Irina Allegrova: biography and personal life

At sixty-three, she is charming and cheerful. She is admired by novice pop stars, her opinion is respected by the luminaries of the scene. The “empress” of the Russian pop-art Allegrova, whose biography makes you believe in the predestination of fate, is full of incredible stories. Let's get acquainted with it in more detail.

Parents of Allegrova Irina

Little Ira was born on January 20, 1952 in the city of Rostov-on-Don in the family of Alexander Sarkisov-Allegrova and his beautiful wife Seraphim. Irina's father was an actor of the operetta, and subsequently successfully mastered the director's craft. In his youth, Alexander was obsessed with the circus, which for his patriarchal family was rather strange. Irina's grandfather was a respected accountant and wished the same fate to his son.

Allegrova biography

Due to constant disagreements with his father, Alexander repeatedly ran away from home. In school, Sasha still had to return to the parental home, but after graduating from school, he immediately joined the tour troupe of the local theater.Incidentally, by the way, he received the pseudonym "Allegro" for his irrepressible and lively disposition. Career young actor developed rapidly. In 1943, he starred in the movie "Submarine T-9". From 1946 he worked as an artist of operetta in the Rostov theater.

Mom of the future star - Serafima Mikhailovna Sosnovskaya, originally from Tashkent, is an opera singer, an actress of operetta. I met Allegrov in Moscow while listening to the Operetta Theater.

Childhood and youth of a talented girl

Irina spent her childhood in the city of Rostov-on-Don. She went to school, attended music school in piano. When Irina was nine years old, her parents moved to Baku. Here they lived in a fashionable area of ​​the city overlooking the sea. Parents worked in the Operetta Theater. Irina continued her studies at the Baku Music School.

The house of actors is constantly visited by eminent guests - Muslim Magomayev, Aram Khachaturian, Mstislav Rostropovich and many others. Irina's father begins to direct, puts the production in the theater, which enjoy the overwhelming success of the audience.

In the meantime, Ira successfully finishes music school, attends a ballet circle, enjoys modeling clothes.Mama Allegrova continues her brilliant theater career.

Allegro husbands

At the same time, her daughter showed remarkable vocal abilities, she takes part in the Transcaucasian Jazz Festival, which was held in Baku, and takes the second place. The girl dreams of a singer's career, but the disease interferes with her plans.

She does not enter the conservatory. Her beautiful voice timbre is noticed by the organizers of the festival of Indian cinema. Ira is invited to voice films at this event. Six months later, Allegrova, whose biography is oversaturated with events, is leaving on tour with the Song Theater under the direction of Rashid Beybutov. And next year Irina starts working in the Yerevan orchestra.

Unhappy love and first marriage

For the first time Irina is getting married as an eighteen-year-old girl. And by the confession of the singer herself, being a temperamental and quick-tempered girl, she decided to marry her first boyfriend in revenge, who did not feel passionate about her. The girl meets with basketball player Georgy Tairov, the couple decides to enter into legal marriage.

The singer's parents arrange a magnificent celebration for the newlyweds, but unfortunately, this fact does not provide long-awaited happiness. Irina finds out that she is pregnant, but decides to carry the child in the parents' house.In 1972, the girl gives birth to her first and only daughter, Lalu.

mother Allegrova

Irina prefers not to meet with the father of the child, the couple draws up a divorce. Six months after the birth of the baby, the singer decides that it is time to move on and conquer Moscow.

Forward, conquer the capital!

Despite the fact that the husbands of Allegrova did not bring her the long-awaited female happiness, she considers herself the darling of fate. After all, fate gave her a beautiful daughter and loving parents. If it were not for the selfless support of the latter, Irina would have been difficult to realize her dream.

Allegroma's mom in the prime of her creative career leaves the Operetta Theater to raise a little granddaughter. Ira leaves for Moscow, here she faces serious challenges - lack of money, searching for work and housing not only did not break the singer, but also seriously tempered her character.

The path to the Olympus of the national stage is difficult and thorny. For some time, the young actress worked in Moscow clubs and cabarets. In one of the metropolitan restaurants, she met her second husband.

Irina Allegrova and Vladimir Blekher

The next betrothed singer noticed her during one of the performances in a Moscow restaurant.Volodya Bleher was the artistic director of the ensemble Young Voices. He invited a pretty and very talented girl to his team. Ira accepted the invitation without hesitation.

And the new leader surrounded the soloist with the attention and care that the young actress lacked so much. Vladimir beautifully courted, was a romantic. Offer Irina he made during a walk on the boat. This time the celebration was modest, it was attended by the closest relatives, it happened in 1978.

concert of Irina Allegrova

Five years this marriage lasted. In 1984, Blecher was shown an article accusing him of currency fraud. The recognition of this fact could put an end to the career of Irina, she left her husband and broke his heart.

