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A slider is something that can make any site attractive. It allows you to fit in one place a large amount of content, showing it in blocks that appear in turn. Naturally, every site owner will want to make himself a similar slider. Fortunately, there are a large number of ready-made solutions on the Internet. But not every person will be happy if he gets such a slider, which, although it is attractive and functional, is not unique. Accordingly, many people want to get a personalized slider that would fully meet their needs, look attractive and be as functional as possible. Fortunately, you can create not the most complex sliders on jQuery. This is what the article will be about. Sliders on jQuery is a very popular solution that you might like if you want to make your site more attractive and informative.

What is jQuery?

jquery sliders

Before you start creating sliders on jQuery, you need to figure out what it is.So, if you are developing a site, then for this you use HTML, CSS and JS. HTML is the skeleton of your site, its foundation, which can then be improved gradually. CSS - these are the styles that you apply to specific elements of the skeleton of your site, making them bright, colorful, attractive, in parallel creating the overall picture. Well, JS is a programming language that allows you to breathe life into your site, making it not a static picture, but a dynamic place where every click can mean something.

As for jQuery, this is the most famous and largest library of scripts for JS. The fact is that in JS you write a specific code that applies to a particular element on the site. However, this programming language is used to create websites so long ago that a huge number of different commands are repeated, since so many functions of the sites are similar. Accordingly, a library of these commands was created, which allows you to use ready-made code fragments, rather than invent them from scratch, which greatly simplifies and speeds up work on the site.

Thus, jQuery sliders are JS sliders that use a library of ready-made solutions that provide their functionality.That is why they are quite simple and accessible to everyone. You only need a basic knowledge of JS to create your own slider. And it is about this will be discussed in this article.

Turnkey solutions

simple jquery slider

It is worth paying attention to the fact that you can download a simple slider on jQuery on the Internet. Many programmers add their solutions to the network, which can also be customized to suit their own needs. All you need to do is to download the slider you need, load the necessary documents into the folder with the site, add the necessary code and, if you wish, change it to give a new look to your slider. After that you will only have to download the content for each slide, and you can use the new version of your site. However, this is only information for review so that you understand that you do not need to spend time creating your own slider. If you really want to do this business, good news is waiting for you. The fact is that a simple slider on jQuery is not so difficult to create even for a beginner.

Features of this slider

jquery content slider

So, you decided to create your own content slider on jQuery.What will he represent? What will be his features and distinctive features? If you do not want to add a large number of bells and whistles, thus significantly complicating the task, you should think about how to make the slider as easy as possible. This means that it will simply scroll through your content without using any complex animation. Of course, you can make the most primitive slider, which will simply scroll through several containers with content, but do not go to extremes. At least, even a beginner can make the slider scroll in different directions, allow the user to select a particular slide, generate links to the content in the slides, and so on. Accordingly, the jQuery site slider is available for everyone, even in a non-primitive form, so you should definitely consider creating your own unique and unique slider.

Compatibility and adaptability

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Before you start doing the image slider on jQuery, you should think about whether you have enough skills to ensure that the final result meets the basic standards. It's about compatibility and adaptability.Firstly, your slider should be displayed equally in all browsers that are popular today, otherwise it can cause certain problems when viewing, which is why people using this or that browser will stop visiting your site. Accordingly, you need to be careful with the styles used in the process of creating your slider, as well as test the result in each browser. Secondly, if your site is adaptive, that is, changes depending on the screen size, then the slider must be made in accordance with these rules. Otherwise, users will have problems when viewing your site from mobile devices. So, regardless of whether you decide to do a horizontal or vertical slider on jQuery, you should always carefully check the final result.


 jquery image slider

You should always start creating something with HTML markup, then wrapping up this code with styles and scripts. In this case, you will need a container that will contain your slider, as well as separate divs for each slide. That's all, nothing more to think about. Just do not forget to give your container an ID so that you can attach scripts to it, and also always give classes to slider elements in order to hang styles on them.


jquery vertical slider

With styles, everything is a bit more complicated, because you have to transform the resulting skeleton very strongly, as it is, in fact, nothing. These are just a few blocks of content placed in one container. Accordingly, you need to change this. You need to set the width of the container, hide everything that stands for the edges, make a frame if you want it, and also take up other important details, such as making the container relative, to fit the slides inside it absolutely. This is not all that you need to do in the CSS file, but in this case, much depends on how you want your slider to look. Do not forget that you also need to make buttons for switching slides, as well as other functional and decorative details. You can decide that you are creating a slider with thumbnails on jQuery, you can decide that it will be a slider with plain text. In general, depending on the content, you can change styles, so it makes no sense to describe each element in detail. If you do not want to deal with all these details, you'd better go back to the very beginning of the article and think about how to just download yourself a ready-made slider or use ready-made code for it.


Well, it's time to look at the most important thing, which will make your slider not just a beautiful picture, but a live container, replacing slide after slide. Here you will need knowledge of the programming language, since you will need to set specific parameters for the speed and frequency of page turning, to hide inactive slides, to activate the buttons that you designed in the previous step, and much more. For a person who is unfamiliar with programming, this step will be too difficult, so you should not even try to build something yourself. Just find a ready slider or copy the code of the one you like.

Connect to CMS

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In the modern world, many sites are not created from absolute zero, but are made on CMS - special platforms that are the basis for Internet pages. This allows you to facilitate both the work of the web designer and the person who then wants to use this site, administer it and fill it with content. Accordingly, you should figure out how to connect your new slider to one or another CMS. In most cases, this is done quite simply: you only need to attach your code to the template and load the necessary scripts manually.You can also create a separate function that wraps all your code in order to attach it to the CMS.

This is not the end

You should understand that this is not necessarily the end of your work. If you enjoy working with jQuery, creating your slider, then you can continue, improving it. There are a large number of interesting chips and "frills" that it makes no sense to consider in the article about the basic slider, but you can learn it yourself.

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