Learn how to prepare seeds, grow seedlings and pinch tomatoes.

Tomato - one of the favorite gardeners vegetables. Since early spring, summer residents have been sowing seeds and growing seedlings. But not everyone knows the technology and methods of all stages of the harvest. How to pinch tomatoes, how to organize watering and feeding? Every vegetable grower needs to know this. Of course, not only the ownership of information determines the yield, but also the quality of the seeds, which also need to be able to choose. By creating favorable conditions for the growth of tomatoes, you can achieve excellent results. Tomatoes, cultivated and maintained properly, will give pleasure not only for their appearance, but also for their taste.how to pinch tomatoes

How to choose a variety of tomatoes and prepare seeds for sowing?

Shops offer a variety of varieties of tomatoes for every taste.In order for the result to meet expectations, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the selection of seeds.
Tomato varieties are divided into indeterminate and determinant. The first type is characterized by unlimited growth. In regions with a short and not too hot summer period, they should be grown only in greenhouses. When planting them, you should know how to pinch tomatoes of this variety so that they are properly formed and give fruit. In the open field without sufficient heat and light, they may not have time to begin to bear fruit even by the end of summer.

Determinant varieties grow to a certain height and quickly give floral brushes.

To prepare the seeds before sowing is easy. It is necessary to select the largest specimens and check them for germination, dropping them in salt solution. Then they should be folded in a small piece of gauze and soaked in clean water for 1-2 days. During this time, the water should be changed twice. After carrying out these actions, the seeds are ready for planting.growing tomatoes

How to grow seedlings?

Sowing of seeds produced in the soil mixture to a depth of 1-2 cm. Then they should be watered, cover the tank with film and put in a dark place. Before the emergence of shoots it is necessary to strictly observe the temperature regime - about 24-25 degrees.When shoots appear, covering material should be removed and within a week to reduce the temperature to 15 degrees, and then you can again raise it to its previous mark. This is necessary so that the seedlings are not stretched.

Soil moisture during growing seedlings should be moderate. 1-2 irrigations a week are enough.

After 10 - 12 days after the picking, the first fertilizing is carried out.

Hardening seedlings begin 2 weeks before disembarking to a permanent place. It is carried out by gradually reducing the temperature. Strong, good seedlings with a height of 15 to 25 cm have a thick stem of more than 5 mm, from 6 to 9 true leaves, 1-2 flower brushes.how to pinch tomatoes

How to transplant tomatoes?

In autumn, one should dig up the soil in the greenhouse on the area where the tomatoes were located. Growing them next season will require re-loosening of the land with the addition of fertilizers (if this was not done in the fall). To warm the soil it is necessary to cover the ground with a covering material.

Three days before disembarking form ridges. The first and last wells should be located not less than 40 cm from the wall of the greenhouse. And between them in a row the distance should be about 35-45 cm.

Tomatoes need to transplant after the soil temperature reaches 13-15 degrees. Wells should be plentifully shed with warm water, then put the plants in them. The roots of a seedling, after its extraction from sowing tanks, should be covered with an earthy clod.

Before planting in open ground plants should be examined. Unsuitable specimens with weak shoots and damaged root systems are not recommended. The soil must be decontaminated and fertilized. After transplanting plants, 4 lower leaves can be removed on them to improve growth and nutrition. growing tomatoes and care

How to care for tomatoes?

You need to know how to water, feed, tie up and how to pinch tomatoes. Seedlings after planting in a permanent place should not be watered for 7-12 days. After 15-20 days it is necessary to conduct the first feeding. Then it is carried out regularly in 2-3 weeks. And 20-25 days before the end of the fruiting period, the last feeding is carried out.

Garter carry out 8-10 days after transplanting. It is necessary to strengthen the root system and, consequently, improve the nutrition of the plant. This procedure is combined with pasynkovaniem.Their knowledge of how to pinch tomatoes depends on their yield. So the procedure is very important. Determinant varieties pinch both in one and in two stalks. The second option involves leaving the first inflorescence and the most developed lower stepchild. Formation in one stem means the removal of all shoots, except for the main shoot with 5-6 floral tassels.

Tall tomatoes are known for their large fruit and yield. How to pinch tomatoes of the indeterminant variety? After 8-10 leaves, tomatoes lay a fruit brush. All branches below this level receive more power. Therefore, they should pinch, leaving about 1 cm from the stem. Tomatoes of this variety are formed in one stem. All stepchildren periodically pinch. In a plant that has grown to the roof of a greenhouse, the top is also removed.

Yellowed leaves and those located in the lower part of the stem are removed to improve air exchange and accelerate the fruiting phase.

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