Lake Manzherok, Mountain Altai: photos, recreation centers

"Tell me, my friend, what is Manzherok" - the words of the once popular song of Edita Piekha used to be sung throughout the Union. And today, Gorny Altai every year attracts travelers from all over Russia with its picturesque nature, clean ionized air, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. The tourist infrastructure is very well developed in this region: there are many recreation centers, catering and entertainment facilities. Lake Manzherok near the Chui tract is famous for its beauty, rich flora and fauna.

Manzherok Lake

Location and features of the reservoir

"Foggy hill covered with forest" - this is how the name of the lake is translated from the Altai language. A small lake Manzherok (about 1000 by 400 m in size) is located on the right bank of the Katun. Opposite is the Sinyukha mountain, and in its vicinity lies the eponymous village of the Mayminsky district (the Altai Republic). On the southern shore of the reservoir is the village of Ozernoe.

Manzherok has a shallow depth, only 3 m.This fact did not prevent the reservoir to receive the status of a natural monument.

The water of Lake Manzherok (photo below) is not transparent, but has a marsh-green color. Despite this, it is very clean and even drinkable (according to some sources), rich in trace elements and minerals. Locals claim that water has healing properties.

Lake Manzherok Altai Mountains

Scientists suggest that Lake Manzherok was formed on the site of the Katun branch channel, which later became shallow.

Flora and fauna of the lake

Flora and fauna in this area is very rich. On the opposite shore of the lake stands covered with coniferous forests Sinyukha. On its slopes grow pines, fir and spruce, deciduous trees. On the shores of Lake Manzherok spruce towering, sprawling birch trees flaunt, there are many bushes and flowers. Here grows wild rose, wild raspberry and currant, honeysuckle, viburnum, hawthorn.

Manzherok Lake in the Altai Mountains (pictured) is the real kingdom of aquatic plants. It grows chilim or damn nut listed in the Red Book. It is said that people used it for a long time, dried and crushed it. It turned out the flour from which the dishes were prepared.Unripe fruits float on the surface of the water, then ripen, become heavier and sink to the bottom. Among other plants of the lake one can distinguish white and yellow water lilies, eladeu.

Lake Manzherok photo

The most famous representatives of the fauna inhabit the waters of the lake. These are crucians, carps, perches, pikes.

Manzherok - all season vacation

It is good to rest here at any time of the year. From November to April the lake is frozen. At the end of May - the beginning of June, the water warms up well, the beach rest on Manzherok Lake begins.

The most unforgettable and charming sight can be seen in July. At this time on the lake lily blooms. Most of the reservoir is immersed in large white flowers, carrying fragrant aroma. If you take a boat and swim out in the middle, you get the feeling of being in a fabulous meadow of flowers. Suddenly the romance disappears and you realize that you are in the middle of the lake (the oars go hard).

Rest on the lake Manzherok

In winter, the Manzherok ski resort is popular here. It is only 20 km to Mount Veselaya with trails. You can go skiing, snowboarding, cheesecakes, sledding. Ice-fishing enthusiasts often gather on the lake in anticipation of the bite.


Rest on the lake Manzherok quite calm, especially when compared with the neighboring lake Aya. The water is very warm and comfortable for swimming.Vacationers lie on a sandy beach, which is about half the lake's perimeter. In the rest of the pond, the marshland, fishermen in rubber boats swim quietly from place to place.

Tourists love to go hiking or cycling in the beautiful surroundings of the lake. You can rent a horse and even a camel and ride a little.

Lake Manzherok Altai Mountains recreation

From water entertainment, catamarans and rubber boats are offered to travelers. Locals love their lake and are proud of it. They recommend travelers to swim very carefully, so as not to damage the water lilies and other aquatic plants.

Nearest recreation

One of the largest hotels is the Park Hotel "Manzherok", located in the village opposite the lake. It offers year-round comfortable accommodation in comfortable rooms. Accommodation categories range from Economy to Suite. In summer you can stay in small wooden houses or national yurts. Guests can enjoy Balkan, Italian and Russian cuisine at the restaurant. Guests can relax in the bath, swim in the pool, go to the wellness treatments (phyto barrel and antler barrel, massage).In the evening, you can comfortably sit on the veranda near the mangalny platform and enjoy barbecues in a warm company of friends and relatives.

Lake Manzherok Altai Mountains photo

A calmer rest in a larger area is offered for travelers by the Talda base, which is open from May to September. Guests can choose to stay at affordable prices as well-appointed, and more economical uncomfortable rooms. A full meal is organized in the dining room. Talda is a popular place for corporate tours. There is a conference room on the territory for holding business events and training seminars. The administration of the recreation center organizes guided hikes and rafting on rafts on the Katun River. You can rent a moped, bicycle or quad bike and ride through the nearby area.

Most recreation centers on Lake Manzherok (Gorny Altai) offer comfortable accommodation, quality food and high-class service. Prices for accommodation range from 200 to 1500 rubles per person per day.

How to brighten up leisure

Experienced travelers say that to attentively get acquainted with all the interesting places and sights around Lake Manzherok, you need at least a week.The most popular excursions here are rafting on the mountain Katun. During such an exciting walk it is difficult to enjoy the picturesque shores, because it is breathtaking from the speed and shaking through the waves. Many of the excess of impressions and adrenaline do not even remember how they were helped to take off life jackets on the beach after the trip.

In the village of Manzherok, you can look into an interesting upturned house, where everything is located upside down. 5-6 km from the lake there is a beautiful Cheremshansky waterfall, the height of the water fall is about 5 m.

How to get there?

The most convenient way to get to Lake Manzherok from Gorno-Altaisk. The distance along the R-256 is about 40 km. The road is very convenient, with good asphalt coating leads to the pond.

There is regular public transport from Barnaul and Gorno-Altaisk (buses and fixed-route taxis). You need to get to the village of Manzherok, then walk for about 2 km along the scenic area.

From Biysk you can get through Srostki and Maimu to the village of Manzherok. The distance is about 130 km.

Guest reviews

All vacationers agree that Gorny Altai is not a place that you can visit and forget.The time spent here is remembered for many years. Most tourists come back here again and again.

Young people love to go on excursions to Sinyukha, rafting on rafts and riding a quad bike. In winter and summer, a scenic, incomparable view opens from the cable car to the lake. Couples with children enjoy quiet walks and beach holidays.

Travelers who come here year after year appreciated the new asphalt road with parking near Lake Manzherok. The forest and mountains around the pond are just as wonderful.

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