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The extraordinary and wonderful Antoine de Saint-Exupéry liked to repeat: “We all come from childhood”. He admired those people who, as adults, were able to preserve the immediacy and ability to enjoy every day inherent in the kids. To show how important it is to notice the little things of everyday life and to treat the world around him gratefully, he wrote a parable-parable “The Little Prince”. A summary of the work will be presented in this article.

Unexpected meeting

There lived in the world one pilot, who as a child dreamed of becoming an artist. With his story begins the story "The Little Prince" Exupery. A summary of his monologue will begin with a description of the picture that the author saw, being a six-year-old boy. The illustration depicted a boa constrictor swallowing another victim. The snake's belly swelled, and she calmly fell asleep while the food was digested in the stomach.The boy wanted to draw something similar and portrayed a snake swallowing an elephant. But adults, grinning, did not perceive the masterpiece, comparing it with a hat, and advised the kid to do something useful. Arithmetic, for example.

little prince

In short, this is a sad story about how a boy, having become disillusioned with art, became an ordinary pilot. The tale "The Little Prince", a brief summary of which begins with this episode, from the very beginning demonstrates the short-sightedness of adults, their limited inner world. As for the failed master, but a fully accomplished pilot, he successfully cut through the firmament on his apparatus until he crashed over the Sahara. Without water, the man was on the verge of life and death. What was his surprise when one morning he awoke to the voice of a little boy, who turned out to be a miracle here - among the endless sands of the desert.

Unusual baby

The pilot thought it was unlikely that the kid lost his way, since he was very alert and did not suffer from lack of water. The boy asked the pilot to draw a lamb: as a result he received a picture in which there were three whole animals. The child rejected all animals.Then the pilot, remembering his experiments with the snake and the elephant, depicted a square. He said that this is a box in which there is a lamb. The boy was delighted and thought that now the animal will have a house in which he can sleep. In this episode one of the ideas of the work is revealed. “Children see what is inaccessible to adults” is the main idea expressed by the fairy tale and its brief content. The little prince turned out to be a dreamer and a dreamer, he gladly made friends with the pilot.

little prince summary

The kid literally bombarded the man with questions. He asked about what a lamb eats, how to feed it. The boy noticed that it is permissible for an animal to feed baobabs. To the pilot's remark that these trees are very gigantic and the young one will not swallow them, the prince concluded: “Even the most huge plants were once small.” At this point, the author of the story realized that the boy is very reasonable and intelligent.

Life on the planet

We continue to describe the summary. “Little Prince” is a philosophical tale in which each character demonstrates certain qualities of a person’s character, often negative ones. For example, the same rose, for which the boy so carefully courted.He told the pilot that he lives on a very small asteroid, where only one chair, three volcanoes and flowers are actually located. Every day he digs up harmful baobabs that prevent useful plants from living, taking moisture from the soil from them by their huge roots.

the little prince exupery

Among all the flowers a rose stands out: it is beautiful, the boy completely lost his head from her fragrance. Like all beauties, she is capricious and proud; she completely tortured the prince with her demands. Especially for the rose boy built a screen that protects against drafts, he watered it only with spring water. But the proud girl continued to terrorize the baby with requests, so he decided to go wandering: away from a flower that did not appreciate the care of the owner.

Ambitious and monarch

The fairy tale "The Little Prince" of Exupery, a brief summary of which is presented in this article, is read very easily. It is understandable even to children, since the essence is communicated easily. At the first, closest, asteroid, the boy met the king. The ruler turned out to be quite clever: he said that the government must be reasonable, and decisions must be considered and weighed.If the order can not be executed, not the subordinate is guilty, but the one who gave it. Despite the wise sayings of the king was boring, and the kid flew on.

fairy tale little prince summary

On the second planet met with the ambitious Little Prince. The summary of this chapter is as follows: the owner of the asteroid constantly asked the boy to admire him, read, say that he is the most beautiful, intelligent and rich. At first, the kid liked to flatter the ambitious and clap his hands. But soon the game got tired, and he decided to talk to the planet owner about something else: he ignored all guest attempts, as he heard only praises and compliments. The prince shrugged and went on to travel further.

Meet a drunkard and business man

On the next asteroid, the Little Prince met an alcoholic who looked sadly at the hordes of empty bottles. The owner said: he drinks to forget how ashamed he is to drink. The boy was completely taken aback, thinking that "adults are a very strange people." By the way, this phrase is one of the leitmotifs of the work. Here's a thought that you can catch by examining the summary: The little prince is constantly surprised by the actions of adults, seeingthat their problems are easy to solve, only now they themselves do not want to be corrected by virtue of habit or false beliefs, considering their behavior to be exclusively correct.

short story the little prince

On the fourth planet there lived a business man. He constantly believed something, wielding numbers and seeing in them the whole meaning of life. Stars he called personal property. The kid was surprised: “How can you own those things that cannot be touched?” To which the business man replied that he could put the stars in the bank, that is, write their number on a piece of paper, put it in a box and lock it with a key. The prince remarked that the heavenly bodies have no benefit from this, but volcanoes and flowers on his own planet receive only the benefit of his possession, because he cares for them and loves them.

Fifth planet

It was so tiny that only the lantern and the person who lit it were placed on it. The little prince thought that the new acquaintance is much better than the previous ones. It gives beauty to people: when the lamp turns on, it seems that another star was born. But every year the asteroid rotates faster, so the lamplighter is obliged to constantly light up, then extinguish the lantern, without even having a second for a well-deserved rest.

very brief content little prince

After reading the summary of the story "The Little Prince", you can see another problem raised by the author. An honest and decent person has to constantly work. He is doomed to sleepless nights and truly hard labor. First, he realizes that he is useful to society. Secondly, is too responsible and committed. And even no one can help him. The little prince wanted to stay here to ease the lamplighter's work, but the planet is so small that there is absolutely no room for two people on it.

Meeting with the geographer

To convey the fullness of the author's thoughts, their deep meaning is incapable of a brief content. “Little Prince” is a fairy tale in which each sentence contains a catch phrase. For example, in the final part of the work, where the boy meets a geographer, he learns that any beauty and joy is short-lived. They need to be appreciated and cherished, enjoying the moment, to enjoy the simple things that surround you today. On the advice of the geographer, the prince is sent to planet Earth, where he meets a pilot in the Sahara.

very brief content little prince

A fairy tale was presented to readers in 1943.Antoine de Saint-Exupery did not write anything like this before. As if feeling the imminent demise (and he crashed literally in a few months), the author wanted to convey to readers his thoughts about good and evil, a way of life and happiness. This article is very brief in content. “The Little Prince” is a work that, if to speak in general, is a message to people about how to live. Considering the numbers, sitting at textbooks, being drunkards and ambitious people, they often overlook the beauty of the world and do not know how to enjoy life.

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