Lake Tiberias: a photo of the sights of Israel

Blessed land full of secrets and legends, famous for amazing natural and man-made monuments, causing admiration. And this lake, which will be discussed in the article, is as unique as all that is in Israel.

Some facts about the natural monument

Tourists who are going to rest in this interesting country will be interested to find out where the Lake of Tiberias is located. The freshwater reservoir is located in northern Israel, in a historic area called Galilee. On its west coast lies the ancient city of Tiberias, which is considered to be a holy place for Jews and which gave the name of a popular landmark. From the east, the reservoir approaches the foot of the disputed territory of two states - the Golan Heights, which are a plateau of volcanic origin.

Tiberias lake

The rest of the coast - it is both wild and equipped beaches, which are an excellent place for tourists.Many centuries ago along the banks of the reservoir passed the ancient sea route, contributing to the development of trade. And all the settlements, located on the coast, in the blink of an eye turned into rich cities.

Holy places located near the lake

Under Roman rule, the territory of the lake was the place where Jesus read his sermons. Therefore, it is no coincidence that small settlements and churches began to be built on the banks of the reservoir, and Capernaum, the settlement where Apostles Andrew, John, Paul, and James were born, is considered to be the most famous Christian place. Christ came here after he left Nazareth, and soon Cafarnaum becomes the center of his preaching work. Today, in the ancient city, considered a paradise for archaeologists, Christian pilgrims come from all over the world and tourists interested in history.Lake Tiberias Israel

Another holy place is Yardenit, which is located where the Jordan River flows out of the lake. It is believed that its water can cure both physical illness and mental disorders, as well as change the fate of a person for the better. All year round, pilgrims rush to the place where John the Baptist baptized Christ, and plunge into the water, feeling inexplicable grace.

Temple on the Sea of ​​Tiberias

On the north shore of the lake is a church, the white walls and pink domes of which are visible from afar. The Greek Patriarchate bought a plot of land near the pond to build the temple of the Twelve Apostles. Appearing in the 20s of the last century, where, according to legend, Jesus healed paralytic, a religious monument became a place of pilgrimage.temple on lake tiberias

Tourists who visited the church speak of it as a wonderful place where you can feel the touch of the Lord. The special atmosphere, charming music, colorful murals with images on biblical themes - all this affects the feelings of people. Even unbelievers often go to the temple to calm the soul.

Several pond names

The main source of fresh water in the country, located 200 meters below sea level, bears many names. Each of them reflects the historical stages of the peoples who inhabited the coast at different times. Lake Tiberias, on whose waters Jesus went, bore the following names: Gennesaret, Galilee, Kinneret. The admirable masterpiece of 165 km2Israelis in jest are often compared to the sea.

How is the replenishment of water supplies?

Feed the lake, formed in the zone of the earth's crust, 15 small rivers, originating in the Golan Heights (disputed territory in the Middle East, which Israel and Syria consider to be theirs), but only one follows - the sacred Jordan River. It connects the work without hands to the Dead Sea, and eventually the salt from the lake, where fresh water was concentrated, was washed into an inland natural health resort where it was impossible to drown. Where the river goes, Yardenit is located, which is the place of baptism of Christ. Approximately 500 million meters enters the Lake of Tiberias from Jordan3water.Lake Tiberias golan heights

Danger coming from the Golan Heights

At the bottom of the fabulously beautiful work of nature there is basalt sand, thanks to which its clear water appears dark blue. Often, tourists mistakenly think that the calm expanse of a man-made masterpiece cannot harm a person, but here there are often strong breezes that cause a storm, and in a few minutes the still calm Tiberias lake changes to non-recognition. The Golan Heights is the place where violent eastern winds come from, becoming deadly for fishermen and vacationers who do not expect unpleasant surprises.

Towards evening, due to the sharp temperature drop, storms often rage here, posing a threat to people.

Ecological problems

The authorities are protecting the important freshwater artery of Israel. Unfortunately, recently the Lake of Tiberias gradually grows shallower, because the life-giving moisture from it is taken so actively that the water level drops dangerously, and this can lead to algae reproduction and deterioration of the ecological system of the natural monument.where is the lake of tiberias

The government of the country, for many years looking for new methods of wastewater treatment, has now become a leader in their treatment.

Sensation at the bottom of local attractions

As it turned out, Lake Tiberias (Israel), the photo of which causes the only desire - to get to know it more quickly, full of mysteries. Three years ago, the name of the freshwater reservoir hit the pages of newspapers in connection with an unusual find found at the bottom of a natural monument. The mysterious stone pyramid is over four thousand years old and 10 meters high, resembling a tombstone, and now archaeologists are studying, who cannot determine by whom and when it was built.

The conical structure, consisting of basalt plates with no traces of processing, is of artificial origin. The mysterious structure weighing about 60 thousand tons appeared even before the moment when the depression of the lake was flooded with water. Next to it, scientists discovered megaliths, the age of which dates from the third millennium BC. According to researchers, the pyramid was erected by the inhabitants of the ancient city of Beth Yerah, which was considered the largest settlement at that time.

Hot thermal springs

On the shore of the lake with a length of about 60 km there are hot thermal springs, all tourists know about the healing properties of which. Near the site, located in Tiberias, has grown a lot of hotels and spa centers, taking over the year wishing to improve their health.

Another complex grew up in northeastern Israel, at the foot of the Golan Heights. The reserve Khamat-Gader is a huge park where hot thermal springs with high levels of mineral salts were discovered. Today, thousands of tourists visit the resort hoping to recover from diseases of the skin and nervous system. In addition, water treatments and help to lose weight, because they speed up the metabolism.

What do tourists say?

Tourists who visited Lake Tiberias (Israel) admit that it was a fascinating journey, during which walks to historical sites and recreational activities were successfully combined. Many say that in a picturesque corner they are filled with different feelings, the main of which is happiness. This amazing place, admirable, can be dangerous, because storms arise here almost instantly.tiberias lake israel photo

Lake Tiberias, in which one third of the country's fresh water is concentrated, is an important place for all Jews, since millions of Israelis enjoy its gifts.

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Lake Tiberias: a photo of the sights of Israel 1

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