Live volcano.

Mutnovsky volcano can be called “Alive” with complete confidence
Changes take place in the crater of the volcano from year to year. This is due primarily to soil erosion and a huge amount of snow falling over the winter.
The Mutnaya River originates in the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano, and this river feeds a huge glacier.

Tourists mostly visit the so-called fumarole site in the center of the crater, where everything hisses, gurgles and smells of hydrogen sulfide.

"Sulfur crystals"

Sometimes the sediment of sulfur creates bizarre forms.

Walking among fumarols is impossible not to get into the hydrogen sulfide cloud, so the respirator is a very necessary thing here!

But one of the obvious changes. Last year there was only one failure, and now there are 4 of them, and judging by their location after a while, there will be a small ravine with a stream. Once all of this eroded mass of clay and sand slid here mudflow from the crater slope.

But it happens on a volcano and that :)
"Dress, studs and a volcano"

Zakhar was extremely surprised !!! )))

Sergey was so keen on shooting a volcano that he didn’t even notice Anastasia)

At this place, where Anastasia is trying to saturate shoes with hydrogen sulfide, a month ago there was a bubbling cauldron with a diameter of 5 meters, and now he is buried under 3 meters of sand and blue clay.

She made it!!!

And this is the very glacier that feeds the river “Mutnaya”. Since my first visit to this place in 1997, it has greatly decreased in size.

Lake Crescent Last year, a large crack in the glacier did not allow us to approach it, and this year turned out to be more successful.

I myself first visited this lake, and it was very interesting to see the volcano from a new point.

Of course, I like to swim in rivers and lakes when it is warm outside, but to swim in the lake in the fall, at the bottom of which is solid ice !!!

Last year it was a great success for us to shoot in snow caves on the slope of a volcano, but this year we were less fortunate. The most interesting cave because of the large presence of snow was closed, attempts to break through the passage into it, too, were unsuccessful.

We had to be content with the second large, but not very long cave.

The cave has a very thick arch not less than 5 meters, and a length of about 200 meters.

Taught by last year’s experience, this time they took umbrellas) As inside the cave, whole waterfalls flowed in places.

Although the cave is large, but it turned out to be cramped, a small group of photographers)

The cave was completely dark, and so I had to experiment with the lights.

Some people wondered what this cave looks like in the winter and I hope that we will be able to find out this winter.

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