Landscape is a promised land.

The word was first used by Germanic monks twelve centuries ago. They put religious meaning into this word. It was a land uniting all Christians, the whole flock. But today, the term “landscape” is interpreted very broadly.

Landscape concept

The concept of "landscape" is used:

  • Firstly, geographically. In various regions, a person meets with natural formations in the form of huge gloomy or picturesque mountains, wide flowing rivers, such as the Volga, Ob, Nile or Tigris with the Euphrates. Or it can be rivulets, covered with grass-ant on the banks, or immense flourishing golden fields. The landscape includes floodplain meadows overgrown with wildflowers, and ravines formed by the streams flowing in them, and huge canyons.
  • Secondly, when they talk about differences in soil types. It can be sandy, loamy, black earth. It is rarely homogeneous — mixed soil types most often prevail. But it greatly affects the visible world of man.Therefore, the landscape is the types of land on which either taiga, or jungle, or camel thorn can grow.
  • Thirdly, when they think about the space equipped by man, which is used for housekeeping and just living, they also have in mind the landscape. And it changes, if in the future a person does not follow him. Landscape is cultural plantings and architectural forms.
  • Fourth, in terms of climatic features that affect the landscape. If we talk about the Far North, you can see snowy deserts and a short northern summer with low vegetation. On the contrary, huge rolling sand dunes, over which rain does not fall, and green oases full of life are all pictures of the diversity of the world.the landscape isSo the landscape is the climatic features of the area, under the influence of which certain types of plants grow or buildings are erected.

Holistic cultural carpet

Man has not lived in the wild for a long time. He transforms it, based on his various needs. But man is unable to completely change the earth. It changes only those areas that are populated. The cultural landscape is all sorts of human transformations. They can combine both modified and natural areas.In young cities, the forest is often not completely cut down, but among them neatly, keeping the natural environment, are lined up at home and everything that is necessary for full-fledged human activity. In this example, there is no opposition of man to nature. It is a different matter when a wild, swampy island populated by ducks and waders becomes part of the metropolis. An example of what was and what is now - Manhattan. And what was the swampy mouth of the unruly Neva? Now the beauty and pride of Russia - the city of Petrov with its suburbs - has risen here. And created on artificial land Amsterdam? Going on a trip to the Netherlands, a person finds himself in a completely different, created by a foreign culture, but a wonderful world.cultural landscape

The cultural landscape is also a complete man-made transformation of nature. However, cultural issues are extremely broad. Therefore, we can talk about the concept of landscape in painting and in literature.

Knowledge of the world

In the Middle Ages, wherever a man went, he walked only through a desolate and terrible forest. But by the 21st century, the world has become extremely small: it is covered by a network of various roads, ranging from airways and ending with all kinds of land roads.A person still knows the world unknown to him personally, starting to travel or not leaving home. Interestingly, only land is associated with the concept of “landscape”. In the extreme case, only the coastal water of the seas and oceans, bays and fjords. Having visited Africa, having seen savannahs or having met with huge volumes of water that drop waterfalls, a person knows how beautiful and immense the earth is.natural landscapeTravel to Sakhalin will give unforgettable impressions. The natural landscape will reveal the power and greatness of our planet. The Himalayas, Kilimanjaro and the cozy Alps, which can be treacherous, desert feather grass steppes - all this is not culturally loaded. Man can study this wild nature and documentaries. Otherwise, we cannot master our land. So, the journey is the knowledge of natural landscapes.

Close to home

Wherever a person lives, he has the need to transform the space that surrounds him.

If you look from the point of view of the landscape designer, then first of all you need to make a trip to the site where the work is assumed. Find out from the owners of the site whether topographical surveys have been carried out,What is the level of groundwater and elevation, find out what the soil on the site is - its composition and acidity, whether there is a drainage system and what lighting system on the site already has, what its owners want.

Then a project is created which is to be agreed with the owners. A sketch is drawn, what the site will look like immediately after the work is completed and after a year or two. And only after this specific work begins.

The duration of the work depends on the size of the site. Work on a large plot does not necessarily end in one season.

Most often, the work is carried out in a natural landscape style, which is characterized by smooth natural lines and does not subordinate nature to it. An example is an English park. But another, rigorous version is possible - a regular park with geometric forms, clipped bushes and trees. Example - Peterhof.

Modern and stylistic connections

Sometimes these forms can be combined. Among the fancifully winding tracks on a flat field of bright green lawn is thuja, trimmed with a cone. This tapeworm will not fall out of the style of the plot,if the designer has thought out to the smallest detail all the other details - where and how krupnomery are placed, what bushes are planted, in what color range beds are created, where a fountain or a reservoir and small plastic are located.landscape area

When the work is completed, the owner will receive exactly the landscape of the site, which he wanted to see. And most importantly - it must fully comply with the aesthetic needs of the owners.

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