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There are many not only tasty, but also very healthy foods. First of all, it concerns the "vegetarian" food - fruits, vegetables, berries, greens. However, meat dishes are also important for the body. In particular, the liver is very useful for both normal and dietary food. First of all, it is recommended for use for children, the elderly, smokers and those who suffer from anemia. It contains many elements that are beneficial to our body - chromium, which helps with diabetes and atherosclerosis, vitamins A, D, K, E, a number of enzymes, andgravy from the liveralso sodium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium. About the beneficial properties of the liver knew already in ancient times. In particular, in ancient Egypt, it was part of many dishes. Renowned scientist and physician Avicenna included goat liver juice in the number of drugs that help with visual impairment, and he was right because it contains a large amount of vitamin A. Culinary science still classifies the liver by-products, and many mistakenly believe that it has lower value than, for example, meat tenderloin.But this is not the case at all, but rather the opposite. It is advisable to include dishes from this product more often in your diet. Now let's talk about how to make a gravy from the liver. Below will be offered a few recipes.

how to make gravy from the liverGravy with liver

Cook the products. Rinse with beef or pork liver. Wait for the water to drain, then chop finely. The resulting pieces need to roll in flour. Put in the pan, fry on both sides, but do not overdo it, so that the liver does not become dry. Put in a small saucepan, cover with water and add seasoning. Cut carrots and onions and fry them. Add the resulting mass to the pan. Putting on the fire, simmer for half an hour. After adding a few tablespoons of flour, stir carefully to avoid lumps, and then cook for a few more minutes. The resulting liver sauce is a dish in itself. It can be used with mashed potatoes, pasta or vegetable side dish.

Add kefir

hepatic gravyTo prepare the sauce, it is better to use beef liver. Unlike pork, it is not too fat. Liver gravy is a product that can be prepared using different ingredients. Many put milk or mayonnaise into it.But there are housewives who prefer to make a sauce on kefir. So now to the point. Soak the liver in water for several hours, or you can put it in the refrigerator overnight. Then cut into pieces, salt and season with pepper. Put all this in a preheated pan with chopped onion and fry until golden. Add flour, mix. Pour in water and kefir. It is important that the gravy of the liver had a density of sour cream. Extinguish it until ready. Ten minutes before removing from heat, add bay leaf and finely chopped garlic, be sure to cover with a lid. Ready-made liver sauce can be served with any side dish. In particular, it is suitable rice or buckwheat. You can also serve it with pasta or mashed potatoes. Liver gravy is a great dish that is not only tasty, but also healthy.

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