Interesting facts about the woody kangaroo

Australia has always been famous for its bizarre animals. We will talk about one of them in this article. You will learn how the tree kangaroo looks like, get acquainted with its lifestyle and interesting facts about this animal. So let's start with what this funny animal looks like.

What does a woody kangaroo look like?

This mammal has a rather original appearance. In some ways, it resembles a bear cub with some of the characteristic features of an ordinary kangaroo. This similarity is due to thick and fluffy brown fur (except for the abdomen and paws - there is a lighter shade of wool) and rounded ears. Some individuals have soft fur, like a plush toy, others have hard, similar to bristles. This type of kangaroo belongs to the marsupial kangaroo family, to the class of chord mammals. The average height of these animals is from one and a half to two meters, and more than half of this figure is the tail. An adult woody kangaroo weighs no more than twenty kilograms.

woody kangaroo lifestyle


New Guinea is considered the birthplace of these mammals.Today, the main distribution of tree kangaroos in Australia. Namely - in the northeast of Queensland. The habitat of woody kangaroos are high trees of tropical forests located in highlands, which are able to protect the animal from predators (for example, pythons and dingo dogs). Having chosen one tree for the dwelling, the wallabies stay there for the rest of their lives, descending from it only for the loot of food.

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Tree Kangaroo Lifestyle

Wallabies, as they are called, lovers have a good sleep, especially in the daytime. These kangaroos sleep for about fifteen hours, and with the arrival of the night they begin an active life in order to find water and food. In the wild, tree kangaroos live either alone or with entire families consisting of a male, female and their cubs.

Their movements can hardly be called nimble, rather unhurried and lazy. But, despite this sluggishness, wallabies are quite agile and have decent dexterity. Kangaroos are great jumping between the trees, at a distance of about ten meters, and jumping from a tree twenty meters high, the animal will not receive any injury.Keeping balance in flight helps long tail. A short but powerful hind legs and well-developed upper limbs with curved claws help to move along the trunks and vines. The animals move well along the ground - with short jumps, throwing the body forward and maintaining balance due to a bent tail.

Kangaroos feed on the leaves and stems of trees, and are not averse to eat flowers and fruits.

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Features of the marriage period

As such, the season for mating games for tree kangaroos does not exist - they are able to multiply year-round. All this is due to the pleasant climate in the regions of their existence. The male attracts the female with a song resembling a clucking of a chicken. Then he begins to gently stroke her on the head. If the female turned her back on him and allowed herself to stroke his tail, she is ready to mate with him. With a successful convergence process, pairing takes place immediately. But very often, serious battles between two or even three males occur in one female. From the side of such confrontations look like real fights without rules.

About posterity

Pregnancy tree kangaroo lasts about thirty to forty days.Most often, one calf is born, which spends in my mother's bag from eight to twelve months. Feeding the baby is done thanks to the nipples inside the pocket, which occasionally throw out the milk. Having got a little stronger, the kangurek gradually leaves his mother's pocket and begins to explore the outside world. But it can be considered completely independent after it reaches the age of two. The life span of tree kangaroos is quite long - from eighteen to twenty years.

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Amazing about wallabies

Did you know that a female kangaroo is capable of not only increasing, but also reducing the duration of her pregnancy, if her life is in danger? Moreover, if for some reason the baby dies, then another one will appear in the bag.

More recently, after several years of study, Australian scientists have concluded that these funny mammals are able to save humanity. The fact is that many herbivores (cows, sheep) due to the high consumption of plants emit a huge amount of methane - natural gas. But the wallaby body has certain bacteria that easily absorb this methane, transforming it into safer compounds.Now scientists are working on the issue of colonization of cows and sheep organisms with these bacteria. And with a successful outcome, there is a high probability of air purification throughout our planet.

tree kangaroo

Another interesting fact is that this kind of kangaroo never sweats. In order to support the process of thermoregulation, animals constantly lick themselves. Therefore, for them it does not matter what the weather is around, because they are able to maintain the necessary body temperature all year round.

Due to the small number of individuals, these animals have been under the protection and careful monitoring of the environmental services of Australia and New Guinea for many years. And for the conservation and reproduction of the rarest varieties created reserves. By the way, tree kangaroos are unsuspecting animals that quickly get used to people. They never attack a person and are unlikely to offend you.

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