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The word "cosmetics" is translated as "the art of decorating." It means improving the appearance of a person, giving beauty and freshness to the face and body. And today, decorative cosmetics is an indispensable tool for a modern woman.

Lipstick "Chanel"

The French company "Chanel" - one of the most famous and fashionable in the modern world. Thousands of people know what Chanel lipstick is, the reviews about it speak only as a quality product. The French themselves are very fond of this brand of cosmetics. The team that develops lipsticks tries to create them as the greatest Koko herself would use. In this article you will see a lot of different information about the cosmetics brand. One has only to read to the end. Believe me, there will be no disappointments. Each lipstick has its own shade, which represents one of the periods of Koko's life.

Product Overview

The most interesting information about lipstick is in our article.She will help you learn a lot of new and interesting things and answer questions about this cosmetics that you may have.

The line of lipstick "Chanel" has 30 wonderful shades. Properly chosen, he can hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the person. By turning on the imagination and using such a product, you can bring everything to life: a light spring style or the image of a vamp woman. It is worth making a few correct movements, and the lips easily and simply “dress” in different colors and shades of charming lipstick. If cosmetics are chosen correctly, then she, as a faithful friend, will not leave her owner even for a moment. Soft cream structure, luxurious case - there is always a place in the handbag for that.

lipstick chanel reviews

Properties and qualities of lipstick

It perfectly gives color, does not “float” beyond the contour and does not roll down. You can use it without a pencil. The lips will always be moisturized, and even if peeling on them lipstick is able to hide this flaw. With this makeup you can not only emphasize a smile, but make it simply irresistible. Today, the number one cosmetic product is Chanel lipstick.Reviews about how she reincarnates its owners, just fascinate. You can apply a variety of color variations, because a rich palette is able to satisfy every taste. And it can be repeated every day. Even when it is winter outside, in the shower and in the purse - a wave of the brightest colors.

The texture is good because with one layer you can very quickly get uniform color. Lipstick resistant, color goes away gradually and imperceptibly. It also gives lips extra care, because it moisturizes, does not create discomfort, does not spread.

Moisturizing lips

No one likes lipstick that quickly disappears. Lipstick "Chanel Rouge" is high quality, because it is resistant to abrasion. Due to this excellent quality, every woman will devote very little time to create makeup. This will get an excellent result, because the color palette contains many rich shades. The cosmetic dries quickly, wrapping its lips with a thin veil and giving an incredible expressiveness.

lipstick Chanel Rouge

Stylist and doctor

Chanel lipstick is not only the personal stylist of every modern woman, but also her doctor.After all, everyone is pleased when their lips do not feel dryness or airborne, while they look well-groomed and seductive. For this purpose, developed a new formula that moisturizes the skin of the lips and creates comfort. Moisturizing lasts 8 hours after application. The presence in the composition of the finest pigments attracts daylight, and make-up becomes satin. The case has a modern design that is not subject to time, as well as an intriguing color - the fusion of black with gold.

Method of applying lipstick: apply a small amount of funds and distribute evenly. Properly start from the center of the lips to the edges, so that the color is distributed subtly and evenly.

Classic style

Classic always goes hand in hand with independence. Feel this allows precisely Coco Chanel. Lipstick with her name opens freedom to the woman. On the lips, it looks bright, but there is no hint of vulgarity. The application of such a cosmetic product brings one pleasure.

coco chanel lipstick

Pleasant creamy texture evenly covers lips. Lipstick does not clog up and does not spread. From it comes a gentle and pleasant aroma. Resistance is excellent, even after dinner in the restaurant will not need to update the makeup.The owner of such a treasure will feel the lightness, romance and charm, to which few people can resist. Thanks to the complex, the foundation of which is incredibly soft, your lips get nourishment for a long time. Therefore, it is not necessary to use special balms. Lips gain radiance and freshness, the smile becomes seductive, which can strike men outright. Very easy to apply on the lips, gives care and comfort. The vitamin complex, which is part of lipstick, effectively nourishes the lips and protects them from peeling. The skin acquires natural softness and smoothness. Lipstick is applied easily, without forming lumps. Girls with completely different tastes can choose their own color, since the palette of shades has dozens of shades. You can apply lipstick after applying the contour pencil, evenly distributed on the lips.

Chanel Allure lipstick

Lipstick with a surprise

The word "Chanel" for many women is associated with an ideal, a dream and perfection. It is these qualities and radiates "Chanel Allure" - lipstick, thought out to the smallest detail. It is hidden in a lacquered black case with a golden frame.But what's the surprise? For the purpose of advertising, manufacturers attach a tester to the consignment of such a product. The quality of it is no different from the original, just in a more modest packaging. The price because of this is significantly different.

Lipstick falls on the lips easily and smoothly, while giving color with the effect of sateen. The lips look well-groomed, and one thin layer is enough to make the makeup look charming. The palette of shades is rich: from bright colors that excite the imagination to pastel. The texture of the cosmetic product is non-greasy, it keeps on the lips for a long time. In the composition is not observed nacre and sparkles. At the first application of makeup becomes satin. The extraordinarily soft texture blends in with the lips and betrays their hue.

Luxury and Modernity

Chanel has such excellent characteristics, lipstick is the ultimate of women's dreams. All types of this cosmetic product reveal the power of seduction and desire. All together: a diverse palette of shades, delicate texture, an active formula that cares for lips, make lipstick irreplaceable. And this tool is simply obliged to be in the cosmetics bag of a modern woman.Extracts, vitamins, vegetable oils - all this nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and also protects against premature aging and negative environment. Lipstick gives feminine and refined shine the smallest particles that are added to the composition. It is important to choose for yourself from all shades the most suitable, in order to reveal the power of beauty, purity and modernity.

chanel lipstick

Durability and Velvety

Each woman chooses for herself lipstick, which will be the most suitable for her color. But there are such cosmetics that will fit any image and style. They can also be used at any time of day and for any outfit. It is important that you have such Chanel lipstick in your makeup bag. The price of the products (from 1100 rubles and above) is fully consistent with the quality, so every modern fashionable woman should allow herself. Lipstick is very comfortable to apply on the lips, resistance exceeds all expectations. After applying the lips acquire a deep rich color, and the lipstick itself is almost not felt. In the composition there are components that moisturize and gently care.

Now you know that there is such a lipstick, which has an amazing gloss and rich color: impulsive, playful and captivating.The special waxes and vitamins present in the lipstick provide an easy glide, and the reflective particles provide an amazing shine.

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The secret of all types of Chanel lipsticks is the newest technologies that create glowing and iridescent colors. Time passes, and all the new sparkling shades appear on the shelves, delighting with its charm. It is important to decide what is right for you and enjoy the pleasant use of this luxury item!

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