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The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Here family members spend a lot of time together. In order for this room to be not only pleasant for communication, but also multifunctional, you should correctly select the furniture. Kitchens "Maria" (reviews mark the modern stylish design of the furniture of this brand and high quality materials) fully meet all the requirements of the discerning customers. Ergonomic. Multifunctional. Here, all the details are thought out to the smallest detail.

About the furniture factory

Furniture factory "Maria" began its existence in 1999 in the city of Saratov. Initially, the company owned a relatively small area of ​​900 square meters. m, and the number of produced kitchens barely reached thirty. By 2008, the business began to expand, and the company opened about 250 kitchen studios across the country.

Currently, the production of furniture for the kitchen "Maria" is established in a big way.The company employs about three thousand employees. Factory property increased to 94,667 sq. M. m, and the company produces an extensive range of goods. These are about thirty different models for the kitchen and fourteen for the bathroom.

The company’s founders were three businessmen - Efim Katz, Alexey Sukhorukov and Andrei Serebryannikov. They have done business together before. Co-owners of the network of home appliances stores and furniture studios where Italian kitchen furniture was sold. During this period, an Italian company offered men to sell high-quality kitchen materials in Russia. Businessmen, in those days, did not receive good profits, and business underwent hard times.

The sale of Italian material did not bring profit, but goods remained in stock. From it, the partners came up with some of the most simple models of kitchen furniture. We bought equipment for its furniture assembly. They opened a factory called "Maria". About 15 million rubles were invested in the new project.

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Kitchen "Maria" was originally made at a democratic price, which was several times lower than the Italian kitchen.Now the cost of furniture of this company is at the level of the middle and high segment. Components are purchased abroad and in Russia. Never buy in China. The average cost of a kitchen set varies around 200 thousand rubles. To attract customers, contextual advertising is used with a favorite artist, Gerard Depardieu. After this campaign, the brand “Maria” became famous, and sales rose to 73%.

In each kitchen studio there is a designer who helps the client, for free, to model the best arrangement of products in space. It advises buyers the most convenient and profitable option. Every day, the factory manufactures more than one hundred kitchens, and in 2016 the profit from business amounted to 6 billion rubles.

The company has about 300 retail stores throughout the country and is not going to stop there. Every day, the factory enthusiastically creates more and more new models, using only first-class safe materials, such as artificial stone, solid wood, tempered glass, etc. All mechanisms of opening and closing are purchased in Germany, in the company Hettich.They are designed for 80 thousand openings.

The service life of the furniture "Maria" is 10 years, and the warranty is given for four years. The design of the headsets is fully thought out. This is indicated by roomy cabinets, where you can put not only cutlery, but also easily install household appliances. The internal space of the cabinets is made according to the wishes of the client.

The company allows its customers to purchase furniture on credit. At the same time, there is a discount on the kitchen, equal to the accrued bank interest.

The address of the furniture factory "Maria" can be easily found on the official website. Thus, the company's headquarters is located in Saratov, along Ordzhonikidze Street, at number 24. The company also has a Moscow office, which operates at the address: Moscow, Metro Paveletskaya, Derbenevskaya Street, Building 20, Building 32, business Center "Kozhevniki".

Product range

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The company offers its customers about 50 models of kitchen sets. In addition, each client is given the opportunity to purchase the kitchen "Maria" to order, on an individual project. In the company there are three main areas:

  • modern style;
  • classic;
  • neoclassical

In addition to the furniture, the company provides the opportunity to purchase mixers and sinks that are suitable in style, sinks, tabletops, as well as various accessories. Under the built-in kitchen, representatives of the company offer to pick up tables and chairs, as well as household appliances.

Models of kitchen sets are presented in the most different color scale. In the manufacture of furniture involve almost all types of finishes. Furniture is made of solid, film and dyed MDF, chipboard, plastic. The frame of the cabinets is made of laminated chipboard, and the back part is made of MDF.

The facades of the classic models are made of solid, as well as film MDF. For finishing can be used a variety of materials. As a rule, this is the same array, chipboard and MDF. More pieces of furniture trim with natural veneer, tempered glass, aluminum, glossy or matte varnish, artificial stone.

All models come with high-quality accessories from Europe, which has a service life of up to 10 years. Consultants of the company will help you to choose tabletops, tables, chairs, washing or household appliances to the headset.

Today, everyone can buy the kitchen "Maria".St. Petersburg and other major cities became the owners of branded stores of this furniture. This allows residents of these regions to purchase furniture factories directly in their hometown.

