Lily Marlene: landing and care

This luxurious Asian hybrid can grow even a beginner florist. The peculiarity of this extraordinary variety is the tendency to fasciatsii (mutations).lily marlene

Lily Marlene: Description

Probably, this is the most exquisite variety of lilies, obtained in the course of cross-pollination of Asian and long-flowered lilies. From them, Lily Marlene received resistance to temperature extremes, early flowering and very large flowers that do not have the characteristic smell of lilies.

This Asian hybrid plant is unpretentious, so it is successfully used in home gardening. The height of the plant varies from 90 cm to 1.1 m. In diameter, the flowers can reach 20 cm. They are painted pink. The central part of the petals is usually pale pink, and the stems are pale green. Elongated and pointed leaves grow alternately. Lily Marlene blooms, the photo of which you see below at the end of June.lily marlen bulb

This amazing beauty is able to produce up to 100 flowers in a few years. Some growers could grow such a lily with 230 gorgeous flowers.These unusual properties Marilya lily is obliged to such a phenomenon, which experts call a fasciation - the accretion of stems. It can be observed only on plants older than three years. It can be caused by exposure to various external factors: the use of biological regulators and fertilizers, mechanical damage, abnormal weather conditions, etc.

Fascinating lilies form several shoots from one, the most developed and powerful bulb. Experienced growers believe that in order to obtain the effect of fasciation, it is necessary not only to feed the plant, but even to overfeed it with mineral and organic fertilizers, so that the lily does not have any nutritional deficiencies and grows powerful and healthy.

lily marlene photo

The reason for such a mutation is not yet fully understood, but it is known for certain that it is not a fixed, varietal property. A store-bought marlena lily bulb can become a common plant with pink flowers.

Planting material

If you want to get plenty of flowering and healthy plants, pay attention to the quality of planting material.The variety of lilies Marlene has strong, without any signs of damage by parasites, bulbs. It is better if they are quite large in size - in this case, you are guaranteed to get flowering in the first year.

Before planting in the ground, the bulbs must be treated with a solution based on "Karbofos". Before planting, they are stored in a cool and dark place. Ideal for this wet moss or sawdust.

 Lily Marlene variety


It is possible to plant or replant Marlene Lily both in spring and in autumn. For central Russia, the optimum time for planting this variety is August-September. In the southern regions it is better to do in October. Although these unpretentious plants do not really need a winter shelter, when planting lilies in the fall, it is better to shelter - this will speed up their survival rate and insure your planting material from freezing.

Planting is carried out according to the traditional technology for growing lilies: a layer of sand is poured into the planting hole, on which the bulb is placed, and the hole is poured with soil mixture. At the end, the plant is abundantly watered and mulched.

Marilyn hybrid lily can be grown in one place for up to four years.Then the height of the peduncle decreases markedly, the number of buds decreases. This indicates depletion and weakening of the bulb. In this case, the necessary transplant plants. A landing place should be chosen well lit, but not under the scorching sun, well protected from drafts.

What should be the soil?

Lilia Marlene does not tolerate lime in the soil at all, therefore, when preparing the soil on the site, peat should be added. It is best to use pine needles for mulching - it will not only preserve the looseness of the soil, but also help maintain the weakly acidic soil reaction, which is so necessary for the development and growth of this decorative crop.

Lilia Marlene: care

This lily does not need very complex care. It practically does not differ from the care of ordinary varieties: timely loosening of the soil around the plant, regular watering and dressing.

During the season of the Marlene lily, it is necessary to conduct three supplements:

  • nitrogen-containing compounds needed by the plant during the period of active growth;
  • complex fertilizer must be applied to the soil when buds begin to form and grow;
  • after the flowering of the bulb is completed, potassium and phosphorus will be needed for strengthening.

In early October, watering the plants is stopped. The dry stem is cut and covered with a plastic film overhead part of the lily, leaving openings for ventilation in it. In this state, the plant can remain until the frost. The film in this case allows you to keep the soil around the bulb dry by the onset of cold weather. Frost in combination with humidity is detrimental for these plants.Lily Marlene variety


After flowering, the lily needs to be prepared for a rest period, watering is reduced, and top dressing is completely canceled. Leaves and stems are removed only after they are completely dry, when they cease to transfer useful substances to the bulbs. Fifteen days after the stems and leaves die off, the bulbs are dug out, washed well, the children are separated — young onions, soaked in light pink manganese solution for thirty minutes, dried, placed in sawdust, moss or sand and stored for storage in a cool place.

The plant is propagated by daughter bulbs, which should be separated when transplanting lilies. They are carefully separated from the parent bulb and planted in spring on ridges in shallow holes for rearing.Before planting, they are stored in the same way as adult bulbs.lily marlene care

Growing Marlena Lilies at Home

This variety of lilies grows well both in open ground and in indoor conditions, in a pot. Beautiful flowers can be grown at any time you need, for example, to any important date. To do this, you just need to correctly calculate the time of planting bulbs. But you need to know that at home there is no fasciation.

Bulb preparation

For planting Marlene lilies, you will need a pot at least thirty centimeters deep and thirty five centimeters in diameter. It is possible to plant several bulbs at once, which undergo compulsory stratification before planting. It is necessary for the awakening of the plant. To do this, the bulbs should be placed in a refrigerator (+ 5 ° C) for two weeks. Then they are removed and soaked in a weak solution of manganese for one and a half hours. lily marlene description

After that, the bulbs are dipped in a solution of growth stimulant and fertilizer for 12 hours. At the bottom of the pot is laid drainage layer of pebbles, pieces of foam, expanded clay. Then - a layer of fertile soil (at least 10 cm). The bulbs are placed on it with sprouts up and sprinkled with another layer of soil of the same thickness. After planting, the ground is watered with warm clean water and placed in the fridge for a month.During this period, the flower will take root. At this time, he needs only soil moisture.

When sprouts appear, the pot is brought to a bright place. For plants older than one month care means hardening. The pot must be taken out on the street (or on the balcony). In the first two days, this procedure lasts 30 minutes. Gradually, it increases to 10 hours. At night, the pot can be left outside only after the air temperature has not dropped below +10 ° C.

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