Job description of the teacher-organizer in educational institutions

The educational process is one of the most important areas in society. This work is quite difficult both physically and psychologically. Teachers and educators have a very great responsibility - for the lives of children, as well as their health and mental state. Many controversial issues arise on the basis of the ignorance of the parents and the workers themselves in this profession about the rights and obligations that accompany this work activity. The job description of the teacher-organizer should be studied by the student’s parents, the teacher, and the management staff of the educational institution. Below are all the items in this document for your reference.

job description of the organizer teacher

General requirements for the teacher-organizer

The job description of the teacher-organizer includes a number of sections. One of them - the general provisions of the work.This clause contains information on the state regulation of working moments. Requirements for specialists related to primary and basic general education are regulated by the Federal State Educational Standard (Federal State Educational Standard), and are also approved by orders of the Ministry of Education (No. 373 of 06/10/2009 and No. 1897 of 12/31/2015). The job description of the teacher-organizer at the school meets all the requirements and is included in the Unified Qualification Guide.

This specialist is appointed to the position, and also sent on leave, on sick leave and on business trips the director of the educational institution. He has the right to remove a specialist from office, dismiss. All procedures for relocation, employment and dismissal are executed by orders of the director in the standard manner according to the rules of clerical work.

The job description of the teacher-organizer implies professional subordination of the specialist to the deputy director for educational work and directly to the director of the educational institution.

What is guided in work

Any profession involves a number of instructions that must be followed when performing work duties.Knowledge of the information base, legislation, the list of competencies provides the most productive activities, and also eliminates the possibility of violating the requirements for an employee from various instances. The job description of the teacher-organizer provides a number of documents, legislation and professional guidelines on which this specialist should rely in their work. These include:

  • The Constitution and legislative acts of the Russian Federation;
  • principles of pedagogy, psychology, hygiene and physiology;
  • information from general disciplines necessary for the full performance of professional tasks;
  • job description of the teacher-organizer in the school;
  • safety regulations, including fire;
  • labor protection rules;
  • Charter of the educational organization;
  • local regulations;
  • employment contract, orders of the director, internal regulations;
  • GEF requirements for this profession.

job description of a school organizer teacher

Mandatory knowledge and skills of the teacher-organizer

Job descriptions of the teacher-organizer of education assume that candidates for the position have certain knowledge and skills that ensure productive activity.The person who decided to work in this specialty must meet the following requirements:

  • have a higher education with the appropriate direction and qualifications;
  • to know in which direction the educational system is developing;
  • keep abreast of legislative documents governing educational activities;
  • know the Convention on the Rights of the Child;
  • know sections of psychology, physiology, hygiene and pedagogy, related to the age group of wards;
  • features of the development and needs of children, the basis of creative activity;
  • be able to identify talents in children, assist in the development of their outstanding qualities;
  • know the theoretical and practical parts of the techniques of various creative activities;
  • be able to make programs for various types of classes and circles;
  • know the various techniques of educational technologies and the rules for their application;
  • be able to conduct a constructive dialogue, use behavioral and psychological techniques in dealing with children;
  • to be able to regulate the arising conflicts, as well as to prevent and solve them;
  • have the necessary information from the field of ecology, economics and sociology;
  • have an idea of ​​the labor law;
  • be able to work with a personal computer at the user level;
  • know the rules of the labor schedule of the educational institution;
  • know and comply with the requirements of the GEF, job descriptions; instructions for labor protection and fire safety;
  • know the educational programs for the respective ages of schoolchildren.

job description of a teacher organizer in a day camp

Functions in the job description of the teacher-organizer according to professional standards

Any specialist in his workplace must perform certain functions. Teachers, educators, teachers also have their own function block. Since in the process of learning a child forms not only useful knowledge about the world, but also his consciousness, psyche, goes through a process of socialization in society and moral development, educators must create a favorable environment for the proper flow of these processes. Assistance in personal development is one of the dominant functions of the teacher-organizer. Also, according to the professional standards, the organization and control of extracurricular educational activities, the development of students' talents, the formation of their culture, and the organization of free time from school are referred to.Also, the teacher should monitor compliance with fire safety rules and labor protection rules.