In the basic configuration of the kitchen "Maria" there are the following elements:

  • postforming tabletop;
  • resistant to moisture;
  • drying;
  • the loops equipped with the closer;
  • elements with the sliding mechanism of the German production;
  • plinth, specially selected to match the worktop;
  • frame, supplemented with PVC edge 1 mm;
  • cornice;
  • the base.

For each kitchen equipment the company offers to purchase a set of household appliances. Standard set includes:

  • exhaust hood;
  • cooking surface;
  • an oven;
  • fridge.

Modern style kitchen furniture

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Kitchens "Maria" (St. Petersburg has several studios of kitchen furniture located in the most convenient places of the city, which allows people to easily find them) are practical and convenient. Have ergonomics. Able to decorate any room. They give a feeling of harmony, warmth and home comfort.

Modern modern style is simplicity and brevity.All models of this line lack the pretentiousness of the Baroque and the bored bourgeois classic style. Modern style cuisine demonstrates freedom. Does not enclose a strict framework, but provides an opportunity for improvisation.

Even the most expensive and elite models in the modern style do not create a sense of pomp. All parts are massive. There are only straight lines. For decoration of furniture used metal frames and frosted glass.

Modern kitchens have strict forms. Despite this, their decoration and accessories are exquisite, and the color scheme is original. Modern kitchen is elegant and perfectly fits into any space without disturbing it.

If the area of ​​the room is large, then it can be zoned using different floor coverings, using multi-level ceilings, different lighting, bar counter and other tricks for interior design.

Modern kitchen style suggests a game with contrasts. It may be different in texture materials or completely opposite colors, combined together in one set of furniture.

The most popular furniture sets in this category are Jazz, Vector and Mix 22 models.Modern kitchens "Maria" (customer reviews are also noted) can be provided in different configurations, color and shape. Here the choice is based on the desire of the client.

Classic style for sophisticated people

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Kitchen factory "Maria" are made in the classical style. Such furniture is suitable for people who especially appreciate the quality and tradition. As a rule, they have an exquisite taste and love elegant forms that have passed the test of time. All elements of the decor here give nobility.

Kitchens of such a plan are symmetrical. The composition of the headset has a center, from which is the construction of all the details of the interior. Kitchens of the classic type allow you to perfectly equip the space. With maximum practicality to use kitchen furniture. Their color scheme is restrained, but all items have a refined decorative design. Elite furniture is made from an array, more budget options are made from a material resembling wood.

Classic kitchens are bulky. To visually make them easier, light-colored furniture is combined with wallpaper, upholstered chairs or dark-colored textile accessories.The situation is quite different with dark shades of the kitchen. It is advantageous to beat help wallpaper and interior elements of light colors.

Kitchen Studio "Maria" offers its customers the following classic headsets: Adele, Acatcia, Gloria, Rosa, Federica, Daniela, Borgo.

Topical neoclassical

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Furniture factory "Maria" is always happy to help their customers. And so the company has created a special neoclassical style, which is a cross between classic and modern. These kitchens are especially elegant. Here stands out a bright and modern design with traditional elements.

Neoclassical style gives ease, which is not in the classics. At the same time, there is no sharp contrast in the decoration of products. The set is carried out in one strictly laconic tone. The kitchens have side racks, there are both glass and lattice facades. This decision makes the furniture visually easier, opens up space and a zone for creativity. Dressing is represented by chrome metal parts.

Kitchens "Maria" (customer reviews mark the professional work of the company's designers, who help to determine not only the headset model, but also the material) harmoniously look both in a large and small room.Each kitchen model can be complemented by different layouts that are selected based on the size of the room. The site has many examples of the addition of a universal set of various items of interior.

The kitchen studio "Maria", which can be found in every city, is ready to offer its customers the following neoclassical style headsets: Farm, Nicolle, Axis, Primula, Patrizia.

Where can I buy kitchen furniture?

You can buy in almost every major city kitchen "Maria". Shops from the furniture factory work every day, and their addresses are listed on the official website of the company. In order to find out if there is a kitchen studio from the factory “Maria” in the city, it’s enough to enter your city in the section “Where to buy?” After this manipulation, all addresses will appear in the specified locality. It remains to decide where it is most convenient to purchase the specified furniture. On the same site, a virtual consultant can ask all your questions. Or even order a free Maria's kitchen design project.

The company arranges promotions all the time; they allow you to purchase furniture with a substantial discount or get a good gift for purchasing a kitchen set. All information about discounts and promotions is also on the official website.

Kitchens "Maria": prices

Furniture from the factory "Maria" is presented to customers in a wide range. The price range ranges from 100 thousand rubles and above. It all depends on the configuration of the headset, the material, the color palette, etc.

