Joker Tattoo: Symbols and Photos

The joker is the most interesting card in the playing deck; it is considered a symbol of the impermanence and variability of fortune. Joker personifies risk and chance. Tattoo joker in recent times in great demand. It is only necessary to sort out in more detail what it symbolizes.joker tattoo

Joker Tattoo: Meaning

The joker is considered a cultural phenomenon of the Middle Ages. City jesters and buffoons, walking with a crown on their heads, were named by this name. Very often, they joked and sharply portrayed kings who did not enjoy the love of the people. Due to this, many researchers interpret the joker as a symbol of the disobedience of power and anarchy.

In the crime circle, the joker tattoo is quite famous. Most often it is worn by avid scammers. A separate contingent of fans of such tattoos are professional gamblers. People who earn by playing cards, like no one else, need luck.joker tattoo

Even if your life philosophy is absolutely not connected with adventurism, cunning and romance, you should not abandon the idea of ​​stuffing such a tattoo. This symbol has noble meanings:

  • Changeable fortune.Life consists of ups and downs. So explain the tattoo in the form of a girl-joker. The girl in this case is good luck.
  • Thin and satirical view of things. Such a tattoo will be an excellent complement to the image of a person with a wonderful sense of humor and observation.
  • Exposing the false masks. A sad joker is very often the personification of a person’s true attitude towards the world around him. A sad jester encourages others to see the truth in hypocrisy and lies.
  • A joker tattoo can become a symbol of evil as an element of balance to good. This interpretation is relevant for the movie hero from the films about The Dark joker meaning

Interesting ideas

Very often, the sketches of this tattoo are complemented by other elements of excitement (a deck of cards, etc.). If you still can not choose for themselves the original and interesting tattoo "joker", the photos of this character presented in this article will help you choose the original image for yourself. The most interesting and appropriate tattoos for a character are:

  • A smiling joker holding an ace in his hand. This wearable image can be interpreted as a symbol of forethought and cunning. The expression corresponding to the value of this tattoo, sounds like this: "Always keep a trump card in the sleeve."
  • Superhero from the famous comic with the inscription Why so serious. Fans of comic books and films about Batman will be delighted with a similar wearable image. However, such an idea must be taken seriously. After all, a popular movie hero today in a few years may become completely uninteresting and irrelevant.
  • A bright underwear image will be a composition in the style of trash polka. A black and red tattoo can create an aura of mystery around your person. However, because of its darkness and heavy energy, such tattoos are not suitable for joker photo

Where stuffed

The joker tattoo is universal and can be applied both to the body of the guy and to the body of the girl. The image of the joker villain is more popular among men. However, the tattoo is not much in demand in body art, most likely, many are confused by its most famous interpretation - the criminal.

Joker tattoos will look great on such places:

  • stomach;
  • neck;
  • chest;
  • joker

Joker Tattoos in the West

Similar images are common and relevant in the United States. In the history of recent years, the hero of the comic, and then the movies about Batman, has become the most famous joker.Great contribution to the interest in the image of the villain made Heath Lager and Jack Nicholson, who at one time played the role of a joker.

In the stories about Batman, the villain is depicted with a face painted white and green hair. He has red lips, and the paint flows from the corners of his lips over his ever-smiling face.

In conclusion, we can say that a joker tattoo can become an expressive symbol of a creative approach to any situations and life optimism. In the image of the joker there are contradictory properties that speak about the versatility, success and great human capabilities.

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