Car "Lexus": the country of origin and the history of the brand

The country of origin "Lexus" - Japan (the city of Toeta). The Lexus division is part of the Japanese concern Toyota Motors Corporation, and it mainly manufactures luxury cars for the US and European markets, and Toyota cars are mainly sold in Japan. The main direction of the company is the creation of luxury expensive cars with leading comfort characteristics for the driver and passenger, reliable engines, transmissions, and innovative smooth-running systems.

Brand creation

Japan, as the manufacturing country of Lexus, is famous for its unique technologies and innovations in the field of engineering. She had previously and now has all the resources to create the best cars in the world. That is why in 1983, at the secret meeting of the directors of Toyota, the idea of ​​creating a new brand was proposed, under which the best cars in the world would be produced. To prevent consumers from associating with Toyota, a new brand Lexus was invented.

Plans and positioning

To create the first car invited 1400 best engineers, designers. They were faced with a rather difficult task - to create a really good luxury car that would outperform the competitors and cost less. For this, a survey group was even created that figured out exactly what they wanted to buy in the United States. And although Japan is a producing country, the Lexuses were primarily aimed at the American consumer, since at that time the Japanese market was almost entirely owned by Toyota.

First car

Lexus country of manufacture

The very first car was created in 1985. It was a model Lexus LS400, which in 1986 passed test drives in Germany, and appeared on the US market in 1989. Since September of this year, sales of the car began. Outwardly, he had nothing to do with Japanese cars and looked like a typical "American." Designers did their best, as this model was well received by the American public. Already then, consumers began to wonder what kind of country it was and whose brand is Lexus.

Subsequent models

The second car "painted" Giorgetto Giugiaro. It is a model of Lexus GS300 with a streamlined body.The most successful was the modification of the Lexus GS300 3T with a forced engine created by the Cologne branch of Motosport, owned by Toyota.

Lexus whose country is manufacturer

A year after the appearance on the US market, the American press called the Lexus LS400 sedan the best imported car. However, there is nothing special to be surprised here, since the car at its high power had low fuel consumption due to successful aerodynamics.

In May 1991, a new car appeared on the market - the Lexus SC400 Coupe. He very much reminded Toyota Soarer not only in appearance but also in performance. However, after 1998, the differences between these cars disappeared during restyling.

In 1993, the Lexus ES300 was also shown a five-seater sedan, which was a kind of analogue to the Toyota Camry in the US market.

car Lexus country of manufacture

Also in the family of cars from the "Lexus" is a luxury jeep with all-wheel drive LX450. He absorbed the comfort of a representative car and the dignity of the popular in Japan SUV Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ 80. A little later, an improved version of the all-wheel drive jeep appeared - Lexus LX470.

1998 in the history of the company was remembered by showing the first car with an IS index. In the spring of next year, the first IS200 model from Lexus appeared on the American market.The shape of the body and the technical characteristics of the car made it possible to make a racing model of it.

In the manufacturing country, Lexus developed rapidly enough due to the high consumer demand of these cars in the USA. In early 2000, updates appeared as expected. First, an IS300 was shown in Los Angeles, and then everyone saw a successful reincarnation of the LS400 - LS430 in Detroit. In fact, it is the flagship among cars, which had the most innovative technologies, navigation system, expensive leather interior, as well as a powerful V8 engine with a capacity of 280 horsepower. It could accelerate to 100 km / h in just 6.7 seconds. With all this, he had a minimum coefficient of drag.

who produces Lexus manufacturer country

In the same year, Lexus announced the appearance of the SC430 model in New York, and also shared plans for 2003. It was assumed that in 3 years the Lexus RX300 will be manufactured at the Toyota plant in Canada. It should be noted that before this, only Japan was considered to be a Lexus manufacturer.

Peak sales

In June, the IS300 went on sale; in August, Lexus became the first luxury importer brand in the United States, which managed to sell over 20,000 vehicles in a month.At the same time, the improvement of existing brands is in full swing - the GS430 is being replaced by an improved GS430, which has successfully entered the series. The results of 2000 showed that Lexus increased its sales for the fifth consecutive year, easily surpassing other luxury brands in the United States. At this time, American consumers are already well aware of who produces Lexus, the country of manufacture as a whole is trusted, and even other brands of Japanese cars are well perceived by the buyer.

Lexus country manufacturer whose brand

In 2001, Toyota announced that the suspension and engines for the RX300 machines would be manufactured at its Buffalo plant. Some time later, the IS300 SportCross (with a gearshift button on the steering wheel), IS300 Manual Transmission (with a manual gearbox) are demonstrated at the Detroit Auto Show, and the production of the new SC430 is getting ready for launch. In March, the car was ready, but by the time of the start of sales orders for this car were already painted.

Lexus whose brand is country of origin

Coming to other countries

By 2002, this brand was respected all over the world and understood, whose country is the manufacturer of Lexus. The first official dealer in Russia appeared in 2002.They became the company "Lexus Business Car". A year later, there were two dealers.

In 2003, in Detroit, presented the famous model RX300 and more dynamic RX330. The latter had luxury options and innovative technological solutions. On the roads of Russia and Europe, this car can be seen quite often. In its class, the RX300 overtook all competitors. In the same year, assembly of machines began at a factory in Canada and Germany. And although Lexus cars are being developed in the manufacturing country of Japan, they are engaged in manufacturing and assembling in different parts of the world, including in Russia.

where the manufacturer's Lexus is produced

Future plans

The company said that they plan to replenish their line of diesel cars for Europe, because there diesel power plants are more popular because of the less harmful to the environment exhaust. Also plans to develop hybrid cars for the US market, where hybrids are gaining popularity. However, such cars already exist even today.

Toyota, whose Lexus brand is not very popular in Japan, also plans to occupy most of its native market.However, this is not surprising, because the Lexus was primarily focused on other countries, since Japan was already buying Toyota cars. A new brand for this was not needed at all.


The once unknown brand has become very popular, and today everyone knows where the Lexus are made. Thanks to this brand (and not only it), the country of origin has created an excellent reputation for itself as a reliable car manufacturer. However, it should be understood that most of the merits of the success of the brand belongs to the company "Toyota", because "Lexus" was created not from scratch, but on the basis of existing and advanced technologies at that time. So you need to remember who produces "Lexus" in the country of origin. This is the Japanese concern Toyota - the giant of the automotive industry, which today is one of the industry leaders not only in Japan, but throughout the world.

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