Long dresses with high waist. Pattern dress with a high waist

Fashion does not stand still, and today there is a huge variety of outfits that will not only emphasize your figure, but also hide the flaws. These include dresses with a high waist. For a long time, girls were puffed up with corsets for the most “nowhere else”, because wasp waist was a sign of femininity and grace. This method was not very pleasant, and it was rather uncomfortable to walk barely breathing. Plus, if the young lady had overall shape, then the corset did not look attractive. High-waisted dresses have greatly simplified the task of modern fashionistas.dresses with high waist

A bit of history

Since the times of ancient Egypt, it became fashionable to wear dresses of such a style. It was Egyptian women who tied parts of their outfit under their breasts, thus visually increasing the size of their breasts.Such a small dash, like a belt above the waist, made the girl diminutive, cute and gave refinement. Many of us often wear such interesting outfits, but very few people know where all this came from.

What is the effect of such dresses?

Such outfits are able to very well show the beautiful figure of a girl. For example, if a girl has a thin waist, big breasts and expressive hips, the dress of such tailoring will only improve the figure of the owner. It will emphasize all the advantages, visually improving them.

When a person has a beautiful chest, but the loose hips, which merge a little with the waist, there are flared dresses with a high waist. With the help of flare, the volume in the thighs is visually increased, and due to the high waist, the girl’s stance acquires a refined look.flared dress with a high waist

Or, on the contrary, the girl has beautiful thighs, but the waist seems wide due to the fact that the chest is small. Special dress pattern with high waist helps to visually increase the volume of the breast. Thereby it is possible to give a bearing of symmetry.

Long dresses with high waist

These dresses came into vogue just a year ago.long dresses with high waistGirls of small stature can easily become taller even without heels. But, unfortunately, this outfit is rarely suitable for people with growth up to 160 cm without studs. For owners of model height, such dresses only emphasize the figure, but it is better not to wear a heel. In order to fit perfectly on your figure, you should work hard. Try on a huge number of different styles, walk through the boutiques and shops in search of exactly your outfit.

Short or long?

Of course, you need to consider when you want to wear it. If during the daytime, it is best to shorten it so that it does not get too hot. But at the moment such outfits are made from good fabric that does not soar the skin, so this is already your choice. If you think that you have not very attractive legs, and they need to be hidden - elongated dresses with a high waist just right. And for girls who have slender and long legs, it is best to look short. There are also models with a “tail” that thin your body even better.

High-Waisted Formal Dresses

If you are going to any celebration, it is worth wearing an evening dress.They are also both short and long, but with their own highlights. Slightly covered shoulders, or deep neckline - it all depends on your taste. This kind of clothes should not be too bright and provocative, pastel or dark colors are best suited.evening dresses with a high waistDue to the dark shades, your figure will become even more sophisticated and sophisticated. With a flared dress, a small heel and fluffy hair would be best. While in a tight-fitting outfit, you should wear a higher hairpin and make a high hairstyle. This image looks quite attractive. But with a straight cut of this dress will have to work a little. Loose hair does not fit, it will create the effect of fullness. But the high hairstyle also does not look good. Here you should pay attention to the oval of your face in order to pick up the image going to you.

Pattern dress with a high waist

If you have certain sewing skills, and you have an idea of ​​how to properly make a pattern of such a dress, then it is easy for you to sew an outfit for yourself. But if you can not sew, and you can’t find the right outfit for your figure, then you can learn it easily. What is needed for this? dress pattern with a high waist

  1. The first step is to decide how long you want the dress to buy enough fabric. Under the color you need to pick and thread, which you will sew the seams.
  2. You need to decide on the style of dress to take the correct measurements from your body. If you want an open top sundress, you should measure the volume of the chest. Of course, on the chest it should be tight, but you should remember that 1.5-2 cm should be added for the seams, otherwise you just can not wear it. Additional centimeters should be left along the entire length of the seams.
  3. If you are a beginner, then you should not make a pattern immediately on the fabric. Since ancient times, women painted parts (full-size) of the dress on pieces of wallpaper or on newspapers. Top and bottom is better to sew separately for convenience.
  4. After you have drawn the size of the dress on paper - cut along the contour that you drew (but do not forget about 2 centimeters, they should already be taken into account). Also do not forget that if you painted only the front part of the dress, then you also need the back.
  5. Attach to yourself sketches of paper, and if everything is as you intended, feel free to proceed to the next step.
  6. Attach your sketch to the paper and precisely cut the fabric (if you consider additional centimeters for the seams, if not, just indent the fabric).Virtually all training is complete. It remains only to fasten all parts of the dress with needles to the future seams and outline the cut line. Previously, this was done with a thin soap bar, but now there are special pencils that do not spoil the basis of the fabric and leave no traces.
  7. The final stage. Use the sewing machine to walk along the lines drawn.

Done! Now you can wear an exclusive dress that you have sewn, which perfectly suits you

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