Laundry for the homeless

In Moscow, in the courtyard of a residential building, a charity laundry for the homeless was supposed to open - a place where people without a certain place of residence could wash their clothes. However, local residents staged a protest, and the project was covered.
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Do you know with whom Adolph Hitler began his activities? Of course, you do not know, because instead of a story you read Instagram.
And I show with whom. No, not from the Jews. Hitler began his journey into history with the destruction of the homeless and the mentally ill.
We don't want to be like Hitler, right? We all want to be kind, understanding, generous. We want to be good.
But not when a place opens in a nearby porch where stinky homeless people bring their deprive, their dirty trousers, their madness.
Yes, madness.
Most of the homeless are homeless for a reason. The neat grandmother, whom the evil son-in-law drove out of the apartment into the cold, is one in a million. Homeless people are mostly alcoholics and the psychotic.
It is because of their unhealthy psyche that they could not hold on to any work, save a family, or sleep.
Yes, the homeless need help. But not in the form of a washing machine.Reading the clothes will not help them to get a job, because in order to work, you need a clean, not poisoned by schizophrenia and alcoholism head.
Want to help the homeless? Open institutions of psychiatric care and treat there sick people who need it. And yes: do it not in the middle of residential neighborhoods.
This will really help. And charity laundries for the homeless in the residential areas of the capital remind me of other types of laundries — those that smell like money laundering.

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