Learn how to switch video cards on a laptop

Often on laptops installed severalgraphics processors, that is, video cards. This is done for many reasons, but we will not deal with this. Let's talk about how to switch video cards on a laptop to each other. For example, from less productive to more powerful and vice versa. There is nothing complicated, you need to be familiar with the basics of PC ownership. You do not need to do anything manually, but various failures or a "curve" build of the operating system help ensure that the graphics processors do not switch among themselves.how to switch video cards on a laptop

Some general information

If your laptop has a switching functionvideo cards, it is obvious that you have several. Typically, one of them is energy-saving, which is designed only for simple tasks, and the second is a high-performance discrete board, it copes with more complex tasks, such as graphics in games, 3D video, etc. Most often, Intel's graphics processors and AMD. But there are other ligaments with which the problems are an order of magnitude greater. The worst thing is for users of the Windows XP operating system, we'll tell you about this a little later. Each manufacturer has its own characteristics, but we will not talk about which is better, let's better understand the issue that interests us. First you need to get the right software. It's enough to download the Catalyst Control Center utility.how to turn on the video card on a laptop

Integrated and discrete graphics processor

I would like to note right away that as awe will take an AMD card, which is the base one. To enable a more efficient GPU, you need to run the Catalyst Control Center. In addition, drivers for video cards are a prerequisite. According to the notebook's factory parameters, the integrated graphics card, the one that consumes less power, gets the basic priority. To run a game or high-quality video, the best choice is a discrete GP. Since you can switch video cards on a laptop in several ways, then we will consider each of them. Start the Catalyst Control Center and turn the utility into a tray. From there, you can immediately choose the video card that you need at the moment. If you need to switch to the initial GP, the sequence of actions is exactly the same.

how many video cards on a laptop

How to switch video cards on a laptop: several good ways

In fact, the graphics processor mustswitch. This happens, for example, when you run a certain program or connect a laptop to the network. If you insert the battery, the integrated card will turn on. But it happens that the settings are confused and the required GP is not included. To solve the problem, go to "Bios" and find the Switchable function there. It is located in the Display mode menu. If it's a nVidia discrete card, then you need to go to the control panel of the GPU and find there 3D control. Next you need to find the section "Managing 3D parameters" and set the video card for a specific program. If in simple words, then if you wanted to play something, then for this game you need to install a discrete graphics card and save the settings. But if you use the XP operating system, then you need to go to Bios and manually disable the integrated graphics.

Switching the video card of the laptop

switching laptop video cardsWe now consider several schemes thatare found most often. For example, an integrated AMD card and a discrete ATI. In this case, switching the graphics processors among themselves is the easiest. To do this, you must use the already mentioned Catalyst Center, where you can easily disable the weak and enable a powerful video card, and vice versa. If you work on XP OS, then you need to go to BIOS select instead of Switchable, Discreete. It is worth saying a few words that if you have a mobile card from ATI, then it is desirable to use the clean builds of "Windows". This is due to the fact that on others, such as ZverDVD, such a sensitive driver will work with problems, and this is a confirmed fact. Keep this in mind and always keep an eye on your operating system.

Switching Intel and ATI graphics cards

A similar bunch also occurs quite often.As practice shows, there are no special problems here. In our case, the second video card on the laptop is discrete, that is, more powerful. To enable it, you need to go to the Catalyst Center or do it through the desktop. To do this, you need to install special drivers, after which an icon will appear in the tray, through which you can turn on and off the graphics processor. If you are quite a beginner and are wondering how many video cards on the laptop, then the answer here is extremely simple. The graphics processor can be one or several. As a rule, two adapters are installed to save energy. For example, during an autonomous operation an integrated card is turned on, and when the device is connected to a network, it is discrete. This solves many problems, the problem of performance in particular. This is very convenient, so this solution in most cases pleases users.


second graphics card on a laptop

That's all there is to say about howswitch video cards on a laptop. If you have a bunch of nVidia graphics processor, then everything is a little more complicated, because much depends on what technology is used. Certain GP series work without problems and are switched from the desktop tray, while others need to be constantly set manually through the control panel of the GPU. If for some reason you can not turn on a discrete card, it is recommended to completely uninstall and then reinstall the drivers and update them to the latest version. To do this, go to the manufacturer's website and download the latest. In addition, it needs to be done for two video cards. But if it did not work out, then it is recommended to set the settings manually. For example, you wanted to play a game, go to the card control panel and choose a priority. This should solve all the problems that have arisen. Pay attention to the assembly of the OS, because this also depends a lot. You know how to turn on the video card on a laptop, and that should be enough.

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