Katharina Witt - a symbol of figure skating

By nature, she is an athlete, and the most successful figure skater of all time. Known as the "fire on ice", Katharina Witt represented former East Germany in figure skating. Having won the European champion title in 1983 for the first time, Katharina became her six times in a row. In her arsenal there are four gold medals of the world champion and two gold Olympic awards. Fans are always interested in what their pet does now. About this and talk in the article.

How did it all start?

The future figure skater Katharina Witt was born in the usual average family of the times of socialism, December 3, 1965 in the city of Karl Marx. Now it is the city of Hymnitz, it returned the historical name. Kati's father, Manfred, ran an agricultural plant, mom was a physical therapist. Katarina has an older brother, Axel.

Katharina in training, 1984

Figure skating, which even the baby was fascinated by Katharina, began for her at the age of 6 years. The talented girl was just lucky, she came to the group to the famous coach Uta Muller, who worked in the best dictatorial traditions of the GDR coaching school.This is the iron will and harsh demands of a man whose skaters wept in the locker room. But this is the kind of sport where you either lay out and win, or leave. Frau Muller made of Katharina Witt the figure skater-winner, who throughout her career in figure skating deservedly took awards only of the highest standard.

Preparing for the 1988 Olympics, Katharina realized that her ice career was nearing its end, which is likely to be the last Olympiad. She was only 22, but for the competition she was already quite “old” as a figure skater. She understood that there was no future in professional sports in the GDR. There were no ice shows she dreamed of in the country. It was then that she signed a contract with sports officials: if she wins the second Olympic gold, they give her the opportunity to participate in several concert programs abroad.

Calgary Witt Wins Olympic Gold

End of career and return ...

Having completed his career in amateur figure skating in 1988, Katharina does not leave figure skating. Now it is professional: ice shows, movies, major US tours. She tries herself as a TV host.Since 1991, Katharina has worked in both German and American television as a figure skating specialist.

But Katharine still felt too young to just lead and observe. The ice continued to attract her, and she believed that she could still prove herself. And she managed the seemingly impossible, namely, the return from professional skating to the amateur camp of skaters. At the German Championship in 1992, she took the second place, in 1994 she took the eighth place at the European Championships and the seventh place at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer. She was not on the podium of the winner, but did it again in the pro. As a professional, she won the world champion title in 1992 in Paris.

In addition to sporting achievements

In addition to her sporting achievements, Katharina Witt has information that in 1995 she founded her own production company for skating shows, such as Stars on Ice and Champions on Ice, with WITT Sports & Entertainment GmbH. and "Winter Magic". Katharina founded the “Snowflake” ice exhibition, established the “S Vitt Sport and Entertainment” sports and entertainment company, and presented her own jewelry collection.

On the pages of Playboy

In 1998, she starred for Playboy.With her as the Covergirl, the entire issue of the magazine was sold to the latest in the world. For the magazine it was the second record release after a photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe. Since 2005, Katharina has been actively involved in the Katharina Witt Foundation, which she established, which supports children and teenagers with physical disabilities.

Farewell tour

In March 2008, she finally ended her career. All tickets in nine cities were sold to performances of the ageless Ice Princess in her farewell tour of Germany. This was her last appearance as an "active" ice skater on the ice. Once again, in her 43 years, she confidently glided over the brilliant surface of the ice, in the center of attention, enjoying the applause. Now this moment is over. Her tour performances were accompanied by the screening on the skating rinks of important moments from her global career, and she again impressively demonstrated her skills and charisma. This time, as Katharina Witt herself said, she “wants to hang her skates” at last, after nine shows in eight cities.

"I have to tell you honestly that I was preparing such a tour and thought about everything, and then completely forgot what I should say at the end.Maybe just thank you, "said Kati Witt, holding her breath and beaming.

Farewell Tour of Katharina Witt 2008

What is Katharina Witt doing now?

The most successful German figure skater finished her career. In an interview with a German magazine, she said: "For the first time in my career, I have no plan, I just want to have free time." She decided to stop the daily hard work, the eternal icy cold and sports nutrition. This freedom will mean a major change for the two-time Olympic champion. In addition to her work in the funds, producer work, filming in television programs and films, Katharina Witt writes books. From the published: "So much life", "With ease in shape", "My years between duty and freestyle."

As an ARD Olympic expert, Katharina Witt worked with presenters broadcast from the 2018 Olympic Games in Pkhenchan in South Korea. But she keeps her personal life largely out of public view.

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