Lenovo (laptop): customer reviews. Which laptop to choose from the line of Lenovo

From the moment when laptops are no longer a rarity, the process of forming a segment for a wide layer of users was launched. These are the so-called budget products, the bright representatives of which are the models of the firm "Lenovo". It has long been noticed that the premiumness of laptops does not always speak of unsurpassed quality, performance and, oddly enough, functionality. Sometimes for the same amount you can purchase an economy-class device, which has the characteristics of a higher level. However, there are reverse examples. Anyway, “Lenovo” - a laptop, reviews of which give grounds to consider its advantages and possibilities in more detail - deserves the status of one of the most successful state employees in the market of portable computers. It remains only to determine the range of tasks that will be assigned to the device, and select the optimal model.

General information about laptops "Lenovo"

lenovo laptop reviews

At the moment, the company is owned by Chinese specialists, which, however, does not exclude a considerable contribution to the support of the brand by the former American owners.

Such an unusual alliance allows you to produce very decent laptops "Lenovo". Customer reviews, despite the skepticism about the goods from the Middle Kingdom and, in principle, cheap products, are not so categorical and generally favorable. Externally, the models really do not look like Apple's luxury counterparts — plastic, traditional stylistic features, and the usual configuration of elements. In technical terms, also rely on impressive performance is not worth it. Nevertheless, developers regularly monitor trends and seek to cover all positions in the notebook market. In this regard, budget does not limit customers in the choice.

Laptop Reviews

laptop lenovo reviews

Using the example of the G family, the versatile capabilities that Lenovo has (a laptop) have been demonstrated. Feedback on the representatives of the initial group is quite predictable. As a rule, owners note the possibility of customization, stability of work with minimal characteristics, as well as support for all the basic functions that laptops have today.

Among the shortcomings are the problems with the battery and the pre-installed Windows 8 system. Regarding the first, some owners complain about the short duration of the charge, and the second point, of course, is subjective. As an exit, you can offer to use the Internet service "Lenovo" and work on the integration of Windows 7. An extensive list of drivers is the company's strength. There is no exception in the list of models available for updating and the laptop "Lenovo G5030" - reviews indicate the presence of many drivers for different components of the device.

Model for office

laptop lenovo g5030 reviews

Guided by the criteria of low prices and relatively wide functionality, you should look at the model G5030. With modest performance, the device provides the entire list of computer tasks of an office employee. Obviously, the low price did not allow to endow the Lenovo G5030 with serious power. The reviews fairly rigidly reflect the quality of the technical stuffing - the “Celeron N2830” processor, 2 GB RAM, the TN screen and a small diagonal, of course, won't impress the sophisticated gamers. But, again, the low price and ability to solve simple routine tasks has its own prerequisites for demand.

Universal model

laptop lenovo g50 30 reviews

Another representative of the G-line is the G5045 unit.If the laptop "Lenovo G50 30", reviews of which mainly affected low productivity, was initially and quite honestly positioned as a modest and low-power gadget, then the G5045 model also has complaints about the gaming segment.

In many respects, the idea of ​​this device was formed due to the productive AMD processor, and the company also implemented several technological innovations (for its line) with which the Lenovo G50 45 laptop was endowed. Reviews, in particular, note a convenient touch panel, the presence of high-speed drive Bluray, good graphics and sound.

Golden mean

laptop lenovo w5030 reviews

For this role is to offer the device B5030. The model was developed as an example of the traditional values ​​of state employees - that is, wide functionality without surpluses, average performance, design in a familiar style, and even a hint of energy-saving technologies. The highlight of this version was the adaptation to the present, as evidenced by multimedia functions. As a result, the laptop "Lenovo B5030", the reviews of which are very favorable regarding the HD screen and DVD-drive, no longer just solves utilitarian tasks, but also effectively copes with the entertainment load.

Premium laptops "Lenovo"

Just as luxury manufacturers produce low-priced products, Lenovo, from time to time, tries its hand at conquering market peaks. For her, this is undoubtedly much more complicated, since it is precisely the established stereotype about the budget and, at least, the average quality of laptops, that is seriously interfering. And yet, Chinese developers are systematically mastering new sites, as evidenced by some of the successes of the ThinkPad Yoga family.

laptop lenovo g50 45 reviews

This laptop "Lenovo", the reviews of which are still kept, but note the flexibility of the device and an unusual design that is unusual for the brand - the device is positioned as an ultrabook transformer. But, the most important thing in it is high performance. Further, the eye catches the unusual design and the prefix to the name - this is really a transformer that can work both in laptop mode and as a game console, as well as a means of displaying materials. This device deserves the attention of those who want to have a powerful apparatus for both games and work operations.

Modern offers

Along with the fundamental deviation from its budget direction, Lenovo is also improving its traditional models.This is how the representatives of the Z series appeared and are developing. Among their advantages is also high power, an acceptable cost and a pretty look, which made it even more original than Lenovo (laptop). Reviews testify to the quality of materials - the smoothness of the lines and the absence of creaking corners noticeably distinguishes the new representatives of the brand from the old generations. Multimedia devices are equipped with 15.6-inch screens, high-quality speakers, productive processors, as well as a "gaming" video card. Along with this, some versions have received and technology FullHD, which significantly raises the level of production.

laptops lenovo customer reviews

In terms of the implementation of modern technical solutions, the ThinkPad family is also notable. On the example of these models, the Chinese demonstrate their concern for ergonomics, but do not forget about design innovations - maybe Lenovo - a laptop, the reviews of which are changing for the better - will ever stand on a par with premium devices. At least in some segments. But this is in the future, and today the line of business devices in which the following features are implemented claims for the luxury category:

  • Ultra-accurate Keyboard with TrackPoint Red;
  • touch panel that supports the multitouch technology solution;
  • configuration of keys, focused on the comfortable management of multimedia.


Deciding on the choice of laptop model "Lenovo", it is necessary to rely primarily on their own interests and the tasks that the device will perform. As you can see, for each group of customers there is a special laptop "Lenovo". Reviews, in particular, talk about the orientation of the characteristics of devices on different functional areas - universal options, for example, include the state employee B5030, and more respectable members of the ThinkPad family. Of course, the level of technical equipment is different, as is the design with functionality, but by correctly determining the complexity of the tasks, you can make the best choice.

Strangely enough, budget notebooks today occupy the main places in the lists of sales leaders. Even the largest "apple" company has moved to secondary positions. This alignment of forces in the market was influenced to no small degree by Chinese experts from Lenovo, who managed to get the most out of inexpensive laptops.

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