Input not supported: what is this error and how to fix it?

The appearance on the screen of a computer monitor moving block with the inscription Input not supported many users stumps. Literally, the content is translated as “Input not supported.” Logging in (if the inscription appeared exactly at the start of the computer or laptop) becomes impossible. The same applies to the warning Input not supported when trying to start some games. Consider both options. In each case, there is a solution that will solve this problem.

Input not supported when you turn on the computer: the essence of the problem

Let's start with why such a warning appears in different situations. It is believed that an error with the notification Input not supported when starting a stationary PC or laptop can occur only if the monitor cannot cope with its functions (it cannot display the image on the screen). A similar situation arises at the start of some games for which the settings of the graphics adapter do not meet the stated requirements.

input not supported

The reasons for this can be quite a lot, however, as a rule, it’s not the “fly-away” settings of the monitor itself that are to blame, but problems with the drivers accompanying the management software or additional platforms.

Acer monitors: Input not supported. What to do first?

The solution to the problem will begin with the first case. So, the message Input not supported appeared on the screen, the monitor does not give signs of life, and further login is not possible. Rather, to say this: the system will boot, but the user will not see the images on the screen.

Many will be surprised, and here Acer? These devices are simply taken as an example, since this problem may occur on stationary monitors from other manufacturers, and on the screens of some models of laptops.

input not supported monitor

But how to get out of this situation? The answer is simple: use the boot of your computer or laptop in safe mode. For all Windows systems, except the tenth version, at the very beginning of the boot, the F8 key is used, after which the corresponding mode is selected. In Windows 10, this procedure looks somewhat more complicated, however, those who have installed the latest updates can use the start menu, which has the Recovery Environment item.

Of course, when loading in Safe Mode, the screen resolution will go down, but in this case it is not important. The important thing is that the user will still log in, after which you can do the troubleshooting.

Uninstalling the video driver

Before making any actions with the drivers of the graphics adapter (video card), you need to check the settings of the monitor itself, if it is a fixed terminal. Perhaps pressing the Auto button, which is usually available on any modern monitor, will help to set the optimal image output parameters selected by the monitor itself.

If this does not help, and the message when loading Input not supported appears again, you will have to refer to the “Device Manager” (you can call it from the “Control Panel” or use the “Run” console, in which the string devmgmt.msc is written)

input not supported at startup

Here you need to find the installed video card, right-click to bring up the menu in which the property line is selected, and on the driver tab, click its delete button. But that is not all.

Uninstall Related Software

The next step is to uninstall the associated software, which was initially installed with the driver,if its removal was not involved in uninstalling the driver itself. This applies to both discrete and integrated video cards.

acer input not supported

In the simplest case, you need to use the section of programs and components, which is located in the “Control Panel”, where all applications associated with the graphics adapter are selected, and then their removal is used.

However, it is better to use specialized utilities like iObit Uninstaller, which not only removes all software components, but also, if you can say so, wipe out the tails, deleting the residual folders, files and registry keys.

This is followed by a full reboot, and during the restart process, if it was not some specific driver for non-standard equipment, the system will automatically install it again. If the image is not configured, you can use the automatic driver update program (for example, Driver Booster) to install the necessary packages directly from the manufacturer’s website, but you need uninterrupted access to the Internet.

Image output setting

Another problem isthat many gamers very often change the screen resolution to increase the FPS in games, and after the release they simply forget to return the settings to their original state. In addition, after installing the driver screen resolution is desirable to check.

input not supported when the computer is turned on

This can be done through the personalization menu, invoked through the RMB menu on the free area of ​​the "Desktop", where the screen setting is used. First you need to set the screen resolution, which is indicated as recommended.

input not supported

After that, through the additional parameters, go to the monitor tab and set the update frequency. For older monitors, it is usually 60 Hz, for modern monitors it is 75 Hz and higher.

Troubleshooting startup games

Finally, the message Input not supported may appear in the case of the start of a game. The most likely reason for this behavior of the monitor, in addition to the driver and image output settings, can be an outdated version of the DirectX platform, which today must be present on the gaming computer.

input not supported monitor

As is already clear, the output will be to visit the official website of Microsoft, download and install the latest version of DirectX.

If the matter is not in the platform, but in the user settings, when entering the game is impossible, you will have to find files like Options.txt, Variables.txt or Screen.txt, which are usually located in the game folder in the user directory. They will need to change the Width and Height parameters (width and height) themselves, setting the values ​​recommended for the monitor or screen, and then just save the changes.

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