Lada on Comtrans 2017

VAZ remembered what makes and commercial cars. And brought them to the exhibition Comtrans 2017.

Grant with a refrigerator van Largus, another isotherm, but based on the old Niva. And Vesta CNG, which is approaching the commercial vehicles taxi coloring. There is a completely new Largus with a high roof.

It's funny that the VAZ itself on its conveyor makes only one of these models, the Largus-van. Vesti for methane converts Togliatti company PBX, and other machines produces a "daughter" of VAZ-VIS-Auto. She also developed a high roof for Largus.

The idea is the simplest: cut off the metal roof and put on a 30-cm plastic "cap". Immediately the machine receives an additional half a cubic meter of volume without increasing the mass (well, almost). For carriers of bulk cargoes of 0.5 m3 can be an important argument. But the convenience of using the extra volume is great, it is limited by the doors that have kept the nominal height. So in the next version, the rear doors will also get extensions.

Largus with a high roof of history is already known: the Nizhny Novgorod company Samotlor-NN a few months ago made a similar, only slightly more complicated and expensive project.

The price of a seriously converted Largus from Nizhny grows by about 300-350 thousand rubles, while VIS-Auto plans to meet the 100 thousand for the remake. Because the scope of work is much smaller, and because such a machine will no longer be a VIS-Auto, but the VAZ itself, on the main conveyor.
Isothermal vans from VIS-Avto, in a sense, is also a novelty: the company has just switched from metal bodies to plastic ones. Formal reason - better surface quality.

But in fact, as representatives of the company told “off-record”, “the metallurgists are completely fucked up: prices are constantly rising, and the quality of the metal is terrible”. Therefore, they switched to plastic. This gave no gains either in price or in bulk. But the quality has improved, sort of like.

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