Interesting puzzles for a child of 7 years

At 7 years old, the child, as a rule, already attends school. Therefore, he necessarily needs to defuse and distract from the daily lessons. Interesting and exciting puzzles for a 7-year-old child will help to positively set up and inspire a child. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the fantasy and come up with a fascinating adventure for your child, tired of notebooks and books.

riddles for a child of 7 years

Why do we need puzzles for a child of 7 years

Seven-year-olds are very important to communicate with their parents as much as possible. Therefore, any event will be to their liking. In joint games, a daughter or son will understand that they are needed, important and shrouded in the attention of the most beloved people in this world. In addition to close communication, puzzles for a 7 year old child will also help:

  • develop logical thinking;
  • think outside the box;
  • include fantasy in full;
  • develop the ability to achieve the goal;
  • become more diligent.

All these factors are very important for a child who has a new period in life and began continuous schoolwork.

How to make a real holiday with riddles

riddles about animals for children 7 years

In order for your tasks to be solved easily and quickly, you need to figure out how to bring them to your son or daughter. Even the most common puzzles for a child of 7 years, embodied in the form of a game, will be perceived with great interest. For example, you can come up with the following entertainment options:

  1. For each riddle to give the child coupons made from colored paper. At the end, count the number of coupons collected and present a consolation prize or a winner prize.
  2. Add accessories and items to the box that correspond to the answers to the questions asked. When the question has sounded, the child must find in the container a subject that is suitable for the correct answer. And next to it you can put a box where various accessories (wigs, horns, masks) will lie, which you will need to wear if the answer is wrong. At the end, participants are awarded prizes.

Interesting puzzles about animals for children 7 years

Of course, both boys and girls love cats, dogs, elephants and rhinos. Therefore, puzzles about animals for children 7 years old is a great option. For example, they may be.

Instead of a nose, a trunk

At the zoo a huge beast walks.



She lives in the hollow

Red, fluffy.

For the winter, the nuts in the house are hidden,

In the park from branch to branch jumping.


puzzles for children 7 years short


He is not afraid of either winter or frost,

He catches fish from the pond from under the ice.

A white coat warms him up.

In the north and in the zoo lives.

(Polar bear)


In winter, he flaunts white in the woods,

And in the spring of his coat changes.

Little coward, who is it, baby?



He is afraid of the hare, the bird,

In the woods, everyone makes him fear out of fear.

And at night, howling at the moon.

Who is it, someone will say, well?



On the back of the house wears,

Kohl will suit someone, immediately hiding in him.



Sly, red, that's the wonders

Its lush tail is ... (a fox).


Purring at the window

Gentle, fluffy ... (cat).


Protects homes and strangers are not allowed.

Only their masters on the threshold, whom he knows.



Call me those

Who does not know the soap.

Although I'm a pure eccentric,

Only in the dirt penny.



Slowly she crawls,

His house on his back carries.

And people are sometimes called that

Which very long gather.



He seems angry when he roars

And in winter he sucks his paw and sleeps in a den.


puzzles for children 7 years old funny


He likes honey, prefers chill.

Resting all winter, gaining strength.



Fish does not catch

A network is building.



On the field grazing and pinching grass

Then we get a pair of milk for us.



Small, seemingly harmless,

A nose like a bite, immediately hurt and offensive.



Sleep does not allow

Small, and sings in his ear.


Riddles on logic and attentiveness

Sometimes kiddies should ask questions to answer for which you need to think. Therefore, logical puzzles for children 7 years old - this is very important and interesting. For example, they may be as follows.

Five cherries grow on a birch tree, four cherries grow on a Christmas tree. How many cherries grow on two trees?

(Not at all, cherries do not grow on birches and trees)


Are there any questions that cannot be answered "yes"?

(Are you sleeping now?)


If there are four cats in a room, two dogs and two couches, how many legs are there in the room?

(8, in cats and dogs, paws, not feet)


Red T-shirt was wet in the Black Sea. What will be the t-shirt after that?



This is my mom's baby, but for me, not a sister. Who is it?



There are five slides in the school. Of these, two painted, how many slides became?

(Five, painted nowhere not gone)


What is easier, one kilogram of potatoes or one kilogram of carrots?

(Equally weigh)


Who walks without getting up from the chair?

(Chess player)


What month is 25 days?

(In all)


How many glasses of yogurt can you drink on an empty stomach?

(One. The rest will not be on an empty stomach)


There were two mothers and two daughters in the park. How many are there?

(Three. Mom, grandmother and granddaughter)


You overtook the runner who was second in the relay. What is your place now?



What is most like half pineapple?

(On the second half of the pineapple)

Funny and naughty puzzles for kids 7 years

logical puzzles for children 7 years

If you want to cheer up your beloved child, then the riddles for children of 7 years old will be very funny. For example, they may be.

Who nibbles on the tree cones,

Well, of course, this is ... (They say a monkey, and this is a squirrel)


One dumpling cooks five minutes. How many three dumplings will cook?

(Five minutes)


Why does a person turn his head if he needs to see what is behind?

(Because there are no eyes on the back or the back of the head)


Hippo climbed a tree with four legs, and tears, using only three. How did this happen?

(No, hippos don't climb trees)

Short puzzles for 7 year old kids.

Sometimes a child is restless and inconsiderate, so he does not want to listen to long puzzles. In this case, help puzzles for children 7 years old short.


First, the yellow field veils,

Then it becomes white and flies away.



The red tail of the cheat,

Dodgy and teeth bares smartly.

(A fox)


There is a bridge in the sky, but don't go over it. (Rainbow)


In the morning they disappear from the sky, at night they light the way. (Stars)

Motivation for children

Every task, even in a playful way, should be encouraged. This will help encourage the child to further participate in such events. It is not necessary to buy something expensive, you can simply hand a candy or a small toy. The point is that boys and girls understand that such an occupation is not only exciting, but also promises a reward.

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