Installing a shower is not a joke.

People love to live in comfort. The shower gives them not only cleanliness, but also a feeling of renewal. More recently, the perfect holiday for many was bathing. But modern people change them to showers. In addition, this design takes up less space. Of course, you can wash and standing in the bath, but it is better to replace it, choosing the popular service "installing a shower." But that's what model to install?
Installing a shower

Choosing a shower cabin

Before installing this plumbing fixture, you need to know in advance how to select the cab and which parameters are most important. Its popularity is explained, in most cases, by the fact that the shower cabin can be placed even in a bathroom of a small area, saving 2 times more space than putting a classic bath. Installing a shower stall wisely saves space in your apartment. Before you buy, measure the area of ​​the floor where you want to use the shower, and also select the optimum spaciousness of the cabin, based on your own build. Another parameter is insulation, which, undoubtedly, should also be in your purchase.Seals on the walls of tempered glass play the role of a sealant and provide good sound insulation, extinguish all sounds, including the splash of water. This is the main difference from just a hygienic angle. Installing a shower is a more expensive and complicated option. It is necessary to pay attention to the pallet - it must be non-slip, deep and durable. Recently, acrylic trays have become popular. Their advantage is heat: the material heats up very quickly under a stream of warm water. There are also these parts made of enamel: they do not darken, do not rust, there will be no stains on them. But showers (with steam or other additions) are completely autonomous structures, which include a pallet, rear walls, doors and a roof. It is enough to connect them to the sewage system, water supply, to the electrical network, and the equipment can be used.Hydromassage showers

What is equipped with a modern shower?

A relaxing massage with water jets ejected from adjustable nozzles has become an integral part of these designs. Hydromassage showers are not unusual: this feature is built into even the most simple and inexpensive models.The different location of the nozzles allows you to turn on the vertical flow, to make shoulder, neck massage, or even hydro-massage while sitting. Also, modern cab models can be equipped with a radio, a telephone, and they can have a bath function.Steam showers


The installation of the shower cabin begins with the installation of the pallet. For the construction of acrylic used special metal frames made of aluminum on screw legs, they vary in height. Then comes the turn of the rear walls, they can be acrylic or glass. This is the main structural element, as the walls must withstand all loads. Of course, installing a shower stall implies repair work in your bathroom, be prepared for this. It is better to entrust all installation work to professionals rather than try to do it on your own. In the company, be sure to ask for a preliminary work plan, which includes ensuring drainage and electrical wiring.

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