actress Daria Novoseltseva has just begun to build her career. Daria was born in 1993. After graduating from the Theater Institute in Moscow, she worked for some time in the theater. The television series "Moon" was the debut for the actress in the world of cinema. Daria Novoseltseva performed the role of the protagonist of the motion picture. Her character is a girl named Nastya. Having moved to a small forest town, Nastya misses her friends. However, she soon meets a guy named Igor. He is not the same as everyone, looking sullen and silent, but, if you get to know him better, is a very kind and charming guy. Imperceptibly, the heroine begins to fall in love with Igor, but in their relationship is not so simple. The actors of the series “Luna” Daria Novoseltseva and Makar Zaporozhsky performed the role of a couple in love in films.

Makar Zaporizhia

Makar Zaporizhia

Makar Zaporozhsky was born and grew up in the city of Moscow in the family of theater workers. Since childhood, Makar seriously fond of music, but later decided to devote his life to the career of an actor. The most notable roles of the actor were his work in motion pictures: “Daddy's Daughters”, “My Eyes”, “Youth”. In the TV series "Moon" actor Makar Zaporozhsky played the role of the protagonist named Igor. Igor is not a simple guy, he is forced to hide from everyone the truth that he is a werewolf. Having met Nastya, the hero finds it increasingly difficult to live with his secret.

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