Legends of the Caucasus. Navalishensky Gorge

Visiting card of central Sochi by rightits unique flora is considered. Here, in the vicinity of the resort, centuries-old boxwood tracts crept up to the azure blue of the gentle waves of the Black Sea. Here, in the mountains of the Caucasus, overgrown with wild herbs, invaluable treasures are hidden.

naval canyon

One of them is Navalishensky Gorge. His visiting card is relic plants, whose age is estimated for thousands of years. The water in these parts is always clean and cool. Her crystal streams are refreshing and give strength even on the hottest and hottest day. Do not deny yourself the pleasure and swim in the bowl formed by the current of the mountain river.

At the origins of being

The Navalishensky Gorge is a great place forfamily vacation. It is located far from major automobile and railway highways. Under the vault of a bright green crown of ancient trees, life slows down its course, runs smoothly and slowly.

The name of this wonderful place and the nearby village was given in honor of the first settler named Navalishin. Sometimes a crevice in a fashionable manner is called a canyon.

Geophysical studies say, NavalischenskoeThe gorge arose as a result of a fault in the crust of the Earth's surface. Its existence began as far back as the Jurassic period and remembers the heavy footfall of dinosaurs gone forever into oblivion.

The installed length of the pad is 1.5 km, anddepth - 150 meters. The Khosta River, which forms intricate backwaters and shallow ponds, carries its own cold water along the territory of the reserve. They swim not only ubiquitous tourists, but also local residents.

The main bowl is surrounded by comfortable stairs andbridges that facilitate passage into the cave. The water temperature in the pond never exceeds 17 ° C. On the way to the canyon, the gaze of travelers reveals the enchanting views of the waterfall, which falls from the rocky cliff.

host of the Naval Gorge

Navalishensky Gorge. How to get there

The easiest way to get to thethese edges - to take advantage of services of excursion bureau. Professional guides along with skilled drivers within an hour will take you to the destination, they will tell everything in detail and show. If you want, then they will also treat you with healing Caucasian honey and dishes cooked on open fire.

To come to Navalischenskoe Gorge (Sochi) onpersonal car, you need to focus on the location of a small settlement of Krasnaya Volya. Any navigator with the installed update will easily indicate the right road.

As soon as you are on the spot, leave forForest Street. Asphalt is replaced by a primer, on which not only cars but also pedestrians move. Eight hundred meters will be the entrance to the territory of the reserve. The entrance ticket costs about 200 rubles, which are collected in the booth at the barrier blocking the path.

To visit the Navalishensky Gorgeindependently, it is worth using the services of public transport. You will need a bus number 128. The final point of the route is the village of Krasnaya Volya. Travel time is 20 minutes.

Navalishensky Gorge Sochi

Abode of stone and water

As soon as the lodge with the barrierbehind, you will see a wooden staircase, along which timidly and unhurriedly tourists descend. For the convenience of visitors it is equipped with handrails, but, it is worth noting, has a very, very unreliable appearance.

The path to the waterfall winds around the luxuriousferns that grow in these mountains for millions of years. Navalshchenskoe Gorge (Sochi) is a reserved book of the Caucasus. Boxwood trees and berry yew are abundant in it. Fluffy moss, captivating the skeletons of trunk-giants, resembles a soft pillow.

In captivity of forest fairies

A kaleidoscope of all kinds of shades of green creates a special atmosphere. At the foot of the mountains reigns mystical twilight, gently enveloping everything that falls into his domain.

The first thing that opens the eyes of the traveler is the waterfall. At its sources are huddled conglomerations of colossal rock fragments. Near to them are concentrated small houses for rest and picnics.

All roads on which in the summer season every daythousands of feet pass, are active tracts, which were used by the mountaineers two hundred years ago. The Khosta River, the Navalishensky Gorge are all gifts of Russian subtropics that are protected by the state.

At the end of the promenade there is an observation deck. The ascent to it is accompanied by karst outgrowths that close the entrance to the dark cave of the cave.

How to get the Naval Gorge

Call of the jungle

The width of the channel The hosts in the fault do not exceed threemeters. In the lower part of the river there is the Lower Canyon, which can be accessed if you move from the village of Khleborob. The lion's share of the route runs along the water. There are no equipped lifts and log ladders. If desired, this area can be overcome by boat.

Bath traditions

On the territory of the Navalischensky complextwo baths function. The use of a public room will cost 250 rubles. Temporary visit restrictions are not provided. Private bath costs 1,400 rubles per hour. Its capacity is seven people.

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