Ivan Kolesnikov, actor: biography, personal life, movies

Ivan Kolesnikov is an actor who has tried on dozens of diverse images on TV shows and big cinema. Are you interested in his education and creative activity? Or marital status? Our article contains comprehensive information about it.Ivan Kolesnikov

Ivan Kolesnikov, biography: family and childhood

Born in Moscow in 1983 (March 18). He is from a creative and respected family. The father of our hero does not need a special presentation. After all, this is a famous lead and actor Sergey Kolesnikov. And his mother, Maria Velikanova, is a fashion designer. In the 1990s, difficult for Russia, the ability to sew and draw greatly rescued a woman. She sewed coats to order, and the remaining pieces of leather and fur used to create unusual paintings. Ivan has an older brother, Alexander, who graduated with a degree in architecture.

Our hero grew up an active and inquisitive child. Father often took his son with him to the theater rehearsals.The boy enthusiastically watched what was happening on the stage. Even then, he wanted to become an actor.Ivan Sergeevich Kolesnikov

In the cramped apartment of the Kolesnikovs, located on Belorusskaya Street, there were always many guests. Vanya entertained them in every way: he danced, recited poems and offered funny games.

Noticing the creative inclinations of his son, his mother enrolled him in one of the children's theater studios. The boy enjoyed attending classes. But soon he had a new hobby. In the same room as the studio, there was a shooting gallery. He started going there.

Acquaintance with the cinema

Even at school age, Ivan Kolesnikov got a unique opportunity - to appear in the comic magazine "Yeralash". And he did not miss this chance. On the set, the boy felt like a fish in water. Kolesnikov (junior) always understood and correctly executed all the commands of the director.

Students, army and work in the theater

After receiving the school certificate, the guy filed documents in the WTU them. Schepkina. He managed to enter the university at the first attempt, without any cronyism. He got on a course led by V. Korshunov. In 2004 he received a diploma from the end of "Sliver".Ivan Kolesnikov actor

After that, he was taken to the army.And here he was lucky. Ivan Sergeyevich Kolesnikov served in the troupe of the Theater of the Russian Army. Upon returning to the "citizen" continued acting. He settled in the theater of the Moscow City Council, where he still works.

Ivan Kolesnikov: films and series

In 1997, a young actor appeared in one of the episodes of the film parable “Day of the Full Moon”. Then he starred in the series "Chekhov and Co". Vanya successfully got used to the image of the barman's son.Detectives 2

After a 5-year hiatus in the work, Kolesnikov (the youngest) returned to the film industry. In the second season of the detectives "Detectives" he got the role of Arthur.

In the period from 2003 to 2004. Our hero participated in the filming of the series "Poor Nastya." The role of Sergei Pisarev actor played with undisguised pleasure. Although the image was negative. Korikova Elena, Daniil Strakhov, Krasilov Peter and others became his colleagues on the site.

The first leading role Ivan Kolesnikov (actor) received in 2005. This is a military drama "Do not forget." His character is Ilya Borisov. Viewers and critics praised Ivan's acting.

In 2008, lovers of serial melodramas enjoyed watching the “Wedding Ring” ribbon. Our hero got the role of Malachite.The series has won great popularity among Russian viewers. His shoot lasted 4 years. A total of 809 episodes were shown.

In 2015, director S. Govorukhin presented his new creation to the audience - the drama “The End of a Beautiful Era”. The main male role in this film was Vanya Kolesnikov. His character is a young journalist and writer Andrei Lentulov. Khodchenkova Svetlana, Astrakhan Dmitry and Fyodor Dobronravov were also involved in this project.Ivan Kolesnikov movies

It is impossible not to note the work of Kolesnikov in the Ukrainian crime tape "To see the rainbow, you need to survive the rain." At this time, a handsome and talented actor reincarnated in the role of "bear-bear" Anton Zabelin (nicknamed Pianist).

Film career continuation

In 2016, Ivan Kolesnikov starred in two films - the Ukrainian melodrama “40+, or Geometry of Love” (Eugene) and the historical drama “Sofia” (Prince Yury Vasilyevich).

At this film actor does not end there. In 2017, you can see him in the military drama "Anna Karenina" (Steve Obolonsky), the tragicomedy "Matryoshka" (Anton) and the sports film "Movement Up".

Personal life

Ivan Kolesnikovdoes not belong to the category of women workers and ladies. From a young age he dreamed of meeting a good girl and living with her until old age. It seems that his words were heard in the heavenly office.Ivan Kolesnikov biography

In the second year VTU them. Shchepkina Vanya met a charming girl who is one year younger than him. Her name is Lina Ramauskaite. From the first minutes of communication between them there was mutual sympathy. After a month from the date of our acquaintance, our hero made a proposal to her beloved. Lina agreed. After 3 months, the couple played a wedding. Ivan's parents accepted the choice of a son. Lina's father and mother also liked the young son-in-law.

Newlyweds had a hard time. They decided to become independent and independent from their parents. Ivan and Lina rented a separate apartment, settling in life together. In their relationship reigned love and understanding. But the finances of a young family "sang romances." To pay for rental housing, the purchase of food, clothing and other goods, they had to earn money during their free time. During this period, Ivan Kolesnikov managed to master the profession of a bartender and a waiter.

There was a moment when the couple separated for a short while in order to rest from each other.From this, their feelings did not fade away, but flared up with a new force. The fruit of their big love was the appearance of a common daughter in 2006. Parents chose a beautiful but rare Russian name for our little girl - Avdotya. At home the girl is called Dunya.

The wife of Ivan Kolesnikov, like him, successfully graduated from Sliver. She could link her fate with cinema. But the girl decided that one actor in the family is enough. Lina Kolesnikova found herself in another field. For several years now she has been working as a costume designer.


Determination, responsiveness, diligence and cheerfulness - all these qualities have Ivan Kolesnikov. Filmswith his participation were listed in the article. Also, you now know the details of his biography and personal life.

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