In fashion tight pants!

Pants - once the subject of the top menswear,today, along with dresses and skirts, firmly won the leading position in the women's wardrobe. Why did pants like the beautiful half of humanity? Because in them, above all, comfortable and comfortable, they do not constrain our movements and at the same time save us from moisture and cold.

tight pants

In the olden days they began to be used as a costume for riding. Therefore, they were first evaluated by nomadic peoples. Due to their convenience pants and were widely used.

European women drew attention to trousers also when they began to get involved in horse riding, in the era of emancipation. Now trousers - this is the basic element of both men's and women's wardrobe.

Special attention should be given to tight trousers,which are very popular among women today. There are several of their varieties. In particular, leggings or tights are long tight pants, which were once an attribute of the military uniform. Such trousers were made of moose skin, and therefore they were called elk. In those days - it was so tight pants that they put on wet. The military had to wait for the pants to dry on their body.

tight trousers

Nowadays leggings are femalePants that are dressed under a dress or under a skirt. They can be worn separately, but this option is not welcomed by the rules of good taste. This is considered decent only for the gym, and then not for everyone.

In the women's wardrobe of the migrated also practical and comfortable capri. These popular women's tight pants look remarkably touching with a short dress.

skinny jeans

Now in vogue are also narrow pants with a fit"Leggin", emphasizing the harmony of the female legs. Such a landing of trousers in the trend for several seasons in a row. Very romantic and feminine they look with thin blouses and bright t-shirts.

Today huge popularity has foundJeans - such as "pipes", skinny and slim. But they do not fit all, alas. Unlike other numerous models of jeans trousers, they do not mask the flaws of the figure, but rather, vice versa. But this does not make them less popular. Such tight pants today are even men!

Tightening jeans almost do not differ from each otherfriend in appearance. The difference lies in the degree of tightening. For example, a hit of the season today, jeans-leggings ("jeggins") - this is practically tights made of denim fabric, fit figure, like a second skin. In another way, they are also called skin, which literally translates as skin.

The so-called pipe fits the body a little less. This model is just a very comfortable straight jeans made of elastic fabric.

There are also combined models of tight jeans. For example, models that fit the upper part of the trunk with a free cut below or vice versa - models with a free top and a tight bottom.

It is important to remember that tight trousers can not be worn for people with pronounced crooked legs, a full figure or small growth.

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