Only when Allegrova turned 61, she decided to improve relations with her ex-husband. Irina Allegrova's concert, dedicated to her birthday, she started with going on stage with Bleher. The public diva presented him as a talented composer, who wrote the song “Flooding” for her, that she was her second spouse, “the hijacker of the Russian pop music” kept silent.

This is always the unpredictable Allegrova, whose biography contains many more non-standard actions. Only sometimes it opens the veil of secrecy, which is shrouded in the personal life of a star.The husbands of Allegrova, as the singer herself admitted, were good heroes, only none of them overcame the six-year barrier of living together.

Creative takeoff southern beauty

In 1979, "Young Voices" have already broken up. Irina was a soloist of the Fakel ensemble, whose leader was Bleher, she toured extensively in the country. But the constant race for the "grateful" audience exhausted the singer. She even thought about leaving the stage.

But in 1984 her future husband, Vladimir Dubovitsky, joins the group, she also works with Igor Krutoy.

Irina Allegrova

Irina continued her ascent to the national musical Olympus. Dubovitsky organizes the Ogni Moskvy VIA, Oscar Feltsman becomes the team leader. And Irina Aleksandrovna becomes his soloist.

In 1985, the whole Union learned about the talented and extraordinary singer Irina Allegrova, she became the winner of Pesni-85. Her star was lit, the next day she woke up a mega-popular singer.

Third marriage

Not long upset about the next divorce, Irina becomes the wife of bass guitarist Vladimir Dubovitsky. At the same time, she transports her family to the capital from Baku,buys an apartment for them. The very same settled with her husband several floors below. Concerts, tours, contests - life rages.

In 1986, David Tukhmanov created the Elektroklub group, its soloists - Igor Talkov, Irina Allegrova, Viktor Saltykov. With this ensemble, Irina writes down her first record. In 1986, the group "Electroclub-2" according to polls of listeners becomes the leader. But Allegrova, whose biography is full of sharp turns of fate, understands that the narrow rock-oriented nature of the team puts pressure on her.

She wants to perform diverse compositions. She is given such an opportunity: her neighbor and long-time acquaintance, Igor Nikolaev, presents her two songs - “My sweet and gentle beast” and “Toy”. They immediately become hits, but the producer of "Electroclub" against such a repertoire of his soloist. The rock band for some time, like its new husband, inspired Irina, but already in 1990 she set off on a solo voyage, leaving behind not only rock, but also Vladimir.

Finest hour

For many stars, the domestic show business of the 1990s was a turning point - the crisis, the lack of concerts, lack of money. But these troubles this time did not affect the newly made solo singer Irina Allegrova.

In 1990, Irina becomes the most touring star, for which she receives national love and popularity. Many fans wondered: how old is Allegrova? She is constantly in the same pore - beautiful, smart, fresh. And at that time she was already 48 years old.

It was then that the artist's finest hour came. Many publications wrote that in the 90s Irina managed to press on the star Olympus Diva herself. This is not surprising: almost every song of hers became the finalist of “Song of the Year”, the clips were on the top of the charts, albums and records disappeared from shop windows instantly.

how old is allegroic

Compositions such as “Transit”, “Unfinished Novel”, “The Catcher in the Rye”, “The Car Thief”, “The Empress” and many others will go down in history of the pop song of our country forever.

In 1998, the concert of Irina Allegrova is held in the United States. And already in 2000, the singer was awarded the Claudia Shulzhenko Prize - "for the development of the national song." In 2002, the singer was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 2010 she was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

Igor Kapusta and Irina Allegrova

At the moment, the singer is not married, but her last passion was a dancer from her team, Igor Kapusta.In 1992, as soon as the star began a solo career, she secretly married her to Igor, who was a few years younger. Live lovers moved to the star country house. Everything seemed to be going well, but, having failed to withstand the six-year barrier, and this union, like the others, had sunk into oblivion. A few years later, the ex-husband of the singer was arrested for illegal possession of drugs.

parents Allegrova

Although according to the Cabbage, their marriage with Ira destroyed her daughter Lala, who completely controls her mother and does not give her personal space.

Allegroic family and future plans

In 1994, Irina's father died - Alexander Allegrov. Singer takes time out in creative activity.

In 1995, the daughter of the singer Lala gives birth to a boy, who is named Alexander, in honor of his grandfather.

In 1998, Irina again bachelorette. In 2012, the mother of the singer, Serafima Sosnovskaya, dies.

Allegrova biography

In the same year, in one of the interviews, the singer reports about the cessation of an extensive touring activity. Rumors spread in the press that the “Empress” was leaving the stage. Fans immediately frantically began to find out how many years Allegrova, perhaps the end of her career, is timed to the sixtieth anniversary of the star? But Irina Aleksandrovna refuted these conjectures.

She, as before, stands, shoots video clips, gives interviews.Only now the singer more and more wants to spend time in the circle of his relatives.

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