Job responsibilities

The job description of the teacher-organizer in pre-school, schools and camps includes the following job duties:

  • assistance in the development of personal characteristics of students, their talents, creative inclinations, culture, as well as their socialization in society;
  • the teacher must study the psychological and age characteristics of his students, help them to realize themselves in the creative field through various classes using the latest technologies and methods in the field of educational activities;
  • the teacher must organize various sections, circles and interest groups for their pupils;
  • The duties of the teacher also include the realization of the rights of students, the organization of school government, groups and associations; organizing holidays, excursions, trips, supporting students' initiative in creating events for significant holidays and events;
  • The teacher should introduce practical exercises and experimental and research activities in the educational process in order for students to understand the connection between theoretical material and practice;
  • the teacher should take part in educational councils on teaching methods, involve people involved in the culture of health and sport in the process;
  • making suggestions that can improve the educational process;
  • The teacher is obliged to responsibly treat their own behavior in everyday life, public places, educational institution and outside it. He must meet the ethical and moral requirements for his position.

job description of the teacher in the camp

Rights teacher organizer

Rights are an integral part of a developed society. Everyone has their own responsibilities, and everyone must have rights. The job description of the teacher-organizer in additional education, general, vocational, camps and other educational institutions implies the following set of rights:

  • The teacher can participate in school meetings, make suggestions for improving the working mode, educational activities and other important issues; he has the full right to participate in the management of educational processes, the formulation of policies and strategies of the institution, the creation of documents and decisions;
  • The teacher has the right to independently choose the method of working with students, based on the provisions of the GEF, to give students instructions and directions, to regulate the lesson plan;
  • a representative of the profession has the right to be acquainted with all complaints that have been made to it, and can also give an explanation in defense of his actions;
  • has the right to protect their rights in person or with the help of a lawyer in cases where this is required; has the right to non-disclosure of the results of a disciplinary investigation, unless otherwise required by law;
  • The teacher can speak on behalf of the educational institution in contacts with individuals and organizations that can improve the work in this institution;
  • teachers have the right to pass certification on the selected category and receive its results;
  • Educators and teachers may require from the leadership documents necessary for the performance of professional duties relating to the class.

job description of the teacher organizer in additional education

Teacher responsibility

The responsibility of the teacher is regulated by labor law, the Law "On Education" and local legal acts of the organization.An employee of this profession is responsible for observing the rules of safety, labor protection, fire safety and the execution of all legal orders and other legal acts issued by the management of the institution. In addition, teachers are responsible for the physical and mental health of students during classes.

Sanctions for failure to fulfill duties

Depending on the severity of the violations, sanctions of varying degrees of severity may be imposed. Violation of safety rules may result in an administrative fine and a reprimand, in the event that neither the pupils nor the property were harmed. In the presence of victims can be punished up to the criminal. Violation of ethical norms, mental pressure on students and immoral behavior that does not correspond to the status of a teacher may result in removal from office. Moreover, in the future it will be impossible to get a job in the field of education.

job description of the teacher of the organizer in the summer camp

Official connections of the teacher-organizer

In the working process the teacher is subordinate to the director and deputy director. With their help, the curriculum of classes, work schedule, as well as such processes as hiring, dismissal, scheduling vacations, reports and more are developed.In the daily working hours, the teacher works closely with local authorities, a team of teachers and the parent committee of students. In addition, periodically it is necessary to confirm their qualification level in the administration.

Features in a day camp

The job description of the teacher-organizer in the camp of the day stay is not very different from the instruction of the teacher of the school. It contains the same provisions and clauses. But the difference is still there. The teacher of the day camp is appointed separately for the vacation period. He is subordinate to the director of the institution and the head of the camp. Another addition: the employee must have a medical book that lists all the diseases that he suffered, as well as vaccinations and examinations provided for by the GEF.

job description of the teacher organizer in dow

Features of work in the summer camp

The job description of the teacher-organizer in the summer camp, in turn, is much more compact than in school. It excludes items about the educational program, teaching methods and the process of education itself. The job description of the teacher-organizer in the camp implies the organization of students' leisure time during the holidays, holding various events, excursions,as well as protection of life and health of the wards, compliance with safety regulations, fire safety.

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