They have very reasonable prices for the kitchen "Maria" in the modern style. The cost of standard configuration ranges from 108 to 183 thousand rubles. Classic-style furniture costs from 140 to 254 thousand rubles. The cost of neoclassical headsets varies from 130 to 200 thousand rubles. This is an approximate cost of kitchens, because each room has its own characteristics and parameters, taking into account which the furniture for the kitchen is made.

Offered and discounts on the kitchen "Maria". For example, 50% on sections from MDF. At a discounted price, you can purchase non-standard kitchens. If household appliances are also purchased with furniture, the discount on furniture is about 30%. This promotion is valid until the end of October 2017. If you constantly monitor the campaigns held in the company, you can buy furniture at a price that will be several times less than normal.

The company offers free services such as:

  • measurement of the kitchen;
  • granting a loan without overpayments;
  • design.

The manufacture of kitchens "Maria" occurs in four stages. It:

  • drawing up a design project;
  • call the measurer;
  • furniture making;
  • kitchen delivery to the client and assembly.

Kitchen from the factory is easy to acquire, and the official website of the company will act as a real helper here.

Kitchens "Maria": positive reviews

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Kitchen furniture from the factory has earned a lot of positive feedback. Opinions of people mark high-quality moisture-proof material, good-quality accessories and competent work of designers. Users say that the cabinets are spacious, and all the details are thought out to the smallest detail. Indicate the polite and correct work of staff and free services gager.

Users claim that the furniture is made only from environmentally friendly material, the quality of which is confirmed by an appropriate certificate. People note that it is convenient to take care of the surfaces and facade, and the countertops were strong and reliable, especially those made of artificial stone and made of monolith. They do not have a single seam and move smoothly into the sink.

The surface of the furniture, even after prolonged use, does not form chips, scratches and cracks.Customers like furniture design. According to them, he did not have time to get bored, unlike some other standard furniture.

Kitchens "Maria" positive reviews are considered the best and functional. They are convenient to use. Cabinets are equipped with closers, so silently open and close. Mechanisms work smoothly and debugged, and the internal arrangement of the cabinets is done according to the client. For these people, the kitchen became the embodiment of their dreams, and they do not want any other furniture.

Negative consumer feedback

Kitchens "Maria" have negative reviews. People writing them mark the high cost of kitchens. Incompetent work of employees who, after paying for the order, cease to make contact. Indicate a low level of service. It is said that furniture assemblers assemble headsets for a long time and not always qualitatively. Not satisfied with the many and the fact that after assembly, workers do not carry out the garbage. People believe that, having given 500 thousand rubles for the kitchen, they should receive first-class service, but this is exactly the situation in the company.

Some individuals indicate poor quality material.These are chips, scratches, cracks on the surface, which appeared after several months of operation of the kitchen. When assembling, it sometimes becomes apparent that the dimensions of some parts do not fit. There were also defective products.

There were cases when the company did not bring all the headset products, because of which the assembly of furniture was delayed.

Tips for choosing the kitchen "Maria"

built-in kitchen maria

Built-in kitchen "Maria" is able to decorate any apartment. But so that the choice does not disappoint, you need to choose it correctly. The company provides free assistance to clients by professional designers. They advise buyers, help them organize the space according to the individual characteristics of the room. They talk about the benefits of a particular material.

All models in the company are ergonomic. Made with the intention to make life as easy as possible for the owner of the house. First of all, before choosing a kitchen, you should decide what kind of furniture you need:

  • universal;
  • functional;
  • decorative.

Universal headsets embody both functionality and decorative. This is a kitchen for those who cook a lot and eat only at home.Here, with maximum convenience and in close proximity to each other, there is a desk, a stove and a sink. In walking distance is a refrigerator. This kitchen is equipped with a good hood. It has a practical and reliable countertop. This is the best option for small spaces.

Functional furniture is designed for housewives who spend most of their time in the kitchen and prepare sophisticated dishes. It requires maximum practicality and ergonomic space. Everything you need is at arm's length. Cabinets are roomy and designed for a large amount of inventory. Such furniture is suitable for a large family. It allows you to spend time comfortably in the kitchen and easily accommodates all family members.

Decorative options complement the overall interior of the apartment. This kitchen is not devoid of functionality, but the design of products was given much more time than in the other two options. Suitable for those who are accustomed to eat out. Here, the kitchen is considered as an addition to the basic furnishings of the house and does not matter how the stove, sink or refrigerator is located.To equip such furniture, only elite materials and household appliances of famous brands are used.

So if you competently approach the issue of choice, the products of the furniture factory "Maria" will not disappoint you